DirectCPV Launches New Advertiser Management Backend

DirectCPV has put a lot of effort and countless hours in improving their advertiser platform and they’re pleased to announce that their new and improved Advertiser Campaign Management Platform Version 2.0 is now ready for use.

The redesigned advertiser backend features a more advanced user interface that is easier to use and boasts a horde of new tools that make managing your campaigns a snap. Some of our new features and changes include:

  • No Credit Card Required: New advertisers will no longer have to provide any credit card information to sign up for a new account. This means that you can refer advertisers to try out our system for free, without any obligations! Payment information is only required when they decide to launch their campaigns.
  • Bulk URL or Keyword Upload: We’ve made it easy for you to enter URLs or keywords to target your campaigns. Use our new import interface to enter up 10,000 keywords or URLs per campaign. Saves a lot of time for advertisers who have a large number of URLs or keywords to target.
  • Domain Competitor Finder: A nifty tool to find out who your competitors are getting their traffic from. We’ve spidered 80 million live domains with all their link info to give you the edge you need over your competitors.
  • Search Engine Spider: Use this amazing tool to generate URLs targets for your campaigns. Simply enter the number of pages to spider and it’ll automatically extract URLs from Google and Yahoo to target your campaign.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: Discover the best keywords to target using our comprehensive keyword tool. Zero in on the best keywords that deliver the most results. (Coming soon)
  • Domain Research Tool: Simple to use research tool to easily find domains to target. Simply enter any keyword to get instant access to 80 million live .com and .net domains in our database to suit your target. (Coming soon)

Use Code JCH30 For $30 Bonus

Unlike other CPV networks, DirectCVP requires only a $100 deposit to start a campaign. However, if you enter JCH30 when you make your deposit, they’ll credit your account with an extra $30. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up for DirectCPV but you must deposit at least $100 before you can use the service. This is a very inexpensive way to test a new traffic source and you’ll get a $30 bonus to boot.

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30 thoughts on “DirectCPV Launches New Advertiser Management Backend”

  1. This looks tempting only because you can get targeting campaigns at a lower CPC than Google Adwords. When will the $30 promotion end John?

    1. John Chow says:

      I think the coupon is good for the rest of this month.

      1. Cool deal. Will sign up after I get more details from your older post (

        1. I would like to see a real world up-to-date case study to actually whip my credit card out for this as well.

  2. Do you own this company John. You seem to be posting quite a bit about them recently. Hope they are paying you well 😀

    1. Diabetis says:

      He post this since he will be making money in the process.
      this is how he makes money.

      1. S Ahsan says:

        lol.. well thats a part of blogging. I have signed up with DirectCPV as an affiliate. Let me see and post my own review. They dont look bad

        1. chester says:

          No they dont look bad. Keep us posted and let us know how well it converts. I’m sure quite a few of us would like to hear of your experience.

    2. I think John earn some money from the whole process.

  3. chester says:

    I’d like to know how they compare to other advertiser platforms. Can someone offer a completely unbiased opinion and review?

    1. Well I play with Adwords daily for my current employer, and ranking on the first page of Google will be a lot more expensive then CPV ads.

      1. Ranking on the first page of Google for a good keyword costs nothing if you get lots of backlinks.

    2. John Chow says:

      It’s only $100 to test it out. Why not try it? Just because someone makes a lot of money with CPV doesn’t mean you will. The stat that matter is what you get.

      1. Agree with John. Do your own testing, and find if it match for you or not.

        1. @John – Don’t forget the extra $30 from using the promo code 😉

    3. Lots of people make a ton of money with CPV, some upwards of $100K per month. CPV works, o doubt about it.

  4. S Ahsan says:

    John has made a clear cut point there..

  5. So finally they break the shackle and now they are now more free and available to many people.

    This will be positive to their business that is for sure.

  6. Simon Bunker says:

    Interesting post, I may just give this a try out to see what happens
    Thanks John

  7. Gold Rush says:

    I’ve been following your posts about these guys, and I’m really tempted to give it a shot, but $100 minimum deposit is turning me off..

    I’ve dealt with plenty of 2nd and 3rd tier PPC search engines in the past, and they almost always suck. Why risk $100 to find out this is yet another one of the same?

    1. Hey, you get $25 or $30 on top of your deposit, so why not give it a try. Just spend $10 on trial campaigns until you find something that works.

  8. nice information john as usual.keep it up and give us valuable update

  9. Gamers Plaza says:

    Cool offer but not right now I guess 😀

  10. It is always good to know where I can set up pay per view or pay per click campaign beside Google AdWords.

  11. The new DirectCPV interface looks great and is a lot easier to manage your campaigns with.

  12. I am looking at testing the CPV waters. Haven’t fully decided on an avenue yet. Thanks for the post.

  13. I am interested in their coming Keyword Research Tool and Domain Research Tool. Tools are what drives me, and I would like to see if they’re going to be coming up with something new, or just going to regurgitate something that has been done before.

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