Dominate with Your Business Globally

Sometimes, to achieve success, it’s important you take your business to different regions. You never know how much your niche is in demand abroad and it sometimes makes sense to try different markets. However, getting into another market can be very difficult so you need to know what you’re doing and how to make it work. This is why I recommend doing the right research and knowing what needs to be done to flourish in another market. It doesn’t matter if you have a physical business or an online business because growth in another region means you have to know what to expect. Sometimes you’ll have language barriers, financial barriers, content barriers, etc.

If you are thinking of expanding your business globally, then here are a few things to consider before getting started…


No matter what step you’re taking in your business that’s out of the ordinary, you should start with research. Doing research will protect you from unforeseen situations. I’ve noticed when I sit down and do my research, I’ll find obstacles I otherwise would have forgotten the first time around. The risks are even bigger when you are entering a market you’re NOT familiar with so I encourage spending a few days gathering data. Here are a few things to pay close attention to…

  • Local language
  • Market research
  • Competition
  • Demand

Again, these are just a few things that popped into my mind, however, you should conduct the corresponding research associated with your niche.

Sustain Your Blog

Blogging is one of the best ways to get up-to-date information across and it’s important to sustain content writing when transitioning into another territory. By keeping a steady blog going, you’re able to tell people about changes being made and what they can expect locally and globally. However, the main reason writing content focused around the region is important is for SEO. When you focus content within a given region, you will rank within the country Google search and this can drive massive traffic to your blog. This will also lower your initial marketing costs because organic traffic is FREE.

Local Language

Here is one of the toughest factors that will influence your growth within a local region. You have to remember, English is NOT always the local language for different regions so you need to find a way to transform your content. There are a few ways to quickly transform your content to the local region so you don’t lose any downtime. For example,

First, you can hire some local writers who know the language well and have them either write new content for you or simply translate current content. Secondly, you can use handy tools available to convert content into local language and there are many to select from. This tool works great and it’s installed within your backend so when a visitor arrives on your page, it’ll give them an option to change language. The tool will trace the region by connecting with the browser IP address and will know what options to provide the visitor.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a great way to find out where you should expand your business to because it provides search information over several months. If you type in your “target” keywords, Google Trends will bring up a list of countries and keywords where your niche is growing. For example, in the illustration below, I’ve used the keyword “weight loss diet”…

The cool thing is if I click on the country, Google Trends will narrow the search results down to the State>City. It’s a great tool to find out how the growth of markets is within a specific region and this will provide you with some knowledge into future success rate. If you’ve noticed your niche has had growth for the past 2-3 years, then you know it’s a HOT area. However, again, it’s important to only use this as a slight indication of success and conduct your own research going forward.

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4 thoughts on “Dominate with Your Business Globally”

  1. Hi Rizvan,

    Digging the idea of sustaining your blog. I have seen this by posting regularly, by guest posting a bunch and by commenting genuinely on top blogs over the long haul.

    I have good-sized readerships in India and Pakistan. Keeping at it, commenting on top blogs in the region and staying on topic helped me make inroads in both countries. If you persist, you will appear to be all over the world, online and yep, even offline, if you persist long enough and get clear enough on your direction.

    I started a series of online success chats a few months back with my friend Alonzo Pichardo. We found our videos being picked up my blogs in Japan. That is rare; both Japanese and Chinese markets are tough to penetrate, even if you have a well known name and brand. I was floored when he noted the blog and how our videos made it to such a foreign place. Neat how just keeping at it and getting clearer makes all the difference on earth… appear in many places on earth.

    Research helps some but I see persistent and a great clarity in your blog and brand as 2 prime factors to making inroads in international markets.

    Blog commenting, guest posting and posting to Blogging From Paradise were all big factors with my blog, going a bit more international. Fab tools through which to help folks and to spread the word about your business and brand.


  2. DNN says:

    Blogging is always good for the heart. I started back in 2005, but had no clue what it was and how to make the best of it. It took tons of trial and error for me to master content marketing, affiliate marketing, side hustling, and blogging today.

  3. Datadot says:

    Very Nice Blog…

  4. awesome! globalisation is really one of the best ways to live lively 🙂

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