Dealing With The Landlord

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen all year. I can see Sally and me doing a video like this in a few years. Until then, you can enjoy this one. 🙂

If you’re wondering how long or hard it is to do a video like the above, check out out takes.

42 thoughts on “Dealing With The Landlord”

  1. I saw this about 3 weeks ago and laughed my _ off. I’m glad it’s still circulating as Will Ferrell is a Genius!

    1. Marc says:

      He definitely is one of the funniest men on the planet.

      1. Alex says:

        It’s nice to see Will in a (really) low budget movie for a change :mrgreen:

      2. Looks like little baby Pearl is gonna follow in Daddy’s footsteps, too LOL.

    2. Artist Dave says:

      I wonder if this was filmed at his apartment or one of his properties? I love the chemistry between the girl and will ferrell

      1. John and Sally are going to have pretty much the same “chemistry” in a few months time LOL. We would love to see you make a similar video, John. 😆

        1. hmmm…interesting concept

    3. Entrepreneur says:


      I thought it was hilarious too…little concerned about putting all those dirty words in a little girls head though :S

  2. Josh Buckley says:

    Haha, that’s great 😈

  3. Greg Butler says:

    That was good for a few laughs, which is very good for your health and sanity. Thanks. I try to have a few laughing sessions a day.

    1. You should visit funnyordie dot com frequently then. A regular doze of Will Ferrell oughta do it. 😆

  4. have seen it a couple of times

    it’s cute

  5. ahhh, the outtakes are a lot better

  6. watch the second video-the outtakes

    it says “never work with children and animals”

  7. Thanks for the laughs. Anything with Will is extremely worthy of a watch.

    1. and his hair is awesome in this… ha ha

  8. Andreas Bard says:

    ha ha sooo funny 😆


  9. Wolf Stone says:

    Recently i’ve been noticing that a lot of blogs i visit are posting some realy good videos…this one included.

  10. Rich Minx says:

    I’d seen the video but not the outtakes. She’d be harder to work with than Lindsay Lohan!

    1. Maybe easier to work with than most; she is pretty adorable LOL. 😆

  11. kevin says:

    Your a little late on this video. its been around.

    1. Fashionably late, first time i’ve seen it :mrgreen:

    2. It’s hardly even a race — getting the word out for funnyordie dot com is the plan I think. Aren’t Will and his associate/s attempting to provide an alternative to YouTube? Yeah, I think that’s the reason why they came up with this video.

      1. Chaching says:

        I think their talent agency CAA started it to compete with youtube.

  12. Phishie Diaz says:

    LMFAO At first I was like: Jesus, who would do this to their daughter. And then I noticed that it was Will Farrell! Haha pure genius! I – WILL – PUT – YOU – ON – THE – STREETS!


  13. Matt Huggins says:

    John, you usually seem on your game with the happenings around the web. You’re about a month late with this one. 😉 I guess it’s because it’s not in your focus of making money online, so I’ll forgive you. 😛

  14. That’s somehow got to be classified as child abuse. I mean come on, getting your kid to swear?

    1. Matt Huggins says:

      You’ve got to be kidding me with this comment…

  15. Willster says:

    Wow that was hilarious!

    Re: what Dy said…I agree that it is a bit weird having a little kid like that swear on TV.

    1. It’s on the Net so parents have some control over what THEIR kids can or cannot see online. If it were any other child, I’d probably blow off a little steam. But this is Will Ferrell’s baby girl! LOL When Pearl turns 18 she can sue her dad for poor parenting.

  16. Entrepreneur says:

    Will Ferrel is a comic genius 🙂

  17. Hari says:

    Thats really nice. I loved it.

  18. They have other pretty hilarious videos on the site as well, but I must say, this is a classic. Will should make a full-length Landlord movie — I’m pretty sure that’s going to be a hit as well.

  19. green says:

    That was nice one 😎

  20. yea that was really a nice one

  21. little late on this one john

  22. DeeJay says:

    Really one of the coolest videos around for years. :)))

  23. Jamie Hellen says:

    Absolutely hilarious. I love it! Will Ferrel is a genius!

  24. Chicago 2016 says:

    If you think that’s funny, check this out.

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