Dot Com Pho – Apple Halloween Edition

Last week, we had a full house for Dot Com Pho. This week we had a near empty one with only four people showing up. I guess everyone got scared off by Halloween or something. That’s really too bad because all those people who didn’t show up missed out on the free Macbook Pros that Apple gave away.

In attendance this week were Greg “Big C” Morgan, Michael “FATal1ty” Yurechko, Gary “iPhone Lover” Ng and yours truly. In addition to getting the Macbook, Gary showed off our gadget of the week, the new Apple Magic Mouse. This has to be the slickest mouse ever made and goes really nicely with the Macbook Pro. We also took a visit to the Apple store. A big thanks to Apple Canada for sponsoring the Halloween edition of Dot Com Pho.

Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Most of the time, there are no gifts for attendees but one in a blue moon, some company will lavish us with toys that will make any tech geek wet his pants. To find out the time and location of the next Dot Com Pho, follow me on Twitter. Happy Halloween!

32 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Apple Halloween Edition”

  1. hokya says:

    That must be sold out soon 🙂

  2. Gary says:

    Oakridge Mall navigation FAIL!

    1. Ed Lau says:

      You know as well as I do that John can’t get anywhere without GPS.

      1. John Chow says:

        Hey, at least I can still read a map! 😛

        1. skinny jeans says:

          Read a map?!? You’re dating yourself, John. No one under the age of at least 35 knows how to do that anymore! 🙂

          1. James M. says:

            Military guys still train in the old map reading methods. If you have seen the ‘Surrogates’ movie, you will take manual map reading more seriously if you don’t want to get lost during some global technology failure. 😉

          2. Ed where was YOU ?

            Have you submitted your leave application ?

            Next time we do not want to see this and be regular … understand

          3. Ed Lau says:

            Ed unfortunately had other things to do last Saturday.

      2. Gary says:

        Even with the GPS, he’d still get lost!

    2. Hater.

      I haven’t been to Oakridge in at least 2 years – because there’s nothing there. (except an apple store now). Lets see who wins at a blind run through Metrotown..

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        I haven’t been out to the Oakridge location yet. Looks like it took over what used to be the bookstore?

      2. Gary says:

        Can’t compare Oakridge to Metrotown. Oakridge is like 1/10th the size! Metrotown is a nice mall if you want to get stabbed. LOL

  3. Happy Halloween john. 😀

  4. EarningStep says:

    nice halloween even . my country also has a great even like this….

  5. Lee Ka Hoong says:

    That was only 4 of you, too bad to see that. But I’m sure you 4 enjoy the time. 😀

    Happy Halloween John!

  6. If I would have flown out from Winnipeg for this week’s Dot Com Pho, it still would have been cheaper than having to buy a Mac Book Pro. Damn! Should have told me in advance, John. lol

    1. No No No … 🙂

      That is the reason why you should attend all pho. You never know when you will be able to get such great gifts.

  7. Yes this is certainly magic mouse … you can see this at here as well –

    Why he was not opening the case of mouse ?? and I think you should spend more time at Apple store …

  8. fas says:

    Having a pho can get you a mac :@

  9. Pretty cool Magic Mouse. I might have to get one for my MacBook Air, but the trac pad is pretty cool itself.

  10. Halloween was great, hope everyone else had a great time.

  11. When’s the giveaway from the MacBook Pro that you helped Ashley win?

    1. John Chow says:

      Should be next week.

      1. We’re all waiting with bated breath, clenching our thumbs……well I am anyway…..

  12. One of these weekends I gonna meet up with you at one of These Pho blog chwo downs, mmm

  13. Kevin Pasco says:

    Free Macbook Pro’s?!?! Whaaaaaaat ='(

  14. It looks like a bar of soap in a travel container. I washed my hands of Mac a long time ago, but I guess I would use it if I got one free.

  15. Heheheheheheh! Happy Halloween to Gary! A MacBook is just the best prize out, and coming out of the blue like this it must rate as one of the best Halloween treats ever. To the people who didn’t attend – you tricked yourselves! Better luck next time. This post is bound to ensure a full house for the the next couple of Dot Com Pho’s. Pity we couldn’t have a virtual one for folks like me who inhabit the far reaches of our beautiful planet!

  16. Jacob Yap says:

    Hahaha nice one. Happy Halloween everyone.

  17. Seems I am to late to watch the video, it has disappeared, will not load, even not after hitting several times refresh ;-( SY

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