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John Chow dot Com reader Sorin Iclanzan sent me this very unusual ReviewMe request. Sorin is from Romania and has a very interesting story to tell.

We are a young couple from Romania with a hair raising story to tell. I am Sorin Iclanzan and together with my future wife, Naomi, we set up to build a life of our own and make a family. Nothing out of the ordinary. After all, this is what most people want to do, right? Well, this is where the ordinary stuff ends.

Some 15 years ago I was diagnosed as being HIV positive or having AIDS. It took me all those years and a lot of suffering just to accept myself, what I have and who I am. It was through God’s love and support that I was able to find a meaning in life.

Naomi entered my life two years ago and about in the same period we fell in love. We decided to get married and have a family. The big problem is that her parents don’t agree with our relationship as she is not HIV positive. The love we have for each other is so strong that we decided to go forward without the support of her parents. On the other hand I have full support from my parents and I thank God for that.

Like most young couples getting married, the Iclanzan’s main problem is money – they don’t have any. Sorin Iclanzan wants to raise enough money to cover their wedding expenses and buy a modest home. How does he plan on doing that? Well, he’s hoping you would pay for it.

Donate Any Amount and Get Free Advertising


Sorin Iclanzan has set up a HIV Donate page where people can donate to his wedding/house fund. In exchange for your donation, you will be listed on either the Donors page or the home page. While Sorin says donate any amount and get free advertising for life, it’s not how it actually works.

Donations of $5US or more will get a listing on the Donors page. In order to get a nice little 117×60 ad on the home page, you need to donate at least $1,000US. There are 112 ad spots on the home page. If Sorin sells them out, he would have a minimum of $112,000US, which I’m sure can buy more than a modest home in Romania (please correct me if I’m wrong).

This Is Going To Be a Tough Sell

This is going to be a really hard sell because of the way Sorin has the site set up. For one thing, the site doesn’t tell his story very well. If anything, it looks like a cash grab and I really doubt Sorin will get any donations with the site in its current state. Instead of those ad blocks, his story needs to be at the forefront. Readers are not going to donate to you unless they connect with you.

There is also a huge credibility issue because of the lack of information about Sorin and his bride to be. How about showing us some pictures? Maybe show the doctor’s report on your condition, letters of support from friends and family members, any news articles written about you, etc. The only thing I was able to find out was your name is Sorin Iclanzan and you do live in Romania. You also own the three sites listed on the home page and the four sites listed on the donors page. It looks like you know how to create websites. Do you have a blog about living with AIDS? These are all questions readers will have and will want answered before they will get behind you and support you.

This Is Not PayPerPost

Sorin Iclanzan sent the following note with his review request:

As a desperate measure to raise some money for my wedding and to buy a home I am giving away free advertising for life for donations. I am promoting the website thus it will get a lot of traffic and a high PR. Please make it clear that it is a good deal. You can write whatever you like as long as it will work in my benefit. Thank you!

Unlike PayPerPost, ReviewMe does not allow advertisers to request a positive review. So, I can write whatever I want but it does not have to be to Sorin’s benefit. However, I hope my recommendations for improving his site does benefit him. I wish him and his new bride the best of luck and look forward to reading his full story. Then I might make a donation.

98 thoughts on “Donate Any Amount and Get Free Advertising for Life”

  1. Danny says:

    i have to say you are wrong john.
    he can get an aparment but can’t get a house with that money.

    1. Well I’m sure it’s less expensive than New York or LA…$700,000 for 950 sq. ft…ridiculous.

      1. Gary Lee says:

        umm . . . i agree with _______ . . . . first of all, a lot of people don’t have money and get by fine by renting an apartment . . . also, is a wedding really necessary if you don’t have the money for it? . . . i just think he’s asking for money for the wrong reasons . . . if this was for medication so that he could fight that horrible disease, then fine . .I would consider donating . . . i dunno . . guess i’m not in the holiday spirit just yet

        1. Steven says:

          Can’t validate any of the story but I can’t imagine a home being uber expensive there either. Of course it may vary from place to place. However I don’t blame them for wanting to have a wedding and a home (if the story is true), but asking for it from donators is not really the way to go about it. I guess it’s a matter of how everyone feels about donating to his cause.

        2. Bruce says:

          Gary, I’m with you. I’m still trying to understand why someone would want to have kids with someone who is HIV positive. Now I realize there has been advancements in the treatment of this disease, but chances are that one or both parents could die before the kid is grown. Not something I could do to my child. I have some doubts about the validity of this story.

