Dinner At The Space Needle With Kingston


After the first day of the World Cyber games, Kingston Technology, one of the world’s biggest producer of memory products, took us out for a nice dinner at Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle. Upon hearing this Sarah’s reaction was, “The Space Needle? That place sucks!” Not a good start to a restaurant review.

The advantage of dining at the Space Need is of course the view – it’s the best in Seattle. Unfortunately, if you’re a foodie, the view is the only thing that is good about the Sky City at the Space Needle. The prices are astronomical compared to the quality of the food. There were a few dishes that stood out as above average (the clam chowder for example) but for the most part, it was merely OK. The drink and wine selection was very nice however.

The top observation deck was closed for a private party. The funny thing was the Space Needle though Sarah and I were part of this party and took us there. I guess they saw our press badges and just assume we were part of the private event. It looked like a good event too, with an open bar, live music and a big spread of food. We were tempted to stay but decided to join our Kingston dinner party. Here’s what’s for dinner.

The Starter Dishes


Some cheese pie. The only thing I can taste is the crust. If there was cheese in it, I didn’t taste it.


Crab cakes. This dish was quite good but the sauce was a bit overpowering.


American Kobe Beef. The USA should leave the Kobe beef making to Japan.

The Main Courses


This was Sarah’s main course. They claimed it was a mushroom dish but we couldn’t find too many mushrooms in it. The noodle was dry and hard. If you go to the Sky City, don’t order this. You’ll regret it.


This was my main course, the double cut pork chop. It was dry and tasted like shoe leather. The sauce did nothing to bring out the flavor because it didn’t have any. What’s more, I can’t believe they charged $43US for it. Then again, that’s like $1 CAD now. 😈


Leo had the prime rib. He said it was really good but I’m not sure if he was just trying to be nice to Kingston or if he really meant it. I guess you’ll have to read his review to find out.


Stephen Fung went with the braised short ribs. It was as dry and as tasteless as my pork chop. Compared to the short rib used in our $60 burgers, the short ribs by Sky City wouldn’t be fit for a dog.

The Desserts

The presentation of the desserts were very nicely done. The standout dessert was the cheese cake. The others ranged from OK to sub par.





With drinks, tips and taxes, I estimate the dinner for seven came to about $750. I don’t know the exact amount because Kingston grabbed the bill before I had a chance to check it. I like to thanks Kingston for dinner. If they ever come up to Vancouver, dinner is on me.

64 thoughts on “Dinner At The Space Needle With Kingston”

  1. Those pictures are all I need now that I’m suffering with an upset stomach! Thanks John.

    1. DeboHobo says:

      It all looks so yummy! and fattening….

      1. Especially the desert…I just can’t say no to sweets..

        1. Jack says:

          btw, is this the first time you post Sarah picture? 🙂

    2. I’m suffering with the knowledge that they paid over $100 per person to eat once! I feel guilty for wasting a lot less. I wonder if I ever become a rich and powerful blogger, would I eat $100 meals? Seems like I could do something good with the money I save from a $10 meal.

      1. Googlelady says:

        But you don’t have to pay $100 per meal. I go to my favorite restaurant and pay like $20 to $30 per meal and I really enjoy it 😆 or may be I enjoy more if I cook my own food? 😆

  2. Feeling hungry 😈

  3. Those portions are huge. It’s tragic that so much decent nutrition was wrecked with poor cookery skills. I think your groups would be better served by hiring a space and a personal chef. This opinion, of course, has nothing to do with my being a personal chef ; ) because, you know, I live way too far away!

  4. I wanna pay for food, not a view

  5. Nomar says:

    750 for a dinner.. I rather drink that away 😆

  6. DeeJay says:

    It looks tasty, but… lets just trust on your words. 😉
    You should try Macedonian cuisine sometimes. There are few good MK restaurants in Canada.

  7. Serge Frolov says:

    huh?? $750? that’s not cheap… anyway, John, have you tried Russian cuisine?

  8. I just dont like how that food looks like, it doesnt look tasty at all…

    1. Googlelady says:

      Agree with you! don’t know if there is anyone thought about it 😆

  9. Lilja says:

    Then, I suggest you focus on the view for memory…
    I had a serious encounter with Chinese food in Vancouver some 20 years ago. The soup was so strong I almost fainted just having some of it on the tip of my tong. My friends slurped away as if there where no spice in it at all! In a retrospect ignited by your Seattle dinner event, I think perhaps Vancouver is a lot more exciting place to dine….be prepared you Kingston people 😆

  10. Kemal Inanc says:

    Oh come on, i am on a diet. :mrgreen:

  11. Neil Duckett says:

    I like the Kobe Beef reference ….. `American Kobe Beef. The USA should leave the Kobe beef making to Japan` Kobe Beek is between USD $100 and $150 here in Japan so i`m guessing even the price they served it up at you pretty much knew it would be ordinary!

