Dot Com Pho – Apple Made THIS? Edition

It’s no secret that our Dot Com Pho members are pretty Apple bias. However, it takes an extreme fan boy to forgive Apple for one of this week’s gadget of the week. You see, the gadget is so bad that we are completely shocked that Apple would dare put their logo on it. You will understand why once we compare it to the other gadget of the week.

In addition to slamming Apple for trying to sell a piece of junk product, this edition of Dot Com Pho also features two iPad apps of the week and some mystery meat. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location and the next one.

87 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Apple Made THIS? Edition”

  1. Love that animal spelling app 😛

    1. d3so says:

      The social media app looked pretty cool. I wonder if they have it for the iPhone.

      1. I’m sure they do 🙂 I’d like to use it as well!

    2. Yes very good for kids and can save your time and energy as well.

      Recent times John is showing too many kids base application. All credit goes to Sally.

      1. Both apps are very cool. I’d get them just need an iPad to go with them.

        1. Yes and I am sure … with iPad definition of touch will change.

      2. I’ve noticed that as well. It really saves time and energy. Too many apps are based on kids.

        1. d3so says:

          I’ve never used an education kid app but games yes.

          1. @D3s0

            Because you are not dad yet … lolzz

      3. Well Sally does have the iPad. So that may explain the kids based apps.

  2. S Ahsan says:

    The satays are just insanely delicious.. maybe i am starving bad now.. saw your buzz so thought of checking it out 😉

  3. PPC Ian says:

    Another awesome episode of Dot Com Pho! I like your T-Shirt: “Will Blog For Food”!
    All the best,

    1. d3so says:

      John wears pretty cool shirts pertaining to blogging. I wonder where he gets them.

      1. Either market leverage or click booth.

        This is for sure John is not going to spend money on T Shirts.

        1. So is iPad worth the movie John???

          1. I think John gets at least some of the Tshirts of this kind as a gift.

          2. Yeah i’m sure he gets a lot of T-Shirts as a gift 🙂

          3. Many top bloggers get this kind of t shirts as free because in this way these companies are promoting their brand.

        2. d3so says:

          Theres no way John doesn’t spend any money on t-shirts.

          1. John Chow says:

            I haven’t spent any money on a T-shirt since 2000.

          2. Guess you made a pretty big stock when you bought some in 2000 eh? 😀

          3. Nah just kidding John. I’m sure you get a lot of T-shirts as a gift 🙂

          4. PPC Ian says:

            That is awesome! 🙂 One of the many benefits of being a celebrity blogger!

          5. Hey John,

            I wish I could say that. But not many people can so I won’t complain.

            I wonder if you also get T-shirts without any promotional print on them.

            Not likely I guess.

          6. Not very likely, what would be the point for the companies in giving them away for free if they don’t advertise for them? SY

          7. d3so says:

            Oh boy, that’s pretty cool.
            How bout dress shirts and polos?

          8. Bidet says:

            Wow thats great that you have gotten so many T-Shirts for free. How often do you get T-shirts?

          9. Hey d3so,

            I think that John gets only T-shirts for free. Dress shirts and polos would be too much and how do you advertise on a dress shirt?

          10. Well affiliate summit and similar other kinds of event can give you many T Shirts … just visit such kind of events.

      2. PPC Ian says:

        d3so, I also wonder where he gets them, I would definitely like to have some t-shirts like that.

        1. Be a top affiliate of Market Leverage or click booth and you will also get such kind of gifts. Even iPad, Kindle and many other things.

          1. ZK is telling it like it is in this case.

            Being at the top brings many such benefits.

          2. Stacey says:

            Here at Inuvo we run contests for our publishers and have given away i pads, kindles, bluray players, gift cards and more. We are planning another contest coming up too.

          3. Boy would love to give a try …

            Why don’t you hire John to write a review about your company’s website or you already hired him … ??

    2. Bidet says:

      Yea his blogging shirts are great. I want some too.

      1. Jeremy have special post on Free T Shirts, once in every week.

  4. Free Cable says:

    wait was the brown weird guy wearing glass frames with no lenses?


    1. d3so says:

      Yea, it’s a stupid trend that’s going around.
      Who is he anyway?

      1. Pasquale says:

        Oh just some kid 😉

        1. But he is having confidence in his tone.

          What a sharp nose he have.

          1. Pasquale says:

            It’s me 😉

          2. The guy likes glasses and thinks they look cool on people. He doesn’t need corrective lenses so he just wears frames.

            He’s extremely intelligent and has skills that many of us would love to have just a fraction of.

