Dot Com Pho – Farewell Vancouver Edition

Today was my last Dot Com Pho in Vancouver and everyone came out to see me off and wish me luck. We took up two tables at Happy Pho on Main and King Edward. Even Sally Chow made it out to the final Pho. Well, it’s not really the final Pho. I’m sure Dot Com Pho will continue in Vancouver without me and I’ll be back at least once a month to see how everyone is doing.

For this farewell Vancouver edition, we have how the new generation kids give you the finger, reminisce over old kids’ shows and how they would be considered sex offenders today, sing the Sesame Street jingle and learn about Josh Rimer’s famous brother who dances around in spandex tights!

73 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Farewell Vancouver Edition”

  1. Harshad says:

    I think ever Vancouver will miss you a lot John.

    1. What do you mean by last pho in Vancouver …

      You are on business tour I think but mentioning last PHO … did not understand ??

        1. John is moving to Seattle which will help the bloggers and internet marketers there.

          1. So in coming days we can expect another video of John Chow’s new home.

            So John what you are going to do with your Vancouver home …

            Or you are leaving because of that bear –

          2. d3so says:

            oh boy, good luck John.
            I wish you were moving to California 😉
            I guess Seattle isn’t half bad; I haven’t been there myself.

      1. @ ZK I was wondering whats goin on here, Is he Moving? but when I saw even his TOP Commentator ZK don’y