    2. Richard says:

      I reckon you can. According to a modest three bed rural house can be picked up for £25,000 which is less than US$50,000.

  2. GemViper says:

    I’m about to make a small donation just for the effort and honesty. He is who he says he is and I don’t see a red flag that would lead me to doubt his story. Life is hard enough, I couldn’t imagine having to live it knowing I may get sick at any time. It would stop me from wanting to set down roots for sure and depression would always be knocking.

    As for the site, I don’t want advertising. I’d suggest that the ad spots be treated more like badges of honor, aka “These are the people who have stepped up and supported me”. I’d also like to hear more about how, if we help him, he will help others in his situation later on. I want to see that he’ll give as much as he gets. There are no free rides in life, not even for the sick. Nice review john, helping people who could use help directly is tough, you usually can’t find them.

    1. Poker Sharks says:

      Im sorry but this stinks of a scam.

      Using the whole ‘we’re in love and i have aids’ card.

      Like John says, this guy needs a lot of credibility issues resolved before anyone will donate. The fact he has put up fake ads and pretending that they have brought them is already ringing alarm bells.

      1. GemViper says:

        I disagree, he knows that an empty page will not work. Everyone stands around not wanting to be the first but I guarantee you that if they see John Chow or Google or AOL or “insert prominent name here” take part they would too.

        Not everyone “uses a card” in life. I’ve done my part, if he’s bogus he gets to live with that. I wouldn’t have donated a small amount if it would have bothered me either way.

        Have you “given” today? If not, john has an excellent post around here somewhere saying you should give to receive. Sometimes it takes receiving to convince you to give too… I hope he does in time.

        1. I’m going with scam, his comments to John and the fact he paid $400 for a review don’t add up. He should have spent that $400 getting a foot hold in PPC affiliate marketing.

        2. says:

          Who’s cooking with scam again?

        3. Steven says:


          I do believe in the give and receive but I also believe in giving for the right reasons. IF the story is true, then yes it is in some ways going towards a good cause. However there is no way to validate this point at this time and personally I agree with the others on not wanting to donate if it’s merely a scam.

          I am not going to flat out and say it is one or anything. I rather not be on either sides and just wait till he chooses to prove his story is true in one way or another. After all it is a lot of money when you add it all up.

      2. I disagree too. That’s why people do shill bidding at eBay, so they can let everyone see their item has at least one bid. That gets the ball rolling. This guy is just doing the same thing.

      3. Ades says:

        I don’t agree either, sometimes they do not want to go public because they are afraid of discrimination. You know how people freak out when they meet an HIV positive person.

        But it’s a good idea to include some medical reports for more credibility. But photos are not really necessary.

        1. I think photos would definitely add to the credibility. People are much more likely to donate if they can connect with this guy and his bride and a few photos will make that connection.

      4. seems like a complex scam. 15 years with HIV in Romania… Interesting.

        1. Kabatology says:

          First things first; this reviews is not for free, it costs $400, if they were so in need they would’nt get the smart idea to invest that sum of money. This guy knows much about making website and making money, that why he asked for a review thru John Chow.

          1. Thats what made me suspicious actually $400 in Romania is like 2 months of rent for a nice apartment if not more, investing $400 instead of eating well…or he is smart and honest guy, or he uses a really bad story to make his profits.

            But since I am used to donate, I will most probably do so, but first I want to check things out better.

          2. Grubb says:

            $400 is NOT like 2 months of rent for a nice apartment. At least not in the capital, in Bucharest.
            Anyways it does seems like a scam.

  3. Ion says:

    John, In Romania with 100k you get a modest aparment, not a home…
    Romania has one of the most expensive places from Europe at house prices…

    1. Jason says:

      That’s interesting. Why are the prices so high there for homes? Here in Texas, in a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth, you can buy a new, very nice 3 bedroom house for about $130,000.

    2. Radu says:

      Ion, maby you live in Bucharest, or a big city, where it’s expensive. I live in Gaesti ( a small town near Bucharest), Dambovita county, where you can buy a great house with 100k and have a big wedding.

  4. Hmmm… pretty good looking site. Can I donate pages?

    1. Neil Duckett says:

      Interesting wedding gift i guess, probably not what the guy has in mind though.

      1. “Congratulations! Here’s your very own WEB PAGE!”

