DealDotCom Goes Live With EasyMemberPro

DealDotCom is open for business and has their first product up for sale. Many people were wondering what the first item up for bid would be and we now know – EasyMemberPro. This is a PHP membership script which you can use to build, manage and promote your very own professional membership site.

On the EasyMember Pro, the program sells for $297. DealDotCom is offering it for $148.50. That’s a nice 50% discount. What really makes EasyMemberPro stand out is the fact that all your members are automatically affiliates and they can earn a percentage of the membership fee of members they refer, thus making your site promotion a lot easier. Other features include.

  • Powerful Built-In Content Management System
  • Automatic signups, renewals and cancellations
  • Powerful affiliate system – members promote for you
  • New members pay extra for previous months content
  • Offer free memberships and then Upsell to paid
  • Offer New Members β€œOne-Time-Offers”
  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards with Paypal & 2Checkout
  • Unlimited site licenses allow you to use the script on multiple membership sites
  • 30 day money-back guarantee included

If I was creating a membership site for John Chow dot Com, I would consider this program. But since I’m not, I’ll wait and see what DealDotCom have up for sale tomorrow. I think the site’s sale copy needs work. They’re nowhere near as funny as Woot!

51 thoughts on “DealDotCom Goes Live With EasyMemberPro”

  1. This is a great script! I just bought a copy. :mrgreen:

    1. John Chow says:

      You think people would pay for a member’s only section for John Chow dot Com? 😈

      1. People will pay for anything if John Chow tells them to. πŸ˜€

      2. jalansutera says:

        I think you should have a section special for members. But, do not use EasyMemberPro. Use ButterflyMarketing instead… It is more powerful.

      3. The various “Rich Jerks” out there would tell you that that’s where the real money is. πŸ˜•

        1. Oh don’t encourage him to do such a lame thing Paul πŸ˜›

          1. DeboHobo says:

            DealDotcom looks good. I glad to see they got it up on time.

          2. I wouldn’t dream of it, John makes enough money without having to sucker people into some half-assed members only nonsense.

          3. Just if we create enough buzz and tell him to do so, you think he won’t? Man, he just wants bucks…but wait a second, if we want to harm him..we could advice him to do so, no? πŸ˜›

      4. Dunno about people, but i certainly will not.

      5. Depends on how much you want to charge. And you would still need to continually update your free stuff with quality.

      6. Lol, nice. I want pizza now. Lol!

      7. Shaun C says:

        I know I would! πŸ˜›

      8. Googlelady says:

        depends on what is in the membership area πŸ˜‰ if there are articles on how to be more evil than John Chow they will for sure buy memberships πŸ˜›

      9. Wahlau.NET says:

        that is going to be evil. If there is good content which are not available elsewhere, I think there is lots of people signing up

  2. jalansutera says:

    Yes, I agree that this is fantastic software/scripts. I bought it some months ago.

  3. Kimchi Man says:

    If you don’t want the unlimited site licenses you can get the single license for $137

  4. I think if you recommend it, then people will buy it! πŸ˜†

    1. Which is cool because of the affiliate program. I wish I had more traffic. πŸ˜›

  5. Lincoln says:

    I’m waiting for them to sell “30,000 Quality Backlinks to Boost Your Technorati Rankings.” :mrgreen:

  6. Click Input says:

    I thought it was so-so How about something with wider appeal.

    1. At least it was better than a “Make $200,000 A Day With Adsense Guaranateed E-Book” or similar crap that I was half expecting. It’s a genuine product with good value so I’ll be tuning back in tomorrow.

      1. DeboHobo says:

        Good point, It is an actually manufactured product, not just a rinky dink homemade ebook.

  7. Andrew CHo says:

    Dealdotcom seems like a great idea, but maybe they could have picked a better product for their “launch.” I’m eager to see what else they have to offer πŸ™‚

  8. Keith says:

    I don’t understand. Are they paying you to post this?

    1. John Chow says:

      Nope, but I’ll find some way to make money off them. 😈

      1. If you haven’t already…how many subscribers under you (if not secret)…under me only 3 (even tho I wasn’t promoting it that hard and i don’t have your damn traffic :P)

        1. I’m one of John’s affiliates and I’ve got a few under me. Somehow I think Mr Chow is going to do quite well out of this.

          1. That lucky (beep) πŸ˜› just imagine the income if one person that is signed up under JohnChow purchases this product he earns $52 …10×52…$520 yay

          2. It isn’t luck, it’s the result of hard work. πŸ™‚ And I’ll be danged if I don’t do the same within a year or so.

            ::goes back to work::

    2. Ali says:

      Are “ALL” of his other posts paid by someone else? Your presumption is just bemusing!

      1. whydowork says:

        I think what ‘Keith’ was suggesting is the motivation behind plugging this particular site, and ‘Making the Money’ answered it above.
        It’s naive to overlook the “why” behind postings made to any media outlet. I doubt John would post anything that didn’t serve his goal of increasing monthly income. Thats why he’s here! πŸ˜€

  9. Etienne Teo says:

    These bunch of monkey coders are just brilliant and the cut that they are getting for this product is 50% off!

  10. Kay says:

    Too expensive to afford that product…
    By the way, I signed up via John Chow’s link.

    1. Shaun C says:

      I signed up under him too. Lol, he should love us. πŸ˜›

  11. Hrvoje says:

    What’s their percentage in this deal 😈 ?

    I mean they give 50% off to each product. do they have the membership or something for it?


  12. Visually, that is one nasty looking script. I hope it works better than it looks…

  13. CatherineL says:

    I was wondering what kind of stuff they would offer. That is a pretty good deal. I don’t think I’ll promote their stuff though. I think the downside to offering one product a day is that everyone will be offering the same deal everywhere.

  14. Ajibxx says:

    Where to find the demo..

  15. $297 is a rip off. I can do the same thing in rails in a few hours.

    But $148, that is not that bad of a price, and I can see many people finding value.

  16. whydowork says:

    I’d suggest installing Drupal with integrated Paypal subscriptions and a basic affiliate program before dropping the cash on this.

    If you succeed with the Drupal install (which is pretty easy) you won’t need to buy this! 😈

    1. Googlelady says:

      depends on your needs πŸ˜‰ I used very old version of drupal (and didn’t checked the new ones) but was limited.

  17. GettyCash says:

    The deal is not bad. I want to see what else they offer.

  18. I don’t have any use for this script currently, but that site sure is neat. A new deal everyday, eh?

  19. abhishek says:

    I would like to see the site for a couple of days or more to see what they can offer

  20. Googlelady says:

    that is a good deal with 50%. Hope more products will come. By the way what is the payment processor that dealdotcom accepts? (didn’t try it yet).

  21. Not bad deal… 50% off

  22. Glad you all like the site… I have to admit I am a little flattered that John Chow has talked so much about it… we are fans of his.
    My partners Marc Quarles and Jason Potash have put a lot of hard work into this (Marc especially) and we have lots of great deals planned and the requests are flooding in. As for the question about the payment processor… we are using 1shoppingcart so we accept visa, mc, amex and paypal.

  23. Scoot says:

    I’ve been signed up since as soon as John first talked about it. I wonder how long it will take to sell out.

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