Did The Corsair Survivor Survived?

In the last Dot Com Pho video, you saw the 32GB Corsair USB Survivor flash drive get dunked into a water mixture of hot sauce and chili oil, then ran over by a car.

While the drive survived physically, we were not sure if it still worked because we didn’t have a computer to plug it into. Stephen Fung took the drive home and plugged it into his Hackintosh to see if the Corsair Survivor was indeed a survivor. The video below shows the result.

Special thanks goes out to Karen at Corsair for letting us torture her newest flash drive. We had a lot fun doing it. We were thinking about tossing it off the 40th floor of the Shaw Tower but decided against it because we figure it might hit someone on the ground and kill him. At least the flash drive would have survived.

39 thoughts on “Did The Corsair Survivor Survived?”

  1. haha… Mad!
    Great video, it gave me some ideas of what I can drive over…

    1. That’s impressive.

  2. Stephen says:

    She didn’t let us. We did it anyway! LOL!

  3. That’s it–I’m only buying Corsair everything from now on! It can survive chili oil and being run over by a car! 🙂

    1. Mike Huang says:

      Not just a car…it’s the JOHN CHOW CAR 😛

  4. Gwynne Curry says:

    Nice to know this piece of equipment is so darn durable! My greatest wish is for everyone to have fun with what they do for a living. It is obvious from your posts that you are a fun loving person who genuinely enjoys what you do. How refreshing!! I also admire people who aren’t embarassed to let people know they value themselves. Just finished reading your book “Make Money On Line” and LOL you had nerve enough to tell people one of the biggest mistakes they can make is not reading John Chow dot com.
    I love it that you weren’t embarassed to include that “mistake.” BTW John, Brian Campbell told me on Facebook that it would be ok to post the following comment on YOUR bog only: I’m posting this comment as a learning experience on how to build relationships with bloggers through facebook.” 😉

    1. ClogMoney says:

      How do you find other bloggers on facebook? Is there a group or something that bloggers belong to? Might make for an interesting party!

  5. david cheong says:

    Due to the protection rubber cover for the corsair, its the best products i’ve ever bought.
    There’s one time, i accidentally left it inside my trouser’s pocket a washing machine, and wala its still can be use till today. It survived anything i guess. 🙂

    1. ms danielle says:

      surviving the washing machine is pretty impressive 🙂

      1. Stephen says:

        I froze the Survivor into a block of ice then put it in a pot and boiled it. The drive was so hot, the stickers bubbled.

        Corsair makes two drives, the VOYAGER which is rubber, and then the SURVIVOR which we ran over.

  6. Holy cow!!! 😯 I’m pretty amazed by what this flach card survived lol. Though you could still drop it from 40th floor to see what would happen to it 🙂
    From now on, I’m buying Corsair, because my previous flash cards were broken almost immediately, mostly because of the bad contact, don’t think this could happen to Corsair

  7. Tyler Ingram says:

    Haha I finally get to see the Hackintosh! Cool.

    Stephen did you purpose display your google analytics there 😉
    Pretty cool concept of a USB drive except for the fact that I don’t like it being cylindrical 😉 Ah well. You guys should still try dropping it off something high. Try the Shangra-la building when it’s complete!

  8. I think Corsair can take the old Timex slogan. The torch has been passed.

  9. Plus Crosair rebates are pretty good when you run across one. Never had a “lost in the mail” or “you didn’t do the paperwork right” issue with them.

  10. It sounds much funnier when you replace “32GB Corsair USB Survivor flash drive” with “John Chow”

  11. I’m sure prices for drives such as this will drop in the near future.

    Stanley Bronstein
    Attorney, CPA, Author & Professional Motivational Speaker

  12. Thiago Prado says:

    What if you talk to Corsair and ask them to give you 10 of them so you can give away for users. 😈
    I’d be very happy to win one of them.

  13. Ms. Wen says:

    🙄 🙄 If you are ever in the “giving” mood- my missionary team could use any kind of flashdrives so we can download information to take when our teams frequently go overseas to teach and train others in Africa, Brazil, Angola, Dubai~ 💡
    Wendy Fitts-Wilson RN, BSN
    Legal Nurse Consultant

  14. adam says:

    Why does the ad at the bottom say you can buy the flash drive at CompUSA for $269?

    CompUSA went out of business months ago.

    -Wealth Store

    1. Apparently it’s still available online from CompUSA.

    2. John Chow says:

      CompUSA came back to life. They were brought by TigerDirect.com

      1. I used to love shopping at the CompUSA near our house, but now it’s just a run down shell that looks like a slum. It would be nice to see it come to life again.

  15. Bloddard.com says:

    Well, Corsair is the best…….

  16. Not bad, that’s a pretty good product endorsement for the Corsair and at $269 for 32 G it’s a prtty good deal. Maybe yuo should give it away in a contest John.

    1. Terry Tay says:

      Hehehe…nice way to plant a seed in John’s mind for a contest 😉

      Except I won’t do any testing to see if it can survive if I win it. 😆

  17. That’s nuts man. Very cool video. 😎

  18. Paolo U says:

    Crazy! 😆

  19. Sha says:

    That’s interesting. I figured it wouldn’t work anymore.

    And I believe you made a grammar error in the subject headline.

  20. ClogMoney says:

    How the hell did it work, wish they made other suff that sturdy, my car breaks every time there is a slight wind outside.

  21. SendFlowers says:

    Expensive? – maybe
    Nuts? – yes

    But definately cool :mrgreen:

    1. Yea, it cost a little more, but with the ability to withstand the treatment it got, it’s probably worth it.

  22. Wade says:

    Awesome, but my 2gb drive for $15 does the job quite well. I am not sure if amost 300 bucks is worth it. Who drives over their drive or tosses it into chili? Maybe if I had some John Chow money, then I would buy it. I can think of many other things (like advertising on JC) that I could spend that money on.

    Shudogg Dot Com – Make Money Online Blogging

  23. when I get famous will I get free stuff to test too?
    hope I do!!!

  24. make150aday says:

    looks like R&D had spent a lot..
    What was the weight of the car? 😛

  25. Syed Balkhi says:

    this drive definately seems reliable and worth looking into .. I am sure you guys had alot of fun with it.

  26. DeboHobo says:

    Looks like a quility piece of equipment…I am glad you didn’t drop anything fromt the 40th floor.

  27. Thats one tough flash drive lol

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