Digging Up The Best MMO Products with oDigger

I’ve been dealing with oDigger for awhile now. For those who don’t knew, oDigger is an affiliate offer search engine. Currently, the site is tracking 63,689 affiliate offers across 208 affiliate networks. If you’re looking for an offer to run, oDigger can find you the one with the highest payout. It’s a great way to compare payout rates from all the network and something that any smart Internet marketer should be using.

As good as oDigger is at finding you the highest payout, their newest project blew my hair back. oDigger is starting DAILY DEALS for us web entrepreneurs. They’re offering one exclusive limited-time coupon every week that can save up to 70% on performance marketing training, make money online guides and tools. Think of it as a combo Groupon meets Woot! for Internet marketers.

Save Up To 70% On Performance Marketing Training and Tools

When you sign up for oDigger deals, you’ll receive new deals every week. The discounts can be as high as 70%. The deals run for about a week, and once it’s over, it’s off the site and can’t be purchased anymore. It’s then replaced by a new deal.

Ralph Ruckman, a guy who’s made millions of dollars online once said:

“It’s a competitive world and the guys with the knowledge and tools ALWAYS win.”

I agree with that statement, and I do spend a lot of money on training every year. Yes, I still spend money on training (there is always something new to learn). Not only does oDigger find the best affiliate marketing training products and tools, it saves me money on them as well.

Overall, oDigger deals is a really great idea, and I congratulate Mark for coming up with it. Go check it out and let Mark know what you think of it.

oDigger Deals – Save Up To 70% On Performance Marketing Training and Tools