Don’t Like Your Search Ranking? Sue Google!

A federal judge in California hinted that a parenting Web site that’s suing Google over a poor ranking in the search giant’s massive index would be able to proceed with its lawsuit. alleges that its parenting search engine site suffered an approximate 70 percent drop in monthly traffic in March last year after Google buried its visibility in search results. KinderStart, which claims to have originally been in the first 10 results when Web users scoured the Internet for KinderStart, also saw an 80 percent drop in AdSense revenue.

While Google and other search engines have been sued over rankings before, no lawsuit of this type appears to have succeeded. That’s in part because search engines can claim to have a First Amendment right to rank Web sites as they see fit – much like a restaurant reviewer or book reviewer has a right to publish its own rankings.

You can read the full story at My throught on this is simple – Live by the Google, die by the Google!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Like Your Search Ranking? Sue Google!”

  1. Marco says:

    I find it ironic that they run Google Adsense advertisements!

    I have no idea what the first amendment was so here it is for other people:

    “The right of free speech in the US Constitution, which historically protects media messages from regulation and censorship.”

  2. Hm… I’m trying to think of a word for this..

    oh yeah, stupid.

    google is not at fault for the fact that they ignorantly took the traffic google was sending them for granted. and i also find the adsense bit funny.

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