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Let’s face it. If you’re going to be a blogger, then you need to learn to write. Your writing doesn’t have to be 100% perfect to have a successful blog (I’m proof of that), but you do need to write well enough to get your point across. No matter what writing level we’re at, we can all use some improvement. This is where a blog call Daily Writing Tips comes in.

Whether you are an attorney, manager, student or blogger, writing skills are essential for your success. Considering the rise of the information age, they are even more important, as people are surrounded by e-mails, wikis, social networks and so on.

It can be difficult to hone one’s writing skills within this fast paced environment. To solve this problem we decided to create Daily Writing Tips, a blog where you will find simple yet effective tips to improve your writing.

Daily Writing Tips is the creation of Daniel Scocco. He ordered this review to generate some buzz for his new venture. Daily Writing Tips is only 15 days old but Daniel has already amassed 30 posts on it. That’s an impressive two posts per day – a good start for a brand new blog. Daniel does have help however. Three other writers help produce content for Daily Writing Tips.

The blog is divided into nine categories; Business writing, fiction writing, general, grammar, misused words, punctuation, spelling, word of the day and writing basics. That pretty much covers every aspect of writing that I can think of. Some of the posts that I found really helpful include:

Looks A Lot Like Daily Blog Tips


The fact that Daily Writing Tips looks a lot like Daily Blog Tips is not a coincidence – Daniel Scocco owns both blogs. If you are a Daily Blog Tips reader, then you will know where Daniel plans to go with Daily Writing Tips. You will also know how Daniel plans to monetize his new blog.

With the exception of two sponsor buttons, Daily Writing Tip is completely ad free. And I doubt Daniel will monetize the blog beyond six sponsor buttons and six text links (the current ad setup for daily Blog Tips). Yes, Daniel is leaving A LOT of money on the table by going with this monetization scheme. However, the almost ad free site does create a super clean look and a very good user experience. The blog makes supplemental income by maintaining a resources page with links to grammar and copywriting books using the Amazon.com affiliate problem.

It’s clear that Daniel knows how to make a successful blog – Daily Blog Tips has over 3,000+ RSS readers. With his marketing and writing skills, Daniel shouldn’t have any problems making Daily Writing Tips every bit as large as his other blog. Daily Writing Tips serves a huge market. There’s over 70 million blogs on the Net and most of them are very poorly written.

I’ve added Daily Writing Tips to my Google reader (they offer a full feed RSS) and I look forward to reading the daily tips. Daily Writing Tips should be on your must read list. Congrats to Daniel for seeing a need and offering a solution. I’m sure the blog will do great.

50 thoughts on “Daily Writing Tips – What Everyone Needs”

  1. kenny says:

    Awesome! Adding this to my daily list of blogs to visit as I could always improve my writing :mrgreen:

    1. Kumiko says:

      Manee blogerz needs 2 vizit thsi site! Manee blogerz allwayz rite ungood!

    2. Jack Book says:

      You’re right.
      thank you John, i wish this wasn’t reviewme post, that is a really2 great tips on writing. i think i’ll subscribe to their feed also.
      thank you

    3. Great post John – one of my favorite ReviewMe posts as a cool tool worth checking out.

  2. simon says:

    I think I really need this!

    1. A lot of writers wouldn’t admit to it, but I agree that even the best writers could still learn (and “remember”) a bunch of these writing tips.

      1. I agree also.

        Thanks for sharing this information with us. I will also be adding this to my sites to assist me online.

  3. Joseph says:

    I liked “The Difference Between e.g. and i.e.?”
    both e.g and i.e. is meant to make the understanding of your reader more solid.
    Even though understanding the difference is worth while.

  4. Wallace says:

    the site looks professional and surprise that the big sponsors for the site that only one month old.
    another must read blog daily for bloggers.

    1. It just goes to show that if you have quality content you will attract sponsors, readers, contributors, and comments.

      1. Joshua says:

        Or he has an established site already and made pre-launch sponsorship deals? 😉

        1. Daniel says:

          Yeah that is correct!

  5. Thanks, I just started by website, and I need to improve my writing.

    BTW, the goal of my blog is to earn a million dollars, starting from scratch and I’ll be following you advice.


  6. Mike Zak says:

    Interesting blog.
    My Live bookmarks are bursting full. I must do something with all the RSSs I subscribe to.

    1. If you haven’t clicked through on a blog feed for over a month delete it – it’s not important enough for you to justify having on your list. I’ve had to scale back on a number of blogs that I read and kept only the best ones on (John’s included of course!)

  7. TheBeginning says:

    Very helpful post i’m giong to add this to my goggle raeader too, think i’m needing them 😀

  8. Arstan says:

    Great!Another blog to follow.

  9. Ankur says:

    A great site!Certaibky Worth a bookmark!

