Does PPC Marketing Increase Traffic?

PPC marketing operates by using search engines that make contracts with businesses. The site generally has a listing with Google or any other search engine, along with a headline and possibly a marketing blurb.  In this post we’ll go into pay per click maketing and how it can help your website increase with traffic. Does PPC Marketing Increase Traffic? Yes, and I’ll show you how.adwords ad

Advertisers do not pay to show up on the search results pages that are programmed. They pay a fee to the search engine when somebody clicks on the ads to see the advertiser’s website. Pay-per-click marketing has become very popular and despite the fact that it had been a very profitable business and will continue to be one of the fastest methods to market and boost traffic to your site.

Google is the biggest search engine used all over the world and many individuals see Google ads on daily basis. So if you are using Google for pay per click advertising, there is a good possibility your ads will reach a wide audience and many consumers will simply click on the ads. This model of marketing only becomes worthwhile once an individual who clicked on your advertisement purchases from your site.

This kind of marketing can place you in a much better position in the search engines; since the more individuals visit your site will then help your position on Google. Increasing your position on Google’s listings without the help of pay-per-click marketing campaigns could take you lot of time.

Several different companies employ this method of advertising. Google has a paid advertising program that is known as Adwords. Approximately, 80% of all internet users choose Google to search for information online. That signifies that a massive number of customers are viewing your ads. This reaches a much larger audience than you could ever expect to have with local billboards or similar forms of advertising.

Google allows you to custom create your own advertisements, or you may use their service that creates the ads to suit your needs. Yahoo is yet another extremely well-known PPC program. Yahoo harmonizes with other websites, for instance Bing. Since they associate with other sites your advertisements can be seen by a large number of internet users as well.

Choosing which company to work with might be challenging, however the most difficult part will be the layout of your actual ads. You need to discover a way to build your campaign that will be eye-catching enough to ensure an enthusiastic response from consumers. Certain search phrases and keywords can be expensive since they are extremely common searches. If you do purchase a few of these keywords, it’s likely that you will get a lot of website traffic.

It is often recommended to use a specialized program for the design of your marketing campaign. However, if you do a little research in advance, you will be able to accomplish results and create a successful adwords campaign.

As soon as you are ready to get started you have to legitimize your marketing campaign. This implies that the advertisement needs to be relevant, if individuals click on an ad and it guides them to something unrelated to what they were interested in, they are not going to buy your merchandise and the advertising campaign will be a complete waste of time and money.

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22 thoughts on “Does PPC Marketing Increase Traffic?”

  1. Thanks for this John. I presume you cover this on your IM John Chow course anyway but I’ve always been in the dark about PPC and never really gave it much thought.

  2. Thanks for sharing this with us John. I totally agree with you layout of your actual ads are very important. Many people get this wrong.

  3. Jen Becht says:

    I have a very simple question. What if someone type in a very expensive keyword on google and then click on an ad over and over again without buying anything? Will the advertiser get charge for the clicks? I want to try adword, but I am a little intimidated by it.

  4. Scott Pruitt says:

    Absolutely. Aside from the visits that are driven by individual clicks from a PPC ad, the search engines use the that additional visitor data to determine relevance for organic search results.

  5. I. C. Daniel says:

    AdWords to promote Clickbank products, if it’s is well optimized can bring a lot of money at the end of campaign, if not can bring a lot of 0 bucks. 😀

    Best regards from I. C.Daniel – Romania

  6. Instead of measuring PPC by traffic, wouldn’t it be better to measure it by conversions? Also, I read somewhere some time back that the majority of people on search engines prefer to cliick on a organic listing more than a paid or PPC listing. Cannot find that information right now. PPC nowadays isn’t very cheap anymore,not like a few years ago at least. So that said, it probably is better to have good PPC firm run the program for you.

  7. Hendri says:

    I agreee PPC can boost your traffic. But to make that kind of traffic to be your loyal readers, you must have good contents and your blog must original in my view.

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  9. Hi Master John,
    You Have Been A Great Inspiration From The Day I Heard About You
    And Now I Found That The Blog Posts Like This Which Have High Quality, And Highly Useful Makes Your Blog A Topper

    But Have A Doubt That ” Will It Affect My Google Page Rank, If Advertise On PPC Sites Like Neobux, Probux, Clixsense etc?”

  10. VKool says:

    Google adwords and some PPC companies are great ways to attract potential customers. However, this PPC method can be extremely expensive, For most of the campaigns I have run PPC with, I’m paying on average of $1 – $1.5/visitors to my landing pages. You might end up losing a lot of $ if you’re promoting something not worth. Moreover, many of the PPC companies don’t allow people to advertise about Make Money Online. BE AWARE!

  11. Ted says:

    There’s lots of ways to increase your traffic, and PPC can certainly be one method. However, a better quesiton is, can it increase your income? Isn’t that what we all are after? It’s easy to increase your traffic with PPC, but it’s harder to increase your income with it because it is easy to lose a ton of money sending untargeted traffic.

  12. Mike says:

    PPC can give initial boost to traffic as long as you have $$ in pocket. But one needs to make that traffic, repeat traffic. For that one needs fresh engaging content laid out beautifully.

  13. faisal says:

    It does but what kind of traffic is the question.

  14. Ricky says:

    John your websites crap, why dont u update it with your 500k lol

  15. Clear and straight to the point! Thanks for this article, John! I have always wondered how PPC marketing worked and never really got round to reading much about it! I guess I am used to free traffic only but it’s time I looked into this more seriously.

    I still think that fresh and engaging content is what works best long term but I am happy to look into it and spend some $$ on a campaign.



  16. Whitney says:

    I personally don’t do much paid marketing, now that social media is so can get pretty much all the free traffic you need, if you do it right!

  17. I use PPC sometimes on special property objects that are a little annuals fairly with very good response. But using it on all objects would not be profitable for me.

  18. Sachin says:

    You know PPC helps me to identify some of the highly sales oriented keywords. Sometime we don’t add keywords like low traffic volume or long tail keywords because we think we can’t receive much traffic but we always forget a keyword with only 20-100 searches with 10% conversion is always better than 10,000 search volume with less than 1% conversion.. Also with google PPC display ads we can easily find some of the websites where we can directly place our banners for traffic…

  19. Ashley F says:

    A great summary! I have considered PPC, but not yet found it worth my while. Having read your article, it seems I need to do some more investigation. Thanks again

  20. Leo B says:

    “This implies that the advertisement needs to be relevant, if individuals click on an ad and it guides them to something unrelated to what they were interested in”
    You nailed it here

  21. Before considering PPC, you need to already earn a decent amount of money, in order to invest some.
    Or you created a fantastic product, and you are sure that with PPC you will have a good ROI.
    Thanks for the post, John.

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