        What is this, the 70’s? Hah.

        1. Radu says:

          Real nice and good for profit.

  5. Dean Saliba says:

    The bit that confused me was “HIV positive or having AIDS”. As far as I’m aware they are not the same.

    Maybe I’m being pedantic?

    Great Review anyone. 🙂

  6. John, a 3 room apartament in a 70 years old building in Romania costs about 80.000E-100.000E. Imagine 4500E/sqm for a 400sqm land.
    Although it`s an emerging country, the prices are very high.
    Gas costs about 1.42USD/litre and with one dollar you can buy 2 and a half breads. All these at an avarage monthly salary of 300-350$!

    My mother bought two years ago a 2 story house for 150.000E. Today the house and the land worths about 500.000E. This is just to imagine how the prices go up every month(maybe week).

  7. kpriss says:

    This guy needs a better story. Maybe some photos on his website like John said. We are waiting..

  8. James says:

    Nice idea, but then again so is that business opportunity from the guy in Nigeria that keeps emailing me. More information is definitely needed.

  9. Mystery says:

    The story touched me, but as John said he needs more credibility. I would even suggest a video made by him, showing him telling the story.

    I also support GemViper’s suggestion, in case he displayed more credibility.


    Autoincome Money Making Turbo Cash Systems !

  10. Carl says:

    Looks like total bunk to me

  11. He has paid for the review and his site looks nice. If he spends 50% of the income on smart advertising, it could work out very well for advertisers.

    That said, HIV and AIDS are NOT the same thing. If you have had Aids for 15 years I don’t think you would be very healthy at all, HIV you can live with if you take medication.

    When starting a family, please adopt! There are a lot of needy children in the world who you can provide a good home to, but having kids if you do have HIV is a dubious moral call in my book. Of course, I don’t know much on the subject and the % chance of passing it on to your children, so take my statement with a grain of salt as I might be wrong.

    I will keep an eye on this and might donate, but you should make the title stand out more and have your story more visible. Another thing is, maybe make the pixels 1/2 the size and charge $500? Not many can afford to give $1k on a whim and a hope for some advertising and that the site gets traffic

  12. Ninja Dollar says:

    My BS meter is flashing red. Seriously, if you’re going to put your life story out into the public like that, you’d include some photos or some more details.

    1. Agreed. New-age Nigerian scammers?

  13. Good concept, bad implementation. Not a bad domain name though. Maybe he should try selling the domain name to raise the funds.

    1. GemViper says:

      Maybe we should try selling our spare domains to help out people who need it too, I have at least a couple dozen awesome domain names that I won’t have time for in the next three months. Hmm, some not so awesome too I think, I locked up “”… 😯 what was I thinking? I can’t remember but I think it had something to do with asking myself what people do online… Blah me! Whats your blah? etc. I even created a tacky facebook app with the thing. I cringe just thinking about it now! selling the name off for charity might not be a bad idea.


      1. Chanya says:

        I think that’s a great idea. I have a couple I’d willingly donate to a charitable cause. Perhaps someone could set up a website where people do just that . . . hmmn.

  14. Haotik says:

    I believe this is not a Romanian guy, only just another scamer on the internet.
    Sorin Iclanzan and wife Naomi??? Iclanzan is not romanian name, and less Naomi. In my 30 years old I never meet somebody with Naomi name in Romania, and of course Iclanzan too. Sorin is a name usualy used in Romania.

    And Romanian are not gypsies and poor people. We are now in the Europe Union, many Romanian work at big company at IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, or Google. Many discoveries and innovations has made by Romanian.

    If you want to see more about romania just look at this video:

  15. Too bad the guy is a scammer. He can be found on my forums spamming under the name of spleeder, st.soso. He own several sites:,,, etc

    Too bad the a romanian is again associated with a scam.

    1. How do you know it’s the same guy? Just curious.

      1. You asked me why spleeder is the same with st.soso. Because the YM on spleeder account is: st.soso and the Paypal email address from is [email protected]

        For sure is a scam, and again a good one I think.

        1. RomanianDude says:

          For sure is a scam, and again a good one I think.

