Dine Out Vancouver Preview – CRU Restaurant

Dine Out Vancouver is back! Starting tomorrow and running until February 1, 2009, you’ll be able to sample over 180 of Vancouver finest restaurants with three course menus ranging from $18 to $38 per person. Dine Out Vancouver is a great opportunity to sample some restaurants that you normally wouldn’t try because their prices are too high. Reservations are highly recommended as most of the popular Dine Out spots sell out really quickly.

Last night, Sarah and I got a preview of the Dine Out Vancouver menu from CRU Restaurant. CRU is a small bistro at 1459 West Broadway. They serve west coast cuisine and is a great place to take a date. The lighting is low and there are candles at every table to add to the romance. Those who were following me on Twitter knew that our candle blew out shortly after we sat down. Fortunately, that was not a sign of things to come as the waiter quickly replaced the candle with new one and then proceeded to show us the dishes CRU created for Dine Out Vancouver.

Sweet Potato Soup

CRU Restaurant

Sweet Potato Soup made with sage infused brown butter and toasted almonds. CRU must have used some really sweet potato because this was one for the sweetest soups I’ve ever tasted. It looked really rich but was quite light and made for a good starter.

Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio

CRU Restaurant

This dish is quite similar to the marinated butter beef from Phnom Penh but it doesn’t look as scary. The carpaccio was made from truffle aioli, shaved parmesan and caperberries. The beef was sliced so thin that you could almost see through it. The best way to enjoy it is to make sure you have a bit of every ingredients on your fork. They were designed to work together to create a really nice taste sensation.

Mushroom and Truffle Risotto

CRU Restaurant

This is a very rich dish. The risotto was made with pea tendrils and parmesan cheese. The seared Quebec Foie Gras isn’t part of the dish but I guess the chef knew how much I like Foie Gras. Sarah’s reaction was, “How many gallstones is that Foei Gras worth?” However many it is, I say it’s worth it! 😀

Rare Seared Local Albacore Tuna

CRU Restaurant

Rare Seared Local Albacore Tuna with olive oil crushed yukon golds, braised fennel and oven dried tomatoes. This dish was awesome! Easily one best Albacore tuna I’ve tasted.

Comte Montagne Cheese From France

CRU Restaurant

The cheese is not part of the Dine Out Vancouver menu but CRU does offer a nice selection of cheeses from BC, Quebec and France. It may be worth adding to your three course Dine Out menu if you have any room left in your tummy.

Grand CRU Chocolate Torte

CRU Restaurant

Dinner ended with a chocolate torte topped with a peanut butter mouse and raspberry coulis. It was very sweet and I’m sure had a ton of calories. But as long as you don’t eat this everyday, you should be fine.

Overall, I highly recommend CRU Restaurant as one of the stops for your Dine Out Vancouver adventure. However, if you haven’t made a reservation by now, chances are you’re not getting table. This restaurant is extremely popular during Dine Out time.

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  1. Anyone else hungry after reading this/looking at the pics?
    Looks fantastic…

    1. I think the bigger question is who ISN”T getting hungry lol!!!

      1. Li Weng says:

        I’m getting less hungry…

        1. I lost my appetite 🙂

    2. Ryan McLean says:

      I just ate lunch so I am pretty good…
      I am not a big fan of fancy food…
      meat and three veg will do me just fine

      1. And I am about to have my dinner so you can assume my mouth is full of water now and expecting that dinner should also have these kind of good recipes … lollz

    3. Upstarty says:


      Just ate ‘Chunky Beef Soup with Country Vegetables’ out of a can from Campbells.

      John, I think a great contest in the future would be to find a place that will dry ice their food and send it to the winner.

      C’mon, dude, I’m starvin’ here!

    4. I’m starving too! John knows how to make his readers jealous lol I’m sure many of his readers just visit the blog to see mouth watering food!! lol

  2. Sounds like “Taste of the Danforth” that we have down here in Toronto.

    I’m glad I’m going out to eat shortly, otherwise I would not be a happy camper right nwo lol!!!

  3. Ryan McLean says:

    I just realised that your last name is chow…like chow down
    No wonder you talk about food so much

  4. wow John!
    Those plates look awesome!

    I have a quick question for you that I’m sure most of us are wondering – are you changing direction for your blog or just reviewing some of your favorite restaurants?…just curious.

    1. John Chow says:

      Not changing directions. The blog has always had a Fine Dining section.

      1. Good Times! Thanks for letting us know.. and addressing my comment…
        I’m Ruben and I’m glad I caught your attention 🙂 –

        I’m a frequent visitor but since some folks I sent over here started seeing the Fine Dining articles they started to ask me if you were changing directions so I wanted to get it str8 from the horses keyboard :-)….

