Dine Out Vancouver 2007

Today is the first day reservations are being accepted for the 2007 Dine Out Vancouver. From January 19th to February 4th, 156 of Vancouver’s leading restaurants will create delectable three-course menus for you to sample are a price point that won’t break the bank.

This is a good time for all you cheap asses to look good because you’re taking your dates to a restaurant that normally charges a lot more than the dine out prices or $15, $25 and $35 (exclusive of tax, gratuity and alcohol of course).

The restaurant promotion, now in its fifth consecutive year, represents amazing variety and value at restaurants all across the city. This year’s line up includes many of Vancouver’s finest restaurants, stylish new dining rooms, hip wine bars, brew pubs, eclectic cafes and some of the best ethnic fare from around the globe, served up in neighborhoods all over the city.

Diners wanting to extend the party and take advantage of their dates can spend the night at a selection of top hotels offering low rates and packages that include one-night’s accommodation. Dine in the hotel restaurant and then head upstairs for dessert. Now that’s what I call a complete date!

If last year’s Dine Out Vancouver was any indication, this year’s will sell out really quickly. Most of the top restaurants like Lumiere and Gotham get booked out within the first few days, so reserve early if you don’t want to be disappointed. I hope to hit about a dozen restaurants this year. That should really help to fill out the Fining Dining part of this blog. 🙂

31 thoughts on “Dine Out Vancouver 2007”

  1. Oh very nice! I’ve never been much of a restaurant goer – especially fine dining, but it would be quite cool to at least experience a bunch of them once or twice I must admit.


  2. Tyler says:

    I’m going to have to get in on this. I need a good meal. I miss the course meals I had when I went on a cruise with Royal Carribbean!


  3. Tyler says:

    I can’t find Lumiere or Gotham on their lists 🙁 That mean they are already booked solid?

  4. John Chow says:

    The site is moving really slow for me. Must be the “John Chow Effect” LOL

  5. Carl says:

    Gotham will be booked within a day, at least the good times. Better call fast unless you want to sit down to eat at 9:30 PM!

    I find that the dine out menu is not 100% representative of what you get when you normally go to that restaurant. So I don’t really judge the food when I go to Dine Out. I judge the restaurant itself, the atmosphere, service, etc. If I like those things, and the food doesn’t totally suck, I’ll go back to try their regular meal. This is how I found one of my favourite restaurants in Vancouver: Cannery.

    Also, take advantage of the hotel special if you can. One year Andrea and I went for dinner at Bacchus, and ‘dessert’ at the penthouse suite in the Wedgewood Hotel, possibly the top boutique hotel in Vancouver. It’s not a super tall building so you won’t get a great view, but you get amazing service and a wonderful atmosphere. Definitely a romantic hotel 😉

  6. Michael kwan says:

    I love this Dine Out promotion and have gone every year since its inception. Like the others have said, the Dine Out menus aren’t exactly representative of what the restaurant usually offers. For example, the steaks at Gotham are 100x better when you get from the regular menu (mmm…porterhouse….).

    And yes, Bacchus is amazing. It’s a little cramped, but the service and food is excellent.

  7. Alex Becker says:

    I though taking a date out when the food is at a discount makes you look cheap.

    1. Jane says:

      hahaha…yes it would, but if the places are like La Terrazza as far as food options, I don’t think your date would care. Then again, maybe she would and that would be a sign…

  8. dacholo says:

    that’s why you position the entire meal as, “Don’t worry about ordering, I took care of everything.” 😉

  9. John Chow says:

    Alex Becker – It’s OK. It’s a set menu and there are no prices listed. 🙂

  10. Nomar says:

    If I want to get there, I need to travel half the globe :p

    no thanks

  11. Leftblank says:

    Pretty nice to see there actually are places on the globe where expensive restaurants have weeks where they’re cheaper, didn’t yet see that here in the Netherlands. Also funny to see that John doesn’t only write about diners starting at the triple of this amount of money 😉

  12. Raghu says:

    Although I don’t stay in your city – the idea looks like a sweet one.

    Any idea if this thing is replicated in other cities around the world ?


  13. Man, I wish they had something like this in Eastern Canada. What a great idea for an event. Yes, I would fall under the cheap ass definition. 🙂


  14. Gdog says:

    Victoria usually has a Dine Out event too, but I would say the restaurants in Vancouver top the ones there. For those in the 604, I would jump on this deal!

  15. Alex Becker says:

    Oh I see. That is a good thing. It makes it look like you don’t care about prices. Nice.

  16. Stew says:

    Cheap dining? Score.

  17. Tyler says:

    I noticed that Macaroni Grill and Mansion is listed. I always wanted to eat there.

    It’s on Davie I think near English Bay. It’s always packed when I drive/walk by.

  18. Michael Kwan says:

    Tyler, Macaroni Grill is over-rated. I’ve been there a couple of times and have been pretty disappointed.

    Try to get into places like Bacchus, C, Gotham, Cannery, etc.

  19. Andy says:

    Macaroni Grill is awesome
    Great Chicken parm. there

  20. HMTKSteve says:

    This real neat. Can you give us an article on the history of this and how it got started in the first place?

  21. Ed Lau says:

    Good luck getting Gotham. I’ve tried for a few years now but I’ve always been too late.

    Meh, just go to Gotham on any other day…might cost a few bucks more but hey…

  22. Michael Kwan says:

    ^And there’s also a huge difference between regular menu Gotham and Dine Out Gotham. I’ve had both, and if you thought you enjoyed Dine Out Gotham (ironically, the abbreviation would be DOG), you’ll absolutely love Gotham on a regular night.

  23. Jane says:

    Where are the pictures from this one??

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