Cute Teen Removes Very Tight Pants

Man, if she has to go through this much effort to take them off, I wonder what she had to go through to put them on? Amazing the things teens will do today try to look good.

11 thoughts on “Cute Teen Removes Very Tight Pants”

  1. Kurtis says:

    Levi’s new Chastity Jeans. So tight you can’t take ’em off if you WANT to.

  2. xtr3m says:

    Is this an attemp to lure some 40 years old pedophiles to your site?..

  3. Marco says:

    Haha John, is this another experiment with internet traffic?

    This kontraband video – I think the same person/team who made that video also has a video of some high school chick stripping in front of her whole high school…

  4. Dru says:

    Wow. Those are tight. This will likely require further investigation.

  5. Sonia says:

    It feels good to be here with you 😉 I feel protected now.

  6. Ian says:

    Damn, “This video is no longer available”

  7. John Chow says:

    Ya, YouTube removed it because it was “inappropriate”.

  8. Lawrence says:

    bummer. I wanted to see it.

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