Dot Com Lunch – Crushing Candy Edition

After the little site outage, I was really looking forward to relaxing on the patio of Pho Ba Co for another weekly Dot Com Lunch meetup.

When I got there, I found all the tables on the Pho Ba Co side were taken up. We had to use tables from the Mexico restaurant side. That meant that one of us had to order some Mexican food. One brave attendee volunteered to do it, but chickened out at the last minute. Everyone ended up eating Pho. Good thing the Mexican restaurant didn’t say anything. The fact that my camera would have recorded their outburst might had something to do with them keeping quiet. 😛

On this episode of the Dot Com lunch, we have Sally crushing a lot of candy with our newest gadget of the week, the iPad Mini with Retina display. I also got to talk about the automatic windshield wipers used in my Mercedes SL550. Not only do they sense rain on the windshield and come on automatically, they cost $250 to replace! Good thing I live the Dot Com Lifestyle!






12 thoughts on “Dot Com Lunch – Crushing Candy Edition”

  1. Alex Shaikh says:

    Just last week i bought my windshield wipers for exactly $18…but ofcourse you drive way better car then i do…hope your wipers doesnt break down rest all rain seasons…

  2. I. C. Daniel says:

    Ohh nice to hear that John. Kind regards!

  3. faisal says:

    Best to not take the car out in the rains!

  4. ujjwal says:

    HI, John

    Nice to see you there.

    You are really enjoying your life, great, hope to become like you one day.

  5. Nice pictures, and by the way how was the pho. Trying something new is surely a way to get inspired. lol

  6. life tips says:

    Great,enjoy our life here.

  7. dot com lifestyle for the win :d

  8. Stephen says:

    It’s great to be surrounded by such a focused group of people on a Saturday lunch. John is very entertaining and is a good example of someone who lives for his business.

  9. I had a great time meeting everybody at the meetup! I hope to see you guys again! It’s Thanksgiving today – I wish all of you a safe and happy day!

  10. Would love to be part of the meet up! Glad you guys enjoyed yourself!

  11. Hi John Chow.
    I Am First Time on Your Blog And Feel My Self Unlucky that i was not been on that Blog Earlier You are the real personality to follow on Internet . You Deserve to Enjoy Your Life .
    Keep On Man….. 🙂

  12. ujjwal says:

    Very good John.

    Hope to be with you one day, You are good inspiration of mine.


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