Dot Com Pho – Chat Roulette Edition

After getting a full house for Dot Com Pho last week, we were a little sadden to have only four people show up for this week’s Pho meetup. That was when I came up with brilliant (at the time) idea of logging into Chat Roulette to see if we could get some Roulette users to join us. Eating Pho and being on Chat Roulette. What can possibly go wrong? As you will see in the video, a lot!

I am asking all the Pho regulars (and new attendees) to please show up for next week’s Dot Com Pho because we definitely do not want to do another Chat Roulette edition! Also featured in this week’s Dot Com Pho is a very expensive gadget of the week. Enjoy!

23 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Chat Roulette Edition”

  1. raincoaster says:

    I’d have been there if I’d known about it. Pho + keyboards + realtime = FAIL. I have TRIED, god knows, but it’s always a fail.

  2. Enoch Fung says:

    Yes, there were some very disturbing live shrimp rolls today.

    1. ROFLMAO! you crack me up, dude!

  3. chat roullette should be rated R, Adults only because of the graphic content there is!! ahahah

  4. Did these rolls called Spring or Shrimp …

    But yes really enjoyed this video with full of fun.

  5. fas says:

    I though gadget of the week would be the ipad.

  6. Ed Lau says:

    Us: Chatroulette? What could possibly go wrong?!

  7. I can’t believe so many people get excited about these fads…. It’ll all be over soon, just take a deep breath people 😉

    1. kind of like the pet rocks of the early 90’s… lol

  8. John, can you think of any way to make money with Chat Roulette? Maybe you could just send them a link to azoogle ads or something 🙂

  9. Mathew Day says:

    Great entertaining video and sweet Panasonic. I like how compact it is, yet still powerful.

    1. I hadn’t heard of it till now…definitely compact…

  10. Free Picks says:

    whats the price of this gadget?

    1. Mathew Day says:

      It starts around 1 grand.

  11. chair risers says:

    Small, but powerful group at Pho!

  12. Get Ex Back says:

    I was wondering what Chat Roullete is, now I know.


  13. Chatroulette creeps me out! Don’t worry I’ll be back for another Dot Com Pho soon so you can avoid getting “nexted” so many times! In-person is better anyway!

  14. Have to try everything at least twice, right? Someone will find a way to make money using Chat Roulette…


  15. Smart people and delicious food! I want to come. Inserting the photo camera in the process is a smart way to monetize. Always creative, as I see.

  16. girl says:

    a good alternative to chatroulette is w.w.w.coldtube.c.o.m

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