Dinner with Chef Daniel Boulud

DB Bistro Moderne

It the high end culinary world, the name of superstar Chef Daniel Boulud stands among the very top of the heap. The New York based chef and restaurateur has dazzled diners with his French cooking technique applied to seasonal American ingredients. Chef Boulud owns eight restaurants in three countries. The two newest restaurants, Lumiere and DB Bistro Moderen, are in Vancouver. How Chef Boulud ended up setting up shop in Vancouver is an interesting story.

Lumiere was owned by Iron Chef America champion Rob Feenie. Chef Feenie was a chef first and a business man second. Rob made the mistake of allowing his partner to invest too much into Lumiere and Feenie’s next door. As a result, Rob lost control of his restaurants and was squeezed out. Chef Feenie now heads up food design at the Cactus Club Cafe, where he is able to concentrate on just being a great chef and not on running a business.

Because Feenie left Lumiere on bad terms, the restaurant stated performing poorly. Staffs loyal to Feenie were quitting, the new executive chef wasn’t getting the best of reviews and the place was losing more money than ever. Majority owners, David and Manjy Sidoo, had to do something. And that something was to bring in Daniel Boulud.

While Lumiere kept its name, Feenie’s was changed to DB Bistro Moderen. Both restaurants were closed for months for a complete makeover. The new looks are like night and day over the old. They’re much more open and modern. Lumiere and DB Bistro’s grand reopenings were among the most anticipated restaurant events of the year.

Originally, we were supposed to dined at the new Lumiere. However, because our meetup group had so many people and because they only went for the cheap $55 BC Tasting Menu, we got moved from the high end Lumiere to the lower end Bistro.

The dishes were a mixed bag. The fish was fantastic but everything else was merely OK. Even though we got the Lumiere menu, I was disappointed that we didn’t got to dined at Lumiere itself as I was looking forward to seeing its new looks. Overall, I can’t say that I like or don’t like Lumiere/DB because I didn’t get the complete Lumiere experience. The next time I dine at Lumiere, it won’t be with a meetup group.

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne

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36 thoughts on “Dinner with Chef Daniel Boulud”

  1. It’s actually boulud. Daniel is an exceptional chef and the king of provencal and traditional french Braising!!!

    His Television show is awesome. I honestly think you should take a trip to Yountville California and sit in one of Thomas Keller’s tasting sessions. Now that is the dot com lifestyle!!!

    1. I support your thoughts, John you must do this with daniel.

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  2. I wish It was me with haivng dinner with him not you John …lol

    Good stuff.

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  3. burp! 🙂

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  4. if the food tastes have as good as it looks…I’d be one happy customer!

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  5. Food seems to Yummy……!!

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  6. This food gave me lots of thought 🙂

  7. Bati says:

    Really a great dinner. I feel hungry now.

  8. very tasty and interesting view of the eye, with the price of the favors that are not too expensive

  9. Everything looks so delicious!

  10. Jackie Chia says:


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  11. Jackie Chia says:

    It Seems Really Delicious !

  12. Benjamin Cip says:

    I come from France, and I can say the food really doesn’t change from the traditional french food. Bon appetit!

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  13. John, I had no idea you were a foodie! That’s awesome. I work with an amazing group of chefs out of New Orleans, if you’re ever heading down that way I’ll bring you out for some amazing cat fish.

  14. Ryan says:

    That food looks absolutely delicious especially the chicken and the desert. Gotta go there someday!

    Ecosnob in Vancouver

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  15. Blinkky says:

    That’s delicious

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  16. Great food! How I wish I could also experience this fine dining adventure with Chef Daniel Boulud and taste these delectable dishes. Hmmmm and the dessert….I’m speechless.

  17. fas says:

    And John you said less of eating outside this year :p

  18. Wow,
    Looks pretty amazing. I love a good meal at a hot spot.

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  19. Stephen says:

    WOW! What an awesome Video =)

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  20. Ok one thing I learned before reading JC.com, to eat dinner before reading!

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  21. Yum… I’m hungry now looking at the food!

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  22. Some of them look real tasty. And I get the feeling you would’ve made a good chef if you weren’t a blogger.

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  23. Desmond Ong says:

    Hey John,

    It’s 1.17AM here and reading this post made me hungry! Damn!


  24. John,

    This is the tastiest looking food you have presented in your blog.

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  25. Miss Right says:

    Sorry your experience wasn’t what you were expecting. I guess this will give you an excuse to take your wife out to dinner? Remember Mothers Day is coming up soon!! I think the pictures of the food you showed in the article looked absolutely scrumptious. I am nowhere near Vancouver, but if I ever get up that way I will certainly try to get in for a meal.

  26. 51 Grand says:

    Wow I have to grab some snack!

  27. game-girl says:

    Every time I see food here I have to bridle my appetite.

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  28. game-girl says:

    There are interesting pesonalities even among restaurators.

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  29. Ekey says:

    Food looks really delcious there. ML is really loving you. When are you movig to Orlando?

  30. You Must start labeling all your foods 🙂 I really like to know what is what 😀


  31. Ash says:

    I love Chef Boulud! I’ve been to 3 of his restaurants and its an amazing dining experience. The presentation alone is worth the price. How did you arrange a meeting with the Chef?

    Ash’s last blog post: Larry King Interviews Susan Boyle

  32. Michael Zhao says:

    Life style of the rich…and famous. Nothing like the finer things in life…oh yeah…

    Michael Zhao’s last blog post: End of Second Week.

  33. Wow he is showing that cooking is also an art and need creativity.

    Certainly beautiful and good looking. Yummy for that 🙂

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