Dot Com Lunch At Joe Fortes


I was invited by former Vancouver DJ, Buzz Bishop, for a Dot Com lunch brainstorming session. I have to tell you, very few things get the brain storming more than fresh oysters from Joe Fortes. The restaurant has achieved legendary status in Vancouver.

For almost 25 years, Joe Fortes has consistently earned and maintained its reputation as “Vancouver’s Best Oyster Bar”. Guests from the all over the world have come to expect a dynamic culinary experience in this San Francisco styled seafood grill that always delivers. Located at 777 Thurlow Street, just off of the very swank Robson Street, Joe Fortes is the place locals and visitors alike come to enjoy the freshest seafood and chops in town, complemented by an award-winning wine list that boasts over 400 wines.

Joe Fortes is following a trend I see more and more Vancouver fine dining restaurants doing – the prix fixe lunch. It’s very similar to the prix fixe dinner but in lunch size. You get a three course lunch that include a starter soup or salad, a nice main course and tasty dessert. All for a very affordable price of $16.95. Since Joe Fortes is know as the best oyster bar in Vancouver, we just had to order up a dozen of the raw stuff as the brain storming opener. My lunch consisted of a New England clam chowder, 5 oz sirloin steak and a Vanilla Crème Brûlée for dessert.

From start to finish, lunch at Joe Fortes was exceptional and considering how inexpensive the lunch was, the service level was amazing. I highly recommend the place for your next Dot Com brainstorming session.

Joe Fortes

Joe Fortes

Joe Fortes

Joe Fortes

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31 thoughts on “Dot Com Lunch At Joe Fortes”

  1. John seems like you had one gala time there.. 🙂

  2. buzz bishop says:

    The lunch is REALLY inexpensive when you’re not paying, isnt it John? lol

    Thanks for the chat, have fun in New York.

    1. John Chow says:

      Lunch always taste better when it’s free. 🙂

      1. Cam Birch says:

        I second that, gotta love free. I hear that stolen is even better than free but I wouldn’t know… :).

      2. Nope I am not agree with that … food always tastes better and give you peace when you earned it by your own labour or earning …

        No offence – just different thoughts … 🙂

  3. Eric Tan says:

    The oysters look delicious!!! and you said that your whole meal was only 16.25? what a steal! how was the brainstorming though?

    1. John Chow says:

      It’s $16.95 plus the oysters and drinks. It was a good session.

      1. Wow that one is really cheap but however seems to me that they do not compromise with the quality of food …

        No video this time.

      2. Ghostwriter says:

        I love oysters. $16.95 including the oysters is indeed a steal. There’s a lot of oysters on that plate.

  4. Nice looking mashed potatoes under that hunk of beef there. I love mashed potatoes, I would kill for them.

    1. Cam Birch says:

      I guess it must be dangerous to eat around you at a steak house.

  5. Am salivating here….

  6. aansa says:

    Those Oysters look yummy. I am sure everybody enjoyed the food.

  7. Andrew says:

    Could someone explain to me what chowder is? I’m an aussie and I hear it a lot on American TV shows but I could never work out exactly what chowder is.

  8. EarningStep says:

    hahahaha . now i know the reason why you become more fat this day

  9. Melvin says:

    Looks really delicious and yummy! 😀

  10. Me says:

    chowder is like a thick white cream soup with lots of potato

  11. moralde says:

    Reminds me of that other post with the Patel guys and the hill of seafoods on the table. John should have videotaped this lunch too. Finger-lickin’ hmmmn. I got hungry just looking at those pics.

  12. hospitalera says:

    I should not read your food and dining related posts at the moment, I am on a diet! But surely looks yummy! SY

  13. Looks delicious, as every food post you do 🙂

  14. Having lived in Ottawa, Canada almost my whole life, I visited almost everywhere (except for the terrotories — who goes there? :P). My parents are a big fan of seafood, and I specifically remember them going to Joe Fortes when we visited Vancouver. I’m not a big fan of seafood myself, so I just stayed put and let my parents enjoy it. They said that there definitely isn’t a seafood restaurant as good in Ottawa.

    Now we’re in California, so there is much more seafood for them!

  15. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    I’m hungry by looking at the food photo. $16.95 for these is definitely a great price! I’m curious how many oyster did you have that day John. lol! 😀


  16. Based on the pictures, that’s quite a meal for $16.95!
    I may need a dot com nap after all that food.

  17. videostar says:

    I would like to taste it.I need to go there.

  18. Food looks delicious. I am sure you must have enjoyed the food.

  19. More great food! 😀


  20. videostar says:

    MMMMMMMMM.How I like the meat on that plate.!

  21. Lolz…well said john …lunch become more tasty when you are getting it free of cost lolz…interesting

  22. Albert says:

    Looks like some really tasty stuff. You always go for those big dishes that emphasizes the greatness of being a great money making blogger like you are.

  23. Oysters… hmmmmm ….. My wife makes a mean Kilpatrick…may have to request that now after seeing those pictures….

  24. Fun Evil says:

    Hungry…….Send to me if it is free

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