Dot Com Pho – Brandwashed Edition

Can you guess the youngest age ever targeted by a marketer? Well, on this edition of Dot Com Pho, you’ll find out as we all get brandwashed. We had a full house of nine people showed up to get brandwashed.

In addition to the brandwashing, this episode of Dot Com Pho features my Make Money Online spokesperson, new Vancouver start up, the fanciest marketing package ever, and Sally Chow breaking out!

Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

43 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Brandwashed Edition”

  1. wow…sally has grown up and learned to play her game so well. she’s cool and possibly can take over your empire in future. good job john.

    the brainwashed package is soooooo cool and i never thought it could be possible to be done but what’s with that peeling off of the label off the screen? what is it suppose to do?

    just followed your twitter.

    1. John Chow says:

      You peel the film so you can see the movie clearer.

      1. Technary says:

        Thanks for the peel over info

  2. Its always nice to have full house because with full house the real fun begins.

    1. Hey ZK,
      It wasn’t quite a full house but close to it.
      More people than ever ordered French coffee.
      Sandy said that it went viral. It was fun. Below is the link to the video of that:

      1. Hey email one thing which I do not understand … Why you add link of video …. Where as you can add your blog link …. just curious to know.

        1. Hey ZK,

          I want my comments to be contributing to the discussion and to add value. When I add a link to a video from the Pho that John is writing about I contribute more content to the readers without unduly promoting my own blog.

          My blog link is already at the top of my comment as is yours and all those who comment.

          I hope this answer helps.

          I appreciate John’s friendship and don’t want to abuse it by putting my links all over the place.

          Those who want to read my blog can click on my link at the top of the comment.

          1. Nice thinking and really appreciate that.

            We need friends, visitors and commentators like you.

  3. Hey John,

    That was fun. Being brandwashed in the womb is a bit too much but that’s what’s happening.
    Here is my video showing you from a different angle just talking about the Brandwashed book and marketing package:

    1. PPC Ian says:

      Thanks for sharing Email List Building, I will check it out. This whole brandwash concept is a bit scary. 🙂

      1. Technary says:

        Its new and seems interesting though!

      2. Hey PPC Ian,

        The concept is scary but it’s been around for many decades. It’s just that now there are a lot more tools to do it and they are all being used.

        What is good is the fact that one can become aware and not fall for everything that is being subtly put into our brains.

  4. This looks very interesting to watch. Keep blogging away John!

    1. Technary says:

      Yes I agree with you.

      1. What do you agree with?

        1. Whitney says:

          Probably with the fact that it’s interesting to watch. LOL.

  5. AIEEE 2012 says:


    this was a fun video…Brandwash seems to be a term updated coz of web 2.0

    1. Technary says:

      web 2.0 is really awesome at the moment!

      1. Yes its at peak at the moment.

        1. Whitney says:

          True…sort of. Web 2.0 is still evolving…as seen with Google Plus. We have a long way to go. The web will only become more social as time goes on!

  6. fas says:

    No app of the week anymore 😐

    1. Technary says:

      I am also waiting for a better tool or application from Mr.John

      1. In every week John publish an application and gadget on dot com pho and he is talking about that.

  7. Brainwashing is all about seeding the mind in a very subtle way.

    Subconscious is best. This can be done in a variety of ways.

    Overall the idea is to let the concept grow in the background or your mind…;)


    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s a good way of putting it. I personally don’t like these terms brainwashing and brandwashing, however, because they make the marketing industry look a bit shady!

      1. Technary says:

        They make it real and keep marketing live!

      2. The terms are describing what is being done. If that makes the industry shady then it’s because it probably is so.

        This doesn’t mean that every marketer is necessarily shady though. It’s a choice everyone can make, how they conduct their business. It’s mainly the mass media that incessantly bombards people with this stuff from the womb to the grave.

        But we do it to one another too, even to family and friends in one form or another without being aware of it.

        I only had a chance to skim through the book but I recommend it to everyone if they want to become more alert to what is being done to them and what they themselves may unwittingly do to others.

  8. Very funny but potential video, basically first of all we need to understand our targeted audience, if we’re going to outsource our marketing work then first of all we need to provide our business cycle to that person/company so they can easily understand the business requirements, products/services. This looks very interesting to watch. Keep blogging away John!

  9. fazal mayar says:

    very interesting stuff, brandwashing should be more of a business and marketing term 🙂

    1. Technary says:

      Yes, Mr.John is making work fun and innovative too!

  10. Technary says:

    Nice campaign going on. How`s the success of Dot Com Pho going on?

    1. What are you talking about Technary?

      The above comment of yours and several others make very little sense.

  11. Whitney says:

    Very fun video John…I had never heard the term “brandwashed” until now. I guess you learn something everyday!

  12. beyey says:

    thank’s for information… grettings

  13. Marketing world is exploring and touching new horizons.

  14. Erwin Miradi says:

    That is the coolest package I’ve ever seen.

  15. People are probably very curious when they see it. A good presentation.

  16. Buy a Blog says:

    Great episode. Helpful

  17. Sally Chow is your prodigy. No wonder if she will make it big in the blogging industry sooner. 🙂

    1. Whitney says:

      Yea, she’ll beat John at his own game LOL 😀 😉

  18. Buy a Blog says:

    Not a Bad Edition at all.

  19. Nice video its really explains all the matter very clearly

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