  12. phyzhoe says:

    del.icio.us..bon apetitie John..

  13. What a write up! This is simply devastating. Poor Space Needle. I wonder if they knew that this write up will go around the web. If they respond, it would be nice to read what they have to say.

    American kobe beef is really corny!

  14. Teejay says:

    Man, that got me hungry.

    1. Ed Lau says:

      LOL…love these kinds of comments. Proves they’re not actually reading the post.

      1. Travis Chan says:

        The pictures of food are quite distracting.

      2. Lizzie says:

        I have to agree. It’s really quite funny to read the “Yummy!” comments. 😆

  15. Ed Lau says:

    Blech…I’ve been to that place before and I wasn’t impressed. It’s like that restaurant at Habour Center…you go for the view, not the food.

    We have MUCH better food in Vancouver…there’s no need to eat garbage like this. Geez, I’m glad I didn’t come. I would’ve been subjected to food like this.

  16. Travis Chan says:

    Food looks awesome John!

  17. It looks so delicious… but fatty food too … 🙁

  18. Shams says:

    At least you are offering good food photos 😀

  19. Yeah, I have a restaurant in town who’s main feature is high prices for mediocre food. But we don’t have another real Italian cuisine place close by, so that’s what we’re stuck with.

  20. I have been unfair. The photographs really are wonderful. If only the taste could have matched the visual appeal! My compliments to the photographer.

  21. starboykb says:

    Those foods doesn’t look nice to me. I love the cakes much more 😀

  22. mahdi yusuf says:

    mmmmmmmm main “couses”, typo my friend typo

  23. so hungry……
    looks so filling!

  24. That looks delicious!

  25. Benny says:

    Nice Food…. but i’m vegetarian 😛 😛

  26. Crenk says:

    Im not too sure about those meals..

  27. nelson says:

    those dishes look great, and that chick in front also looks pretty, and wish I could have both the prime rib and the chick.. that would make it really tender..

    1. soccer dvd says:

      i agree, cute chick! :mrgreen:

  28. James Wilcox says:

    John how do you stay so skinny eating out all the time?

    I’ve been to the space needle and I agree it’s terrible and horribly overpriced. It’s just a big tourist trap. I’d rather fly over seattle and get the same view eating airline food 😛

  29. simon says:

    Looks devious :mrgreen:

  30. Hoto says:

    that looks like a great meal. i had all you can eat sushi with my girlfriend yesterday. it was great too. i just love running sushi.

  31. Gdog says:

    That food looks like it was made by a 5 year old! Note to self, don’t eat there when I’m in Seattle next…

  32. Oh boy ….. that must be delicious …. But John you forget to show my favourite ……… THE BILL!

    1. Lizzie says:

      The bill was picked up before John could see it. And apparently the food wasn’t so great. 😀

  33. Ginene says:

    Everything looked good except for that prime rib.

  34. Israel says:

    the food looks nasty.

  35. soccer dvd says:

    looks absolute delicious

    I’m eating bread now, would love to eat like that anytime of the day man!

  36. Behen says:

    behen ki laudi

  37. I have to agree with one of the other posters…How do you manage to stay so thin with rich food like this?

    1. John Chow says:

      I work out a lot!

  38. Lisa Rae says:

    Those desserts are lookign yummy! 😯

  39. jamiz says:

    Those desserts look really delicious 😯

  40. bpo says:

    You know, John:

    I visit your site because of your skills which you generously pass on to lesser mortals like us. Your posts are usually very good but you never made me laugh– except now! 😆 😆 😆

    You ought to start a connoisseur’s blog. You talk about diversifying income sources. Being a food critic will probably be also good for you.

    Happy weekend.

  41. Leo says:

    I wasn’t being polite, my prime rib was delicious!
    But then again, aged prime rib pretty much cooks itself. And my New York cheesecake is a no-brainer. I just ordered safe and was rewarded with a great, free meal 😉

  42. james stewart says:

    who’s the first girl on the right? she’s gorgeous! can i have her contact please?

  43. Ron says:

    You had no better idea where to eat in Seattle than the SN?
    No pity, you got what you deserved.
    There is fantastic food all over the city.

  44. Googlelady says:

    I don’t know but I enjoy when JC post his adventures 🙂

  45. UniqMan says:

    I’m hungry and pics looks like so tasty 🙄

  46. Vito says:

    Now, i’m hungry! Nice post, John.
    The blog is very well balanced. Money making and some of the finer things in life to break the monotony.

  47. max says:

    I think you should make a separate blog called, “How to enjoy good food”… 😀

  48. Wahlau.NET says:

    everything looks great…except the bloody ribs

  49. That seems to be the case with these places poor food quality because they think somehow the atmosphere takes it place.

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