          Yup, me too. 🙂

  16. Ted says:

    Ok, you guys, I am Romanian, currently living in Canada for the most part, but still traveling back and forth quite a bit. Just for the record, it’s a scam for sure, as I never heard about this dude’s story before and I reckon something as impressive as this must have been on any kind of news, right? I read and watch loads of news and this never appeared to my attention before, so there’s a huge sign right there, along with many other, provided by romanian-specific BS detecting skills 💡
    Even as a scam though, it’s sure enough poorly directed, hey? 😆

    1. PinoyTech says:

      Omg. I almost believed the post! Good thing someone has heard of this story before.

  17. I definitely think there should be more details about the situation. Most people don’t just donate to random causes, rather they donate to things they believe in and move them. If this truly is legitamate, giving a few more details shouldn’t be a problem.

  18. I will be the guinea pig. Although credibility is definitely an issue, 5 dollars is a small price to pay to help another person who is in a bad situation. has made a donation of $5 and hopefully our link will appear soon. We have acted in an effort to help someone in need and our conscience is clear, so hopefully the claims are factual. If not, $5 is a small price for those people to sell their credibility. Best wishes

  19. evilpenguin says:

    This is total bullshit, if you ask me. No face, no name, no number, just give us your money.

  20. ciops says:

    Naomi isn’t even a Romanian name.

    1. RomanianDude says:

      Naomi is a Hungarian name. There are many hungarians in Transylvania, unfortunately …

      This looks like a scam from a mile away!

    2. RomanianDude says:

      😯 I can’t believe how many of you are donating to this guy.

  21. Wayne Liew says:

    Now, we see the nice side of John, not the usual evil one. :mrgreen:

    As you say it, they need to disclose more about them to make people really donate the $1000. I got a lot of e-mails from Nigeria pleading for my help so that they can repay me with $10million! 😈

    1. Mr. Rajawang says:

      Yes, I got that kind of email too. I even got banned from ebay because I replied to a nigerian msg telling him “get lost” ! How weird. BTW, I will donate him $5 just for the sake of his effort.. 😛

  22. Hi everyone,

    I assure you (and I will publish proof) that I am who I say I am and I thank everyone who donated in the last couple of hours. I will put your links up in a few hours.

    Thank you John for the review. I will definitely take into consideration what you have said and I would be grateful if you posted more about me when I will have some proof, photos and more info.

    With $100k I can barely find an apartment with 2 rooms here in Romania, believe it or not. The prices are some of the highest in the European Union.

    I have to go somewhere now but I will be back in a couple of hours and I will start working on things.

    PS: Yes, all the sites published on on the time of the review are mine, because an empty page just doesn’t look good, but I will take the ads out when there will be a few donors on the homepage.

    1. Your site is down… Thought you might want to know…

      1. Maybe we broke his server?

  23. KNau says:

    Making money online isn’t that difficult, why the need to scam? Even if it’s not a scam (his story is true) the offering is weak. He could get a better long term income sharing his story on a blog than he could with a quick cash grab. This is the kind of stuff that gives web entrepreneurs a reputation as scam artists.

    But then I feel the same way about those “million dollar wiki” type pages. They’re cute little “ima gonna get rich”schemes, but missing the point entirely. You can monetize the web without turning it into a junkyard.

    1. Your missing the point.
      If making money is so easy, then why aren’t we all on your website, seeking your all-knowing opinions. People like you give entrepreneurs a bad rep. If you had any moxy you would have added your name to the post, but I guess it is just easier to bash other peoples ideas and dog them for creating something that you are obviously so jealous about. I own a wiki site, but I also own many others, and I can tell you it is hardwork and by no means easy.
      The point of this post is not about you.
      Anyway, we will be the guinea pig. OneEuroWiki has donated $5 just to see if this is legit. We are willing to help someone out if they are trully in need. We look at it this way, If those people are willing to sell their credibility for only $5 then we are will to pay for it and save the rest of you the trouble of getting worked over. Best wishes.

    2. Making money online is actual work. Anyone who thinks otherwise is silly.

  24. nitchmoo says:

    I myself believe that it`s a cashgrab, too.

  25. Justin says:

    Mention God a lot don’t they? And I agree on the lack of photo’s, tis all a bit fishy, good talking point though ay? 😉

    If they truly believe in God, you reap what you sow and if they’re sowing trouble, it’s trouble they will reap. If all is legit, I wish them the best success and nice one John for playing a part.

