Dot Com Lunch at Splitz Grill – Where’s The Beef?

Splitz Grill

For this episode of the dot com lunch, we decided to try out the gourmet burgers at Splitz Grill on 4242 Main Street in Vancouver. Splitz Grill started in Whistler back in 1997 but didn’t expand into Vancouver until January 2008. Since opening the Vancouver store, Splitz Grill has enjoyed a nice loyal clientele who don’t care about their weight or heart condition.

The burgers at Splitz Grill makes a McDonald’s Big Mac look like a kid’s meal. They’re made to order and are available with a nice selection of toppings. We all went for the legendary Splitz Burger, which are available as a single, double or triple patty. Greg Morgan and Gary Ng wimped out and ordered a single while Stephen, the human garbage dump, went for the triple stack, which featured 1 pound of beef! I went up the middle with a double stacker.

The burgers at Splitz Grills are quite good but I found them very salty. I also think there’s MSG in their seasoning mix because I felt awfully thirsty after. That might explain why I went for a Splitz ice cream afterward even though I was stuffed. Stephen, trying to prove he was a fat man in a skinny body, went for a full blown banana split after consuming his triple burger and fries with gravy.

Splitz Grill bills itself as “a true gourmet burger joint.” The joint part I can believe. As for the true gourmet part. That’s going to take more work. In terms of Vancouver burger joints, I would rank Vera’s and Wally’s ahead of Splitz. For a true gourmet burger, check out DB.

Splitz Grill Triple Beef Burger

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46 thoughts on “Dot Com Lunch at Splitz Grill – Where’s The Beef?”

  1. Stephen says:

    The saltiness and additional crispiness of the pancetta bacon and MSG really made it easy for me to finish this burger. I cannot wait till I head to San Francisco in December to defend Dot Com Pho honor at the Pho Challenge!

    Then after that, I’m heading ot San Jose to take on the legendary… Burritozilla: A 5 lb monstrosity!

    1. DAILYMACHO! says:

      you sir are a monster.

      1. So you are doing very hard practice these days …

        Best of luck and looking forward as well … 🙂

        Keep taking digestive pill as well.

  2. Blogging says:

    Wow, can you spell “cardiac diseases” over there? How old do you guys want to become? SY

    1. Stephen says:

      Contrary to popular belief, the stuff in so called “low fat” and “diet” products will kill you way before this burger does.

  3. Ms. Freeman says:

    That’s incredible. A burger like that is better as a single that way all the toppings don’t slid off.

    I did a quick post about yout Twitter trend. You should come check it out here: How to Control Your Followr List

    Peace! 🙂

  4. OMG that burger looks godly! We have a place down here in Dallas called JC’s that had the best classic cheeseburger i’ve ever had. Nothing crazy or special, just super high qualify beef ground fresh daily!

    1. Ms. Freeman says:

      Have you tried Keller’s Beer & Burger. OMG the best in Dallas. It’s a dive and the servers look like crap but the food is devine. 🙂

      1. Keller’s is awesome too. used to go to the bike meets out there a few years ago. Kind of like sonic + nasty greesy burger joint. Do they still bring beer to your in your car? 🙂

        I think i still like JCs better although it sucks they don’t have beer… The “toddzilla” is amazing. three .5 lb patties of goodness. The store in Plano takes pictures of anyone that finishes one in a single sitting and puts it on the wall!

        1. Ms. Freeman says:

          I’m definitely going to try to check it out.

  5. VeRonda says:

    No, wait, that burger looks “ungodly”… OMG! I can only take small amounts of meat. That thing there looks like it would eat me. LOL! I have to show Hubby… He’d love it!

    1. LetUpdate says:

      Yah, it is too big for me too. :mrgreen:

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        This Burger size is bigger than my neck… and bigger than my baby face!

  6. ray woltman says:

    That thing looks like it could have starrede on Man vs. Food.

    1. Yeah, I knew I saw that burger somewhere before in a dream. Calorie count?

  7. Nick Aviles says:

    Wow.. I really want that burger..

    1. Than go to Vancouver … or try that one at your own store.

      I am sure they can made it for you.

      1. Benjamin Cip says:

        Do they ship these big burgers to Europe? lol just kidding!

  8. I’m… there are no words… wow.

  9. DAILYMACHO! says:

    THAT GRAVY SHOT WAS SO UNNECESSARY! but other than that the burgers looked mighty good.

    1. Stephen says:

      Indeed! I had to use Ketchup to finish John’s fries!

  10. Hara Kim says:

    Wow I need to get one of those that looks great!

  11. Benjamin Cip says:

    What a big burger! We don’t have such big burger here, I’m wondering how you can enter the whole burger into your mouth lol… but it sures sounds teasty… but I still prefer when you show asian food, like the Japanese one with ramen and sushi 🙂

  12. pututik says:

    Hope they not eat the other side like the picture ^_^ motophone

  13. Nathan says:

    That’s quite a burger you got It smells cholesterol..oh i mean delicious.. ^-^

  14. John … that burger reminds me sandwich which you ate on affiliate summit.

    Which one was bigger this one or of affiliate summit.

  15. pink cameras says:

    Love the photo with the triple burger next to the phone! Great perspective on how impossible it would be to actually put a human’s mouth around that whole thing.

  16. DJ says:

    Wow, I can’t believe that dude finished that burger, fries, and took a gravy shot. That was truly insane.

    1. Gary says:

      He also topped it off with a three scoop banana split (2 whole bananas, whipped cream, sprinkles) which he easily devoured. That little finger trick with the gravy at the end was highly unnecessary–we’re trying to keep this PG here Stephen!! 😉

      John: how could you have left out the banana split?! At least put up a picture!!

  17. LetUpdate says:

    Yach! , do not want eat it. It seem too much for me.

    1. Benjamin Cip says:

      I prefer the food JC ate at Asian restaurant before. I’m not really into Junk food… I mean burger. I prefer to eat nuggets with freedom fries…

  18. Diabetis says:

    I want that burger.

  19. gaban says:

    i will spend a day to eat such burger

  20. Earningstep says:

    what the he*l happened on burger store this time. it just a huge burger .. it spend more than time to finished one. it need power and money … lol

  21. fas says:

    That burger is huge. John did you finish it?

  22. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    Omg the burger is extremely big! That’s bigger than the McDonald’s Big Mac! I’m hungry by looking at any food now, but too bad I don’t take beef. 😀

  23. Michael Kwan says:

    I wouldn’t put Wally’s above Splitz as a “gourmet burger joint.” Wally’s is only a small notch above McDonald’s and it’s arguably lower than BK.

  24. Oh my word! That is like a walking advertisement for heart disease and obesity. It looks delicious, but don’t eat these too often! Good grief, that is a lot of cow!

    1. Teen money says:

      JUnk Food. Well we know it is causing a lot of diseases. But tell me from your heart whether you can stop a temptation like that to have a mouthful of mcDonalds.

  25. Dang…and Stephen is still looking healthy and buff, lol.


  26. Teen money says:

    Yummy.. It seems John has a big Stomach for the delicacies. It is mouth watering and we can see he is having a mouthful..

  27. Volksphone says:

    OMG, what is this? Never saw a burger like this before. In germany we did not have burgers like this 🙂 When I am in Vancouver i have to take one 🙂

  28. On the right day, I know I can take this baby down! Who cares about the grease sitting in my body for rest of my life?

  29. Money-Era says:

    I guess this portion of beef should be enough for the whole week!

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