Design The Official Party T-shirt And Win Big!

AzoogleAds has another great contest for you to win a trip to the Playboy Mansion for the party of a lifetime. If your design skills are better than your affiliate marketing skills, then this contest is for you. All you need to do is design the official Playboy party T-shirt.

The winning designer, as judged by a designated staff of four from AzoogleAds and Epic Advertising (parent company of Azoogle), will be their guest for the weekend in LA, and his/her design will become the official party T-shirt to be given to all attendees as a keepsake. You’ll get to party at the mansion and become famous at the same time!

The Submission Guidelines

Remember, the deadline for submissions is midnight, April 8. Good luck and we’ll see you at the Playboy Mansion!

20 thoughts on “Design The Official Party T-shirt And Win Big!”

  1. Agent 001 says:

    Nice opportunity. I will try out the T-shirt designing.

    I hope I get the time to make it.

    1. Agent 001 says:

      Oops! Azoogle Ads do not take publishers from India. John Can I still participate in the contest?

      1. John Chow says:

        As long as they approve you as a publisher, you can enter.

        1. fas says:

          You can enter but you need to design someone in a bikini 🙂

          Cool contest, next is what? Designing a ad layout for them?

  2. Melody says:

    Finally, something I can do!…awesomenesssss

    1. Hi Melody, been in your site and like your articles and website design, I guess you can enter this contest and win.

        1. Hi Melody,

          Your blog got a new look. I loved it. Nice design.

          Peter Lee

  3. Mike B. says:

    Too bad I am not a designer otherwise this would be great for me. On a side more random note, @melody I just happened to leave your site before coming here. I like what you have there.


    1. Melody says:

      Hey Thanks, Much Appreciated!

  4. Azoogle are really going all out with their Playboy Mansion contest. I don’t know of another affiliate marketing company that has pulled off a competition like this one.

  5. Designing a T-shirt seems good but too bad I am not much of a designer, guess will need to pass this out.

  6. Oh, what a pity I’m not exactly a designer

  7. I guess I’ll pass too as I’m not a designer. I do appreciate good designs though. Good luck to those participating.

    Peter Lee

  8. Melody says:

    I hope they accept my application, cause I think I have the perfect idea for the design..

  9. I know I’m qualified in T-shirt designing.. I also wanted to join this one.. thanks for the information.

  10. Party at the Playboy Mansion? Ahhh – too bad.

    I was going to pass this contest on to my sweet Dreggie, whose excellente’ at design, but what good would fame do him if I would have to kill him.

  11. ecook says:

    they started posting some of the designs, gotta get mine in only 10 days left:

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