Dominate Wall Street with TheStockBandit University


They say that there is more than one way to skin a cat and the same can be said about trying to make money. Some people have managed to find some success as professional bloggers, whereas others are more inclined to try their hand at arbitrage and affiliate marketing. Another area that you may want to explore is stock trading.

For many of us, the stock market can appear to be an incredibly complicated and confusing place. However, the course offered by TheStockBandit University aims to demystify this strange world of bulls, bears, options and futures.

Make Money Online (and Offline) with Stock Trading

It used to be the case that you’d need a good foundation of knowledge and a reliable stock broker before you’d be able to make any sort of headway in the stock market. These days, with the wide availability of online options, it is much easier for just about anyone to give the stock market a try. You still want to know what you’re doing though.

With this online stock trading course, you will be provided with basic and intermediate information on how you can make a viable income as a day trader. TheStockBandit University is run by Jeff White, a man who has been trading his own account for more than a decade.

Given the current situation in the economy, you may think that there is no money to be made in the stock market. Jeff White thinks otherwise and he’ll tell you how to do it.

A Four-Week Video Course


TheStockBandit University is comprised of four weeks of lessons, each of which are supplied in the form of video tutorials from Jeff White himself.

As you can imagine, each week is more advanced than the one that preceded it. In week one, you’ll be introduced to the basic terminology and perspective of stock trading. From there, you’ll build your knowledge base for trade management tactics, trading plans, and proper accounting for all your trades.

A Series of Bite-Sized Lessons

Each week in the program is broken down into a series of video lessons. These range in length from about two minutes to 15 minutes or more. By and large, the lessons take on a “bite-sized” approach, so you won’t get too overwhelmed with the information being described.


In the first week of TheStockBandit University, you’ll get a total of about 76 minutes worth of lessons. You can take notes along the way for further study, but the resources section will provide you with some good material too.

Further still, if you hit the “Course Home” tab, you have the opportunity to contact your “professor” for additional assistance. It may be a bit of a misnomer to call this a true university, since it is in no way accredited by the government, but you are getting a fairly comprehensive educational program.

Only the Straight Goods

Each of the video lessons is embedded into the members’ area of TheStockBandit University, so you can access them from any Flash-enabled computer. While many of the lessons are comprised simply of Jeff White talking against a plain back background, some (like the one with Trading Tools) will be screencasts or PowerPoint-style presentations.


One of the very first lessons in this stock trading course is learning the distinction between an investor and a trader.

Investment takes on a long-term approach, requires a great deal of research, has minimal cash flow, and (ironically) takes on the greatest amount of risk. Trading, on the other hand, is short-term, requires minimal research, provides more continuous cash flow, and provides less risk. Jeff White also mentions that investors look at the “fundamentals” of a business, whereas traders look simply at the “technicals” of the stock. We must learn, he says, to distinguish between a company and its stock.

How Much Does It Cost?

Just like any course you would take at a local college or university to further your career, the stock trading course at TheStockBandit University should be seen as an investment. By taking the knowledge provided, you can presumably make back your money (and then some) with some clever trading.

The “premium course enrollment,” which is the only available option, is $297. It’s a four-week course, but you have access to the content for one full year. There is also a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like what you can see, you can request a refund.