Dot Com Go Karting with Unique Blog Designs

Right after Dot Com Pho World, we drove over to SyKart for some Dot Com Go Karting. The karts at SyKart are way more serious than the peon go karts at Castle (un)Fun Park. The SyKart karts put out 6.5HP and can hit over 35MPH on the 1/3 mile indoor track and generate over 1G of cornering force. That might explain why we were required to wear a head sock in addition to a full face helmet. Once you’ve mastered the 6.5HP karts, you can move up to the faster 9HP monster karts. You need to run the track in less than 36 seconds five times before moving to the faster karts.

Joining me for the Dot Com go kart death race were Nate Whitehill, Josh Mullineaux and Matt Blancarte of Unique Blog Designs, Neil Patel, James Seligman and Jordan Pearce. We had a blast during our two heats. My arms were really feeling it after the races because those karts can generate some serious corning forces! As for lap times, the best I was able to do was come within 2 seconds of qualifying for the 9HP karts. I was told this was quite good for a first time out.

Thanks go out to the boys from Unique Blog Designs for sponsoring our first Dot Com go Kart. I need to set up a Dot Com go Kart event when I get home to Vancouver. Who wants to come?

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  1. I think he is ready for some big championship race wearing that over his head …lol or is he going to rob the race !

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  2. its time now for blow up some hard earn money. Now who won the race.

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    1. Matt Blancarte won the race with a 34.85. I came in second with a 35.483.

      That was TONS of fun! We need to do Dot Com Go Karting more often!

      1. Ekey says:

        That’s because I wasn’t there Nate. Maybe we should do this again at Izea. I know there is Fun Spot at Kissimmee Florida which is not very far away from where the event is being held. Probably 20 – 30 min drive. Lets head over there. 2 floor of track … 6 different tracks … Go Karts shall be fun 😉

      2. I wish those Dot Com´s could be on my city. Looks like all of you had a lot of fun.

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  3. Greg Ellison says:

    That looks really fun. You are ready for the reall go kart races that they have. Greg Ellison

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  4. Melody says:

    Sorry to say this guys..but I would’ve kicked all ya’ll

    You guys looked like a bunch of Dot Com power rangers 😛

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    1. haha…thats a good team name for John and his crew! tho I’d hate to lap you on the track mel…I have a lead foot!

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    2. I could beat everyone on this blog! I’m a great go-karter.

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  5. Carl Nelson says:

    I wonder if Kwan would tip one of those over? 😉

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    1. John Chow says:

      Kwan seems to have problems only with things that have two wheels. 🙂

      1. I know what he did last summer.

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  6. I love GoKarting….seems like you had a good time John.

  7. That’s an awesome video – those go karts need stickier tires – for more grip around the turns lol ..

  8. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Oh! Seems fun huh John? I saw Go-Kart in my country but I’ve never played before. Do you know where is Genting Highlands in Malaysia?


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    1. John Chow says:

      No, I do not know where that is but I like the name “Highlands” 🙂

      1. Lee Ka Hoong says:

        Haha, that’s the biggest Casino and entertainment place for adults and kids in my country. Besides of Casino, Genting Highlands has indoor game and outdoor game. I’m sure your lovely daughter Sally will like it haha! 😛


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  9. Awesome. There’s an indoor kart track here in Central Ohio that is a lot of fun. Looks pretty similar to your track.

    1. You’re lucky. There isn’t one around here otherwise I’d be going any chance I got.

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  10. I love go karting! I try to go myself every year at NASCAR races. Hope everyone has fun.

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    1. I don’t follow NASCAR so I had no idea that they let people go kart there. That’s awesome.

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  11. fas says:

    Awesome stuff John, love the way you shot the video.

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  12. Danny Croft says:

    Hah nice video thaught it was very comical, I love go karting, did you manage to pull some drifts off. 😛

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    1. John Chow says:

      Yep, I managed to drifted it a few times but they weren’t very big drifts. Still hell raising fun!

  13. abrablog says:

    hoho. i will try go kart after read this blog. really love go kart sports. Just not have time to do it now.

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  14. thats awesome! Used to go-kart alot on the indoor tacks and its insanely fun..especially when you can nudge the other cars on the track (while the marshals are not looking)

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  16. KushMoney says:

    Looks really fun. I haven’t drove one since I crash one when I was 16 years old.

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  17. Where do you get some of your backgrounds and effects for your videos?

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    1. John Chow says:

      They all come from iMovie 09.

  18. game-girl says:

    I have many friends of mine who are crazy about going carts.I can not share their risky ventures but understand their joy while doing that.It is nice to have a hobby.

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  19. That’s great. I haven’t done this in forever, but it’s loads of fun. I don’t know of any place that has a go kart around here though.

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  20. Michael Zhao says:

    With the rate you’re going, pretty soon, you’ll be racing Lambos and Ferraris! Get that money!

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  21. They probably think you might go open up your own Go Karting place, so they took your flip 😀


  22. Gary says:

    I think we gotta go to Richmond Go Karts when you get back. 😉

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  23. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun 🙂

  24. Paul B says:

    Had a friend who recently returned home after spending several years living in Canada. Said it was the most boring place on the planet (yes, he was very well travelled). Having seen those sorry excuses for go karts with the high backs (woo hoo, go health and safety) I can see where he was coming from. Here’s some real karts for you:-

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    1. What part of Canada did he live in? I’ve been to Toronto twice & I love it because it reminds me of a cross between London & NYC.

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      1. Paul B says:

        Edmonton. I have plenty of relatives in Canada so have been a few times on holiday. I guess it’s not the same as actually living there though – A quick sample of his life out there-

        “This is my Xmas booze up:

        We got to the bar at around 1:30. And immediately, everyone ordered a coke or a coffee or whatever, just to ‘ease’ into things gently.

        Obivously, there was some chatting which was rudely interrupted at 2:15 as the food was served.

        Roast Beef, mashed potato, gravy, caesar salad, thousand island dressing, tuna pasta and chicken kiev. The reason I list all the ingredients of the meal is to highlight the fact that Canadians have no sense of chronology to their meals. ALL of those items are served to you on the same plate. It’s hysterical.

        Then, after munching through the good quality (if over-populated) platter, another round of drinks for the troops. I noticed more than one alcoholic drink appearing.

        A few changes of seating ensued allowing a more informal chatting experience. Another round of drinks. And then, heigh-ho, it’s nearly 4:30. Doesn’t time fly. Time for people to start making their excuses and the proceedings come to a close.

        What a scorcher!!!

        PLEASE – KILL ME!!!!! ”

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  25. Dean Saliba says:

    I’ve never been go-karting before. I need to get a friend to do something like that for his birthday!

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  26. It was definitely a blast. I agree, my arms were hurting for a little while also, but looking forward to doing it again. Thanks again to the guys at UBD!

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  27. Cam Birch says:

    I love karting. You have inspired me to once again go karting.

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  28. Ekey says:

    Lol Neil you are crazy. You don’t want to get your hair messed up haha.

  29. It looks you were having real fun with the go-karts, It make me wanting to go and have fun too.

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  30. Carting especially when in competition is hard work. You wouldn’t think so but it beats you up.

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  31. Oh my.. I love carting.. I only tried it once in a Marlboro event here in the Philippines. Hehe

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  32. So you guys had great time … fuelled yourself first and than burn the fuel … Looking simply great.

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