  26. Mizhizzyfitz says:

    I am a Cancer survivor. particular Cancer has an 80% return rate. I can’t have anymore radiation.
    I take care of 38 abandoned/rescued/homeless cats, one abandoned/rescued/homeless dog, an older abandoned man who is in the second stage of Dementia… and myself… on Social Security and Social Security Disability.(Almost ZIP)
    Does anyone think I’d have a snowball’s chance in h*ll if I tried this? 🙄
    Each one of us can tell a sob story. I want to hear about, support and immulate the winners!

  27. JB says:

    You are kidding me right John?

    Point 1:
    Internet Warning Sign #1: Don’t deal with Nigerians and Eastern European countries.

    Point 2:
    Hmmmm let me help a young couple out who had all kinds of nasty dirty unsafe sex and now since they have aids cuz they irressponsible i should pay my hard earned money to them.

    You need better things to do John – seriously.

    1. Apollinaire says:

      Counterpoint 1:
      Eastern Europe gave you the ink pen, the jet engine for airplanes and the DeLorean car. Also, EE gave you several huge names as Eliade, Brancusi, Cioran. There is a saying here: humanity have only two types of humans: the smart or the strong ones.

      Counterpoint 2:
      Watch your steps when going seaside, you may find out that stepping on an infected needle can give you lots of nasty things, ant the others the chance to say about you what you just said about a HIV infected person.

      To get to the point now: I am romanian, never heard of Sorin but that does not count that much. It does sound like a scam (that does not give you the right to make assumptions about a country or a continent), and I will try to check if that person exists and if his story is real.

  28. That just not sounds right! Scam ❓ ❗

  29. MoneyNing says:

    Scam or not, I’m a little upset that he’s trying to grab money by using his disease as an excuse for a donation. This is especially bad when the donation is for him to buy a house and get married instead of treating his disease.

    In the end, this is just an expensive version of the million dollar ad page but with a sickening idea.

  30. 10KPortfolio says:

    I wish I could set a filter on my e-mails to block anything from Nigeria. It is sad that there are so many people trying to scam 😥

  31. The site is down for now…

  32. squaretan says:

    I for once will salute such people because:-
    They can come out with this kind of ideas to make money which many of us don’t. Respect this Romanian for the creativity and innovation but i for sure will not donate! :mrgreen:

  33. andrew says:

    I thought this was a blog about making money, not stealing it under false pretenses.

  34. An out and out scam. Why does he need to buy a house? Does everyone else in Romania lives in a house? How about renting a modest accommodation? What his wife to be is doing? Is she working? If not why not? She is not sick, is she?
    I am surprised that some people have already donated! That why they say ‘A sucker is born every minute.’

  35. Deborah Dera says:

    Well, John, you certainly made your money on this one. I doubt many will donate based on this review, especially considering the comments, and I can’t blame them. It’s not your fault – the story itself is shaky and reaks of suspicious activity.

    Personally, I will not donate, but I also won’t fault those that choose to do so. We all deserve the opportunity to put a little faith in someone; and if those that donate choose to put their faith in the credibility of this story – so be it. I, for one, will steer clear.

    Thanks for sharing!


  36. Mike Huang says:

    Looks like another one of your “dislike” reviews John 🙂

    I do hope some of your viewers will help him out though, but I also agree that he needs to provide proof.


  37. Dustin says:

    I agree with many others here, he needs to raise money for a house and a good life, excuse me for being ignorant, but how can he afford $400 for a ReviewMe but NOT be able to afford a better site or whatever. IDK, sounds a bit wrong to me.

  38. Ouch! There are a lot of things I need to clarify here… One step at a time.

    1) I am Romanian, not Nigerian

    2) I have added the links of everyone who donated on

    3) This is not a SCAM in any way and I will be working hard the following days to prove it!

    4) I mentioned God a lot of times in my site because I’m a Christian and I believe in biblical values and I want to live my life according to His will

    5) Naomi is also Christian and her name is taken from the Bible (Ruth 3:1) that’s why it is a strange name for a Romanian

    6) Living by biblical values we believe it is wrong to have sex before marriage, thus we NEVER HAD SEX and Naomi is not Hiv positive

    7) We won’t have children of our own and we will most likely be adopting

    8) I am having technical difficulties with the server and it hangs from time to time, I know, but all will be solved

    9) I am working online and I make a living out of it. But with the money I make online at the moment there is no way I can support the wedding and find ourselfs a place to stay

    10) I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m always happy to help and give. At times of distress I am also happy to ask for support from guys like you! Even if I didn’t have such a story to tell, you would still benefit from a link on a site that will be there for ever.