        Did you get a chance to check out http://xr.com/nycads?
        I was wondering if you got my e-mail about it.

        1. John Chow says:

          That’s a pretty cool idea! I really need to get a new logo made up.

          1. Cool I like the one you have now, can we use it? I like it because its str8 forward and folks cant miss what it says… if you don’t mind we can use the one you have. I’d love to Rock your Logo in NYC…I’ll even video tape part of the journey…along with pics and stuff. – e-mail me at the address on this comment if you think we can go with it.

  5. Pheak Tol says:

    the chocolate torte looks amazingly good. i wouldnt know if i should eat it or look at it.
    John, is there a restaurant that you haven’t been to yet?

    1. John Chow says:

      There are still a few left. 🙂

      1. So which one is your favourite restaurant and what is your favourite dish of there. Just tell us, we would love to go there and will enjoy that dish with your name 🙂

  6. I just ate lunch so I am pretty go and I am pure vegetarian

    1. I am sure John have some good veggie recipes as well. Just ask him may be he can tell you and you will love to have that.

  7. MikeWords says:

    Wish I was anywhere near Vancouver. Dining out is my favorite pastime!

  8. Damn that chocolate looks tasty!

  9. Mmmm, you make my eyes and tastebuds very happy indeed. The last thing I ate is a Seasoned Tuna Medley by BumbleBee…canned tuna, hmmmm, not very exotic, but hit the desired spot.

  10. That carpaccio looks amazing. My mouth is watering….

  11. That looks good and must try next time in Van City. This promo looks similar to the staple tradition in Toronto called “winterlicous/summerlicious”.

  12. crap, since I cant edit my last comment, did you get to compare the France Cheese to Quebec cheese? I personally liked the Quebec selections that are offered at the finer restaurants – guess its part supporting Canadian industry, but also the fact its genuinely good…damn I gotta make a drive down to Montreal lol.

    1. John Chow says:

      The Quebec cheese was an Oka, which was creamy and pungent. Very good but different than the Comte Montagne, which was firm, nutty and salty-sweet.

      1. Why don’t you run a website for recipes and restaurant reviews? Think about it, you will still make money online ! lol

  13. James says:

    I would do anything to taste the dishes! Err.. except for fucking a guy I think..

  14. If I was trying to have a romantic dinner, and some geek kept taking flash pictures of his food to show off on his blog, I would have punched him in the face.

    1. Oh poker jerk! always up to your old antics lol!!

  15. I am sorry! the dishes do not look very appetizing at all. Small serving and looks raw! Yikes! 😐

    John, may be you can show us some best chinese foods in Vancouver next time?

    1. Dude you gotta expand your tastes a little bit more!! Hate to tell you, but chinese food is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of good food

  16. game-girl says:

    I like cheeses very much,but all they are fattening, I keep on a diet after the holidays as most people do.

  17. Al Young says:

    I wanted to make it up to Vancouver for Dine Out Vancouver but does not look like I will be able to. Will be doing Dine Out San Francisco instead.

  18. Drooling ……Delicious food

    I planned go out today and have some delicious food ….And John u have some good taste in selecting the dishes


  19. Mike says:

    You know that Foei Gras is illegal in many places because it is meat from ducks that were force fed. Not cool.

    1. Wow!! Some useful information – never knew that

    2. John Chow says:

      This is why I love Foei Gras. It always brings out a few “Save the duck” lovers. Why don’t you try putting your energies into saving something that is worth more than a duck? Foei Gras is not illegal anywhere in Canada or most of the world. Your “many places” can be counted on one hand. And it’s places no one would want to visit anyway.

  20. Kevin Wynn says:

    I wonder if we have something like that in our area….

  21. SEO Tips says:

    That place looks seriously posh! I think I ll stick to my £3.80 a plate sweet and sour chicken from the local Chinese.

  22. huh! nice, i love those recipes.

    no lie.

  23. It doesnt look that nice :/

  24. JC Design says:

    The Albacore and Beef Tenderloin look amazing! I’ve been having a hard time deciding where I wanted to go for Dine Out, but I think we’ve found a winner…

  25. John,

    Was hoping to see you and Shoemoney square off at the Affiliate Summit West 2009 Tri-Athalon on Tuesday evening! Oh.. your a blogger, not an Affiliate? No problem, Vegas can wait until October for your cash!


    Nicholas Chase – tired after a ten-hour drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco..

  26. The mushroom & truffle looks so good!

  27. I do not know what is all this. But yeah full marks to decoration and all. Just look at the dots .. reducing size. Creativity at its best 🙂

  28. game-girl says:

    The food is so photogenic, I’d rather eat it up.

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