Dine Out Vancouver 2008 – Coast Restaurant

Coast Restaurant is the creation of Emad and Shannon Yacou. The restaurant is located in the very trendy Yaletown district, just minutes from downtown Vancouver. It’s a very hip place with a two story high main dining room and a “community table” where you can watch Executive Chef Josh Wolfe cook the food right in front of you.

Coast is a very loud restaurant. If you close your eyes, you almost swear you were at a bar because of the noise level and high volume music being pumped through the loud speakers. The open kitchen also adds to the noise. Other restaurants with open kitchens have a glass window dividing it from the dining room. But not Coast. You see and hear everything that’s going on. It’s pretty much what I expect a Yaletown restaurant to be like.

International Oysters by the Dozen


This is what Coast is known for – oysters from every coast. However, on this night Coast didn’t have any oysters from the European coast so our dozen oysters are made up of four each from the East coast, West coast and Japanese coast.

Sarah loved the Japanese oysters. I like them all equally. Coast paired my oysters with a glass of Blue Mountain Champagne. Oyster and Champagne. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Dungeness Crab & Halibut Cake


I can taste the crab but not so much the halibut. The cake was served with a pickled vegetable salad and preserved lemon aioli. I had it paired with glass of Mission Hill Five Vineyards Chardonnay. Overall, not a bad appetizer.

Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartar


Sarah opened with the Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartar, made with mango, pine nuts and chili lime sauce. I liked it more than the crab cake. However, I felt the flavor of the tuna was being masked by the very strong sauce.

Moroccan Spiced Lamb Sirloin


For my main course, I had the lamb. Generally, I don’t like lamb because it has a very gamy taste. However, Coast did a great job with this sirloin. It was cook just right and didn’t taste gamy at all. It went really well with the Mission Hill Five Vineyards Merlot.

Miso Glazed Queen Charlotte Sablefish


Coast is a known for seafood so it doesn’t surprise me that the Sablefish was better than the lamb. The fish was done perfectly. Extremely tender and not dry at all, the fish was complimented by a side of fingerling potatoes, bell peppers with a kaffir lime buerre blanc.

Peanut Butter Bar & Warm Milk Chocolate Fondue


It doesn’t get much sweeter than dipping a pineapple into melted chocolate. Well, it does if you add a $15 (for 2oz) glass of Mission Hill Reserve Late Harvest Riesling to the mix. Can you say sugar rush?

Thanks to the Oyster and Champagne, dinner at Coast Restaurant came to $175 with tax and tip, which is expensive for a Dine Out Vancouver for two but it was still quite reasonable. The restaurant is a little loud for my taste but I can see why the Yaletown locals like it so much.

I’m Not The Only One Who Takes Pics of My Dinner


You think I started some kind of trend? Maybe I’ll start taking pictures of people taking pictures of their dinners. You got to love the power of the Zoom! 😈

You can read another review of Coast over at Michael Kwan’s blog.

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  1. Eastwood says:

    tasty stuff you got going there John! staying in shape? 😛

    1. John Chow says:

      Trying my best. I went to the gym for an hour before going to Coast. 😀

      1. LoL that makes me think you went to gym to get more hungry so you can eat more.. 😛

      2. Will says:

        LOL. going to the gym to prepare for dinner lmao.

      3. David Chew says:

        You went for gym to stay in shape and then eat again and be back the same shape. 😀

  2. Michael Kwan says:

    I also went to Coast for Dine Out Vancouver. For more pictures and another perspective on the place, check out my blog post here:


    Like John, I felt that Coast was too loud. The atmosphere and service was fine, but they could have turned the volume down on the stereo a few notches. Because of the louder music, patrons talked louder. It was also unfortunate that my lamb was a little overcooked.

    1. Eastwood says:

      well… I guess that’s how Yaletown is. Especially in the summer time, the bars and restaurants really cook!