  10. Tobbi says:

    Great, I like that blog. 😮

    Greets from Germany,

  11. I really like the appearance of his blog – it’s clean and well organized. The content is very useful too so I think this one is going to be a hit.

  12. Kumiko, you mean we’re supposed to read those RSS feeds? I’ve just been letting them collect waiting for some problogger to offer a prize for the largest un-read inbox or something 😉

    Seriously, I’m really gald to see Dabiel get this off the ground … I love Daily Bog Tips and the writing tips will get a place in my reader too.

    Actually I started a new personal policy … for every feed I ad I will delete 5 until I gte things down to a manageable level.

    Now, if we could onky get Jeremy Schoemaker to read Daily Writing Tips …….

    1. Joshua says:

      No shit, eh? He’s doing his thing though! :mrgreen:

  13. Daniel says:


    Thanks for the objective review. In fact that is also why I ordered one, apart from the exposure I was sure to get some good pointers from your opinion.

    And thanks everyone for the nice words.

    By the way I will be writing on the blog only once in a while, since English is not my native language (and I did not feel like giving “writing tips” to other people 🙂 ).

    Good thing is we have some very good writers on the team, including an English Ph.D.!

  14. dotnetnuke says:

    I have two blogs, one is for Turkish people, and one is for my global readers. I have good knowledge about Tech – computers and ASP.NET applications. My problem is i am not perfect at English grammer. I’m writing articles, but they are not reader friendly.
    What is your suggestion for increasing my writing?

    1. Reading good English materials help. Before I had any formal training in writing, I realized that I picked up a lot of things just from reading books, both fiction and non-fiction. Obviously, it would also be helpful to read reputable sites like Daily Writing Tips regularly. You can keep your own personal style, which your readers probably love about you anyway, but you can always have an opportunity to improve the technical part of writing.

      1. dotnetnuke says:

        Thanks for kind suggestions 😉 I will try to read more.

    2. I’ve had a number of student interns on language exchanges help out with translating sections of my site from English into other languages. Maybe you could do the reverse and find a student who is interested in gaining experience in translating and help you turn the Turkish content into English.

  15. Angela says:

    I’d like to mention this website to a few of my writers (actual printed newspaper writers) who have difficulty in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and writing. Where my boss finds these morons is anyone’s guess.

  16. Chicago 2016 says:

    This blog will do great – there are a lot of poorly written ones out there.

    I also recommend picking up a copy of Strunk and White’s “Elements of Style.” It couldn’t hurt, no?

    1. I have that book actually; I carry it with me everywhere I go. It’s pretty small and easy to navigate.

  17. Matti says:

    Thanks for pointing me to his site, he has very useful hints in his blog.

  18. shaun says:

    This looks like an excellent blog. Very simple and organized layout with obviously excellent writing skills. I will be checking this blog regularly.

  19. Bryan says:

    I dont need no riting lessons.

  20. Brilliances says:

    nice niche, me thinks

  21. kelly says:

    thanks for the info. That is one of my problem with my blog, my english is not that good. So it is hard for me, so thats why i just find interesting stuff to post on site.:(


  22. Thanks for the site review. Everyone, including I, could use some writing tips.

  23. Marc says:

    excellent I will defo check it out 🙂

  24. Amanda says:

    I am curious to know why john is still working with review me and not sponsored reviews where he would get more money.

  25. browie says:

    Good information. I usually find blogs by reading other blog posts. I’m not a writer, I’m a math guy.

  26. Welcome back John! Very useful article for those of us that still have a lot to learn about proper writing. Definitely a winner! 🙂

  27. Deron says:

    I could definitely use writing tips! I think I’ll add this to my RSS list and see how it goes.

  28. Kenny says:

    Hello mate, it’s really be great to have you on this blogging marketing. Bringing us more and more relevant articles and tips really make us big favor. Wondering that how you interact with your tons of readers daily? With a simple click ‘mark all for approval’ and ‘bulk all awaiting moderation’? Haha…

  29. Sista says:

    I have bookmarked this site because I truly love it. I have always considered my writing to be mediocre and I often stumble over my words. Hopefully that will all change with the help of this blog.

    Something truly helpful for the public and those trying to better themselves.

  30. Here’s another suggestion – if you have contributors to your blog give them some ideas to work with. I often look at the top performing keywords around a certain area and suggest a few topics for my authors and they usually respond very well – it triggers a host of new ideas and topics to write about.

    It also helps your rankings and search engine traffic because they end up writing about the popular topics you suggest for them.

    1. Joshua says:

      Off topic, but I wanted to let you know I’ve clicked your name twice thinking it was a Do-it-yourself PageRank Builder site… :mrgreen:

  31. kelly says:

    Hi DiyPr builder,

    Thanks for the keywords insight. I will look into that.


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