    Thank you very much for all your advice and I will do something about making it more credible. I will bring proof.

  39. Jimson Lee says:

    Just give the guy a break!

    If you don’t believe him, don’t donate!

    There are hundreds of charities asking for money… pick one! After all, it’s Christmas!

  40. I’m going to send my donation along with my money order to Nigeria. This is a joke. So Sorin, you were diagnosed 15 years ago? When you were 4? And from then on, it took you time to accept yourself. Makes perfect sense, I mean what four year old doesn’t know what HIV is in this day and age. Sorin, I can definitely tell that you’re making a living online. That mesothelioma blog you created this summer must be bringing in loads of cash. If you need to refresh your memory: .

  41. worknplay says:

    Malignition just brought a new twist to the story ;-). Personally, I don’t know whether to think this is a scam or fact. the guy paid 400 dollars ( its quite a bit for me ). But then again he doesn’t have any proof to provide the facts that he is stating. he is either really in trouble or is just plain stupid. We will see when he gets the proof. By the way John, are you gonna charge him another 400 dollar when he brings the proof 👿

  42. Poor guy, would have been nice if he got up some pictures and more evidence etc.

  43. GodoCash says:

    Yes , that’s true . With 100,000 $ you can buy a really nice home here , in Romania 😉

  44. Tawny says:

    I noticed some incongruence in the webpage. First off, they claim they are getting married in the Summer of 2008, yet at the bottom of the page it says:
    “copyright 2007 Sorin & Naomi Iclanzan”
    They have the same last name before marriage? How can this be?

    He also claims that “millions” of people will visit the webpage… but a little snooping reveals that his website has a 0 google pagerank.

  45. bmunch says:

    I agree with all the others that some pictures would give some credibility.

    But this being the seasons of giving, some good faith should be in order.

    1. RomanianDude says:

      What if I said I suffer from leukemia and I’ve just lost my job, would you donate me $5 ?

  46. Radu says:

    Hello, my name is Radu and I’m from Romania. If Sorin would be so kind to telephone me, I will meet with him and validate his story with paper evidence, released from his doctors. I don’t know about other places, but here with 112.000 USD, you can in deed buy a nice home, with full options (furniture, apliances and all), and have a wedding like any romanian would like. After reading Sorin’s story, I’ve done some documentation on the net and read about HIV virus and it’s efects on humans, and found out that the life expectancy raises along with the bank account. The better medicated a pacient, the longer he will live.
    After all this documentation I deed, I can drow the conclusion that if in deed Sorin is HIV positive, he is doing this for his life (I would probably rob a bank or something) and his effort is admirabile.
    As you probabily expect there is a “BUT”. But romania is among the countrys with the bigest internet infrationality in the world, and I am not proud, because me and my girlfriend, work both our asses off, managing a small computer buisines, to raise money for a home and a wedding, and after 4 years… we are still doing this.
    My phone number is +004 0245 713 259
    Thank you.

    1. Apollinaire says:

      Radu, my phone is broken so I need to get a new one. Anyway, try to contact the guy at 0749277123. I would also appreciate some real news, as I am planning to write about that next week

  47. J.J. Merrick says:

    wow, poor, a wife, and AIDS? that is like the trifecta

  48. Hendric says:

    Tears roll down my chin eh… no way . Sounds like a scam. It doesn’t work that way with someone who have aids, just not.

  49. James B. says:

    Good Cause, but i can’t spend a penny for my blog. 🙁

  50. The Web Guy says:

    Hmmmm, the site’s no longer found…. 😡

  51. When I hear the words, Romain, Indonesia, or Nigeria, I immediately think scammers!

    1. dan says:

      we are not all the same you know?
      all forests have some bad wood.

  52. But then it’s a paid ReviewMe request…so who knows? Still scammers abound so it’s good to be extra careful when it involves the scammer friendly countries.

  53. Tibi Puiu says:

    Well I’m from Romania too and I can say that this sounds extremely suspicious. I mean to me this looks like a clear scam, I mean I wouldn’t call it a scam, after all you’re buying links sorta speak, but he might lye about his condition and prospect on your sympaty. He’s not having my $, anyway there are millions of aids sick people, why should I help him ? If I want to help a AIDS infected man I would donate to a research fund or clinic. Think twice before throwing money away.

  54. Steve! says:

    That’s a really sad story. If i could donate. I would.

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