Direct Agent VistaPrint Dream Getaway

Direct Agent VistaPrint Dream Getaway

Are you feeling the the need for a vacation? The winter blues got you down? You want some sun, right? Well, you’re in luck! My new sponsors, Direct Agent and VistaPrint have teamed up to bring you a dream getaway to one of five Caribbean islands and they’ve ordered this review to help generate the buzz.

Given the choice of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Cabo San Lucas, the Dominican Republic or the Bahamas, I really wouldn’t know which one to pick. They all sound great. All have white sand beaches with clear blue water as far as the eye can see. If you’ve been to any of these places, I would love to hear your experience.

How To Enter The Dream Getaway

The contest is free to enter and runs from March 1 to April 15. The affiliate who accrues the most leads for VistaPrint within that time period will be deemed the grand prize winner, the 2nd lead generator will win second place, and so on.

The grand prize winner will be provided two round tickets to one of the five destinations in the Caribbean, which the winner will choose. There, the winner will be provided with accommodations at a 4 star all inclusive hotel resort for three nights. All standard accommodation and food/beverages covered by the all inclusive resort destination will be provided. The approximate total value of this prize is up to $4,000.00. Second place winner will receive a brand new Sony Vaio or Macbook Air notebook worth $2,000. Since I’m a big Apple fan, I would take the Mac Air over the Vaio in a heartbeat. Third place winner will receive a $500 Amex gift card to spend however he want.

The winners will be announced at the Direct Agents booth 1556 at AdTech San Francisco.

More Level Playing Field

This contest is more fair than some of the other affiliate contests going around. By making everyone run the VistaPrint offers, Direct Agents created a more level playing field. Other contests allow you to run any offers from the network. The big affiliates have an advantage there because they just move their profitable offers to the contest. However, if they’re not running VistaPrint, they’ll have to start at square one, just like everyone else.

The VistaPrint offer is an easy one to promote and works really well for bloggers. I did a successful VistaPrint promotion on this blog back in 2007. The title of the post was call Get 250 Free Business Cards To Promote Your Blog. The post made me over $1,000. I recommend everyone enter this contest as a learning experience in affiliate marketing.

Enter The Direct Agent VistaPrint Dream Getaway

29 thoughts on “Direct Agent VistaPrint Dream Getaway”

  1. I went to Jamaica last spring, and it was amazing!

    I’ll be going back soon, but this would help me to get there sooner. 🙂

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Never been there, my direction of choice is to go to Asia. India is the next country on my list. Have a nice trip, hope you get there sooner.

      1. SEO Tips says:

        I would love to go to Asia, I am hopefully going to China in June with University.

        Then again I wouldn’t mind going to the Bahamas either 😛

  2. directagents says:

    Thanks John for the great post! : )

    1. Jake Stone says:

      You’ve done brilliant work with the layout. Will make many people wanna go there.

  3. Ian Fernando says:

    nice – they told me they were releasing this new contest, during our interview. it looks like direct agents like to send people to warmer place!

  4. nice contest. Been to all those islands and hands down Bahamas has the best beaches out of the list but Cabo has the best overall fun (again out of this list). Good luck to whoever that wins!

  5. Cool, I will give ti the ole college try. I would love to go back to St. Lucia.

  6. It’s posts like these that remind me why I’m working so hard every day – so, one day, I am able to afford these dream vacation destinations without wondering about I’d be living on bread and water afterward.

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Go George, go. Any fan of Gordon Gekko has my sympathy immediately. I’ll write about your site on my blog tomorrow, pushing my four hundred readers your way 🙂

      Remember – toast is tasty and water is healthy.

  7. Tushar says:

    The contest seems cool, but I find the whole VistaPrint thing too saturated.

    Maybe Direct Agents can do this with a newer offer next time?

    1. Jake Stone says:

      Hello Tushar, saturation is good, too saturated, not possible. The more affiliates promote this product, the more people notice it and that creates even bigger demand. Heck, if there are enough VistaPrint affiliates, somebody will start to market to them as a target market. Market concentration always creates more than just arithmetic results.

    2. directagents says:

      If VistaPrint isn’t your thing, we have another contest going on that’s for Still 30 more days to go. Same idea, different advertiser.

  8. game-girl says:

    No doubt many people dream of going there.Personally for me these nice islands in the warm sea with beautiful nature are a symbol of the paradise.

  9. Ooooh, the Bahamas…does that particular destination include a stay in the Presidential Suite at the Atlantis Resort? 😉

  10. Jamaica, never been there. This seems to be the perfect opportunity to go.

  11. Great contest! I will be checking into this entering this one. Though I must admit…I have always wanted to go to St. Lucia!

  12. Gotta check this out.. Sounds amazing!

  13. Sounds like a great contest, but VistaPrint makes me feel a bit uneasy. I took advantage of one of their many “free” offers for 250 business cards and ended up being charged $50 for some sort of life insurance quote I didn’t agree to through one of their partners. Their customer service also didn’t address the issue, so I was forced to do a charge back with my credit card company.

    Although, the business cards were superb. lol

  14. I’ve never been to all thee places only heard of them. I hope one day I can fulfill these dreams.

    Peter Lee

  15. lulugal11 says:

    Go to St. Lucia!!!!!!!!

  16. The prize is a very cool one. What if somebody who wins does not want to take a vacation? You will give them cash?

  17. We appreciate the contests John but your turning into the Contest Showroom.

  18. Dean Saliba says:

    I’ve already entered this after seeing it on another blog. Good luck everybody. 🙂

  19. That sounds great.

    I actually have relatives in Jamaica & my mum’s parents are Jamaican. My aunt is actually there on vacation right now!

  20. Sounds soooo great. I’ve never been to the Caribbeans, I think I’ll take my chances at this contest 🙂

  21. SEO Tips says:

    Excellent competition and some amazing prizes I would love to win!

  22. game-girl says:

    The only contest offering paradise among the number of them.I think everybody likes Jamaika.

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