  3. John Hok says:

    Looks like the dude is taking a picture of the Peanut Butter Bar & Warm Milk Chocolate Fondue dish… hehe wait! Is it a dude?

  4. You are making me hungry John! 🙂 it’s lunch time now and i have not taken my lunch.

  5. Hmm, that tartar sauc, or whatever it is, doesn’t look all that appetizing.

    1. Man, it looks like I’ve been taking spelling lessons from Shoemoney again. That would be tartar sauce.

  6. Wow, John. I was already hungry but now I feel completely starved. It all looks so good!

  7. Ronald Su says:

    Just had all you can eat sushi… Looking at the oysters makes me feel sick 😳

  8. Mike Huang says:

    Good to see Mr. Chow is working out 😉 Come on Mr. UFC…u gotta get back into shape 😛


  9. shy guy says:

    Food, food.. I think you must do some Food Magazine, CHow..
    I think most of restaurant want to sponsors your meal…
    Why?? You are now became more famous…

  10. fatmatrix.com says:

    looks good, i am hungry

  11. fatmatrix.com says:

    uummmmm good

  12. Jackie says:

    You know whats really good? Coconut Shrimp from Red Lobster! Are you a really huge fan of seafood John? I notice you order a lot. I love seafood but you have to watch out for some that can upset your stomach. My stomach can handle almost any kind of food though. :mrgreen: Have you ever had tripe (authentic Mexican tacos) YUM!

  13. Andy says:

    The food looked very nice. I want to eat it 😀
    It’s cool that you enjoy some wine with the meals.

  14. geomark says:

    How often do you eat like that? Man, you’re gonna have a cholesterol problem if you don’t watch it.

  15. Will says:

    Wow I just read this at 10:00 AM Saturday morning. Now I want some Veal! LOL. That desert looks great too.

  16. Joey Burdick says:

    John, just once will go to a fast restaurant and take pictures of what you eat please! :mrgreen: 😛

  17. Wow The food looks great I think I’m going to start taking pictures of my dinners at BK!!…lol


  18. another 13-year old kid says:

    Lucky me I had food in my hands while reading this. I would eat your blog together with my monitor 👿

  19. You still don’t know how to shoot a damn food 🙂

    Always those images are gross…

  20. Get any funny looks taking pictures of your dinner?

    1. John Chow says:

      Nope. I think Vancouver is getting use to it.

  21. Al Young says:


    San Francisco is getting used to it to, but not my wife. Here is a review of a restaurant I reviewed for Dine About Town, San Francisco’s version of Dine Out Vancover.


    Let me know if you need fine dining suggestions or a guide when you visit in April.

  22. susukacang says:

    Nice pictures, John. Now I see, the trick is in the zoom and using flash. A lot to learn….. 🙂

  23. Dan says:

    I’m not usually a big fan of lamb but the moroccan spiced lamb sirloin looks really good, I’ll have to check this place out for sure the next time I visit vancouver.

  24. David Chew says:

    The food looks very tasty. 😆

  25. Justin Rumpf says:

    perhaps you shouldnt zoom in as much. I am sure the food is great, but the zoom level really gives unnecessary insight into the wonderful food your consuming. Basically I am saying that the food on your site always look gross and thats because it would be like sticking your face 1 inch from your plate.
    If you could take your pictures, maybe, from the perspective of someone sitting at the table they would look much more appetizing.
    Not to be a %^$&!! or anything, just my opinion… I am sure the food is world class…

  26. Icelebpics says:

    yum yum yum…. tasty food you got there john…… and looks like a nice restaurant …..

  27. I seem to remember stumbling upon a blog (or was it Flickr) by a Miss Peach in Vancouver and she was taking pictures of her restaurant meals way before you, Mr Chow.

  28. That food looks nice, and the restaurant.

    You should have asked her whether she was blogging about her food 🙄

  29. Chip says:

    I think I’m getting hungry. I think I’ll go buy a large bag of chips. I’m not home right now, and my wife is at work, so.. no good food for me.

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