Dine Out Vancouver 2008 – Bacchus Restaurant


Bacchus Restaurant is located inside one of the most romantic hotels in all of Vancouver. The Wedgewood Hotel is the leading intimate Vancouver boutique hotel. The hotel have some really nice penthouse suites that offer large private garden terraces & balconies with gorgeous views of the gardens and waterfalls of Robson Square.

The Wedgewood has an equally romantic restaurant to match their hotel. Bacchus Restaurant’s attention to detail is immediately apparent. You are instantly surrounded by luxury, with richly upholstered furniture, warm, dark wood, and light fixtures imported from Venice personally by owner Eleni Skalbania. A large canvas depicting Bacchus himself, Greek god of wine and revelry, presides over the room.

Those wishing to experience more than just a Dine Out Vancouver dinner can opt for the Wedgewood hotel and dinner package, which includes a complimentary box of Chocolates Truffles upon arrival and dinner for two in Bacchus Restaurant. Finish off the evening with turn-down service including bottled water and freshly baked cookies and start the next day with continental buffet breakfast for two in Bacchus the next morning. Pricing range from $310 to $410 depending on the room. We just went for dinner.

Bibb Lettuce Salad


We started with a salad of bibb lettuce and shaved fennel, grain mustard and soft herbs. It was light and refreshing but didn’t blow me away like the salad from the Elixir Restaurant.

Smoked Salmon with Soused Cucumber


Rillette of BC spring and smoked salmon with soused cucumber and bread. I really like the presentation of this dish. The chef must have had one sharp knife to cut that fish up.

Filet of Spring Salmon


This was Sarah’s main course. BC spring salmon with salted halibut Yukon potato croquette, manila clams and soft herb cream. She found it too salty and told our server. He immediately removed the dish and had a new one prepared. The replacement was much better but still a bit on the salty side.

Slow Braised Beef Short Rib


My main course was the slow braised Alberta beef short rib with creamed potato and red wine jus. I like the dish but again, it didn’t have the same wow factor as the short rib from Elixir.

Chocolate Mint Creme Brulee


This is the first chocolate mint creme brulee where I tasted the mint. With other brulees, the chocolate overpowers the mint flavor. It was very good and the cookie was a nice touch.

Cheese Tasting


The cheeses from left to right are Poplar Grove Tiger Blue. 3 year old aged Quebec Cheddar and Little Qualicum Brie. I was actually surprised by the amount of cheese we got for $15.00. We couldn’t finish and packed it home in a very stylist Bacchus doggie bag.


Dinner for two at Bacchus came to $150 with tax, tips, drink and valet parking. The valet was very nice to us. Instead of putting the car in the lot, he displayed our car in front of the hotel. That saved us from having to wait for the car after dinner was over.

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49 thoughts on “Dine Out Vancouver 2008 – Bacchus Restaurant”

  1. Nate K says:

    Not bad, I’ll settle for a 99 cent Wendy’s cheeseburger though. 😆

    1. LOL me too! Man Wendy’s sound good right now.

      1. Will says:

        wendy’s is like the only fast food I will eat. I always feel guilty eating it though lol.

        1. Trust me, your not the only one mate!

  2. balootisme says:

    damn… that was very cool restaurant…
    i never had been to that kind of restaurant yet… maybe someday when I become like John chow dot com mogul… 😈

    with only $150, that was not too pricey… :mrgreen:

    anyway, john, happy prosperous Chinese new year…!!

    1. Matt Kho says:

      someday.. someday… that beef looks so awesome

  3. Shaun Carter says:

    That cheese plate looks great, and the hotel rates you quoted sound very reasonable for the type of accommodations.

    Which car did you bring?

  4. How much weight did you want to lose? Are you on the chocolate mint creme brulee diet? 😆

    1. John Chow says:

      I will be at 185lbs (down 25) by Computex 2008!

      1. DeboHobo says:

        $150 that’s not bad for two. I think the cheese plate looked yummy.

      2. How often do you hit the gym John? I do an hour every day and feel much better for it, I imagine with the amount you eat you must do similar?

