Dot Com Lunch – Give Me Money Edition

The Dot Com Lunch is part of the Dot Com Lifestyle Meetup group. The group’s purpose is help you achieve time, money and location freedom – the Dot Com Lifestyle. If you dream of having all the time in the world to be wherever you want with whomever you want, and have money coming in without you being there, then this is the meetup for you. We meet once a week, and it’s free to join.

On this edition of the Dot Com Lunch, Oscar plays with a Blue Yeti, I play with an EM1, and Sally wants you to give her money.

Sally is trying to raise money for her school with a jog-a-thon. You can sponsor her by sending her money. Her goal is to raise $600. If you want to help her out, PayPal your donation to johnchow [@] and put “Sally Chow Jog-a-thon” in the note, and I’ll make sure the money gets added to Sally donation total. Watch the video to see Sally’s donation pitch.







10 thoughts on “Dot Com Lunch – Give Me Money Edition”

  1. kishore says:

    That is Awesome John.I appreciate your work.

  2. Shaun says:

    Hi John, You make me envious when I see how you live the Dot Com Lifestyle, you always seem to be relaxed and enjoying yourself, especially with your beautiful daughter Sally.
    By visiting your website always inspires me to learn more about the lifestyle that you lead. Maybe we will meet in the future, who knows!
    Shaun Ross.
    Cape Town, South Africa.

    1. faisal says:

      Well that’s a Sunday.

  3. I. C. Daniel says:

    This is life! The life I want to live and I think all struggling to make money online!

  4. Nino Sem says:

    Inspiring as usual…

  5. Dwayne says:


    That Yeti mic is pretty cool. Impressive that it works with USB power only. Do you or Oscar do any podcasts? Expensive camera! Overall, seems like a great Dot Com lunch!

  6. Josh says:

    Great to see someone giving back 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this post That is Awesome John.I appreciate your work.

  8. Lee Cole says:

    John! Great idea! I think I’ll start doing this in Atlanta. This is a great way to create content, and pay it forward!

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