          3. d3so says:

            Who exactly is he and what skills does he possess?

          4. Who exactly is he I can’t say but he’s worked for companies that everybody knows. Has photography and animation skills few even dare dream about.

          5. @Pasquale

            You have got amazing way to get work and payment.

            Like this style.

          6. d3so says:

            lol only you would compliment his nose.

          7. Haha! His nose is actually fine 😛

          8. No its quite sharp.

            Saw his work and these were simply awesome.

      2. Do you understand the idea of fashion and trend? Its something that usually doesn’t serve a purpose and looks cool for a limited time.
        Just because you don’t always understand a fashion doesn’t mean you should put it down.

  5. Mystery meat? Did you ever find out what was really in it? Or do you prefer not to know? SY

    1. d3so says:

      I think they said it was pork.

      1. Who pays for the meal???

        1. Perhaps the meat is a surprise depending on what the cook has at the time close at hand. It could be a chicken or beef or pork or any combination of these.

          1. d3so says:

            Or it could be something else 😉

          2. I wouldn’t want to guess what it is 😛

          3. Is it a tax write off too lol???

          4. I guess it gets written off as ‘business lunch’, SY

  6. Stephen says:

    Well, you know. They did put their Logo on the iPhone 4 after all. (Ooo… No he didn’t! Yes he did!) 😆

    1. d3so says:

      I don’t get it? They put their logo on everything.

      1. That case was an after thought and they had someone in their shipping room make it during lunch hour. One possibility.

        1. Now back to the question who pays for the meal above, because there was not room to reply there.

          Everybody pays for their own meal, including John. No freebies here unless you order a large bowl of noodle soup and then you get extra noodles for free.

  7. d3so says:

    lol who knows what apple is thinking now a days.
    With a flawed iPhone 4 and a wetsuit ipad case. What’s next?

    1. they will probably put their logo on some Microsoft software

      1. Bill is waiting for that.

        As every one knows rivalry of Bill and Steve.

        1. Once in a while they make a mistake. They aren’t perfect but still very successful.

          I think Steve and Bill are friendly rivals. Sharing a huge pie among themselves. Both doing very well, thank you.

          1. d3so says:

            They probably will collaborate sometime in the future just to throw the tech world in a craze and generate huge $$$$.

          2. They already have huge $$$, both of them, partly because of the competition between Microsoft and Apple, SY

          3. Bill retired and involved himself in Charity.

            Would love to see Steve in that phase and how he adds Apple beauty in charity as well.

          4. I think they are starting to converge.

            And supposedly Microsoft partly owns Apple, althogh they have no control over it.

    2. I think the iPad will be fine no problems so far.

      1. It was not about the iPad, it was about the case Apple made for it, SY

  8. All of you hanging out with your iPads, pretty cool.

    1. Yes this is the latest gadget in the market and every one is going after it.

      Few people said that by touching iPad they got the real meaning of touch 😉

  9. Dean Saliba says:

    Still wondering if it is worth me buying an iPad.

    1. It’s a very nice and useful tool. Go to a store and check it out. You may not leave withou it or if you do at least you’ll know the answer to your question.

    2. d3so says:

      The quesion is, what will the ipad do to change your life? What is the true benefit of having one?

  10. Leon says:


    Until today, I have skipped over every Apple App review coming through my John Chow RSS feed. Please forgive me.

    Even though I don’t own an apple iPad yet, your post today unveiled the power of showcasing apple apps.

    Thanks John for thinking outside the box (notice I am not promoting any site or product here) – just John’s ingenuity.

  11. These silly gadgets that Apple makes every single month are cool. I wonder what they will invent next?

    1. d3so says:

      They don’t make new gadgets every month. Probably accessories.

  12. Bidet says:

    These iPad apps are so fun to play with. I love using it. These apps are great.

  13. Who’s making all these apps? They’re not all made by apple right? Is it individual designers just looking to make some cash?
    I love that handle on the leather/suede cover. Great feature!

    1. They aren’t all made by Apple and some of them are free.

  14. Tej Kohli says:

    My Heartiest congratulation for launching

  15. Tej, are you a spammer? What launching are you talking about?

    This is a second comment from you that makes no sense whatsoever and is not relating to anything said in the post or in the comments.

  16. neck warmers says:

    That mystery meat dish definitely isn’t my favorite from the many other Dot Pho dishes I’ve seen!

  17. Apple rocks
    It is very helpful

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