      3. Will says:

        25 lbs seems very reasonable. I’m sure going to the bathroom makes you lose 5 lbs from all that food you eat 😈

      4. Simon Lau says:

        25 lbs by June 3rd….that’s 5 lbs a month. Doable but it’ll certainly keep you busy with Chinese New Year and all of your Dine Out Vancouver events.

  5. I like real food chicken breast with some corn bread

  6. Michael Kwan says:

    I went to Bacchus last year (or it might have been the year before) and I thought it was very good. Service was impeccable, food was delicious, and the decor was warm and welcoming.

  7. The braised short ribs looks really good!!!! 😛

  8. deejay says:

    john chow is food maker! 😆

  9. Stephen says:

    You’re off to a FINE start on your diet! 😛

  10. Justin says:

    one day i will dine and wine like John Chow. 😈

  11. Lhurey says:

    never tasted this foods….hehhehe..iw ish to..

  12. RacerX says:

    Vancouver has some of the best restaurant in North America. It is a breeding ground (I know that sounds bad!) for New York and LA high-end bistros.

    Prices are a third of NYC as well.

  13. That Salmon dish looks delicious! I so want one of that! 😆

  14. vutha says:

    I always dream of having dinner in luxury restaurant like that, i hope one day i will do.

  15. vutha says:

    I hope one day i will have dinner at the luxury hotel like this.

  16. AhTim says:

    @John: Your first big meal in year 2008? 🙂

    –blog for dream–

  17. danger9918 says:

    The valet displayed you car ??? 😯 forgive my ignorance but what car do you own ???

    1. David Beroff says:

      See top of the page! 😉

      What I want to know is how much he charged them to let them display it? 😈

      1. It’s probably got a “Visit JohnChow.com” sticker in the window.

      2. Will says:

        wow I didn’t know he actually drove that car.

  18. yissels-com says:

    nice restaurant 😉

  19. Duckeldanny says:

    It looks very tasty

  20. I’m not one for salmon, but the salad looks fantastic!

  21. Bob Buskirk says:

    The Mint Creme Brulee looked awesome

  22. Jeba says:

    😯 😯
    How much you eat ??? What’s your weight 😛

  23. Ronnie says:

    The Short Ribs & Dessert look amazing!

  24. Simon Lau says:

    The beef short rib doesn’t look to appealing with the presentation, too much sauce on the side in my opinion. Everything else looks great though! I’ve never thought of ordering a cheese dish, doesn’t seem worthwhile (in terms of price). Maybe one day I’ll reconsider.

  25. There are 2 reasons i could never eat all the stuff you post on here.
    1. too picky.
    2. too poor.

  26. Someday I just have to visit that place and try that desert!

  27. Of course he displayed your car, its a super car, isnt it?

  28. Heidi says:

    The food looks fabulous and the pictures are fantastic. Perhaps a career in cuisine photography awaits !

  29. The creme brulee looks REALLY good!

  30. Miley Cyrus says:

    Nice treat for you there, John :p.

  31. Lernen says:

    Cool, fantastic food! did you brought something for me John? 🙂
    .. nop?.. oh man!
    That is better than most cooking-blogs I know.

  32. The restaurant looks posh and really nice. But like many have said, I prefer a 99c fast food! 🙄

  33. Jim Donovan says:

    Sounds good, John. When I get to Vancouver, I’ll make a point of stopping there.

    BTW- Valet tip: Everyone tips the Valet when they get their car. Fine. However, if you want your car easily accessible, tip a few bucks on your way in., More often than not, it will be sitting outside the door. Makes a major difference in places like NYC where you can wait 45 minutes to get a car back.

  34. Katie says:

    The restaurant looks beautiful. Sorry the food was not the best but at least the Chocolate Mint Creme Brulee was great. I thought it looked pretty delicious. 😛


  35. Mmm looks very nice to me.

  36. Feed Flare says:

    So that is how a top blogger eats. Do people every look at you funny for taking pictures of your food while you eat?

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