Dot Com Food Toronto

Well, it seems the Toronto Dot Com Pho meet up group I started has managed to continue without me. The group has stayed in touch with each other and is starting to host regular Dot Com meet ups. They’ve decided to call their get together Dot Com Food instead of Dot Com Pho because they plan to go to more than just Pho places.

Here is the first Dot Com Food video. They’ve talked about some interesting topics, including why they are better than the Vancouver Dot Com Pho group. They’re looking for more people to join them. If you live in the Toronto area and wish to network with a bunch of liked minded Dot Com entrepreneurs, then give Max at Money Bites a shout. Michael Kwan should be adding this and all future Dot Com Food videos to the Dot Com Pho website.

11 thoughts on “Dot Com Food Toronto”

  1. Go to MuchMusic, John!! 299 Queen St. W.

  2. Ryan McLean says:

    it is so cool how people with a passion for the dot com world are meeting up in the real world and doing life together. I love the community at my blog and at other blogs

    1. Ganesh says:

      Yeah its cool. I hope it happens everywhere in the world.

  3. wish i could come to one of these looks like good times

  4. I will follow you on twitter.

  5. Ganesh says:

    I hope people meet like that in all parts of the world. Its cool.

  6. Food looks reallyyyyyyy good!

  7. Jef says:

    Food looks good and conversation was interesting but what’s with the video? Looks like it was filmed with an old 8mm film camera and converted to digital at the local pharmacy. Just kidding. 😉

  8. I think I might meet up with these guys soon.

  9. I love the dot com php meet ups. I’m actually trying to start one in my area. It’s hard because there aren’t too many people in Western KY that are interested in the whole make money blogging idea.

    I live in a college town (top 10 business college in the south) and still have a hard time finding anyone.

    The funniest part of the whole video was when one of the guys asked, “What about Godaddy?” And the instant reply was, “You should get off Godaddy, that’s your first step.”

  10. 100kjob says:

    looks like I’m not the only one who hates Godaddy (so much trouble uploading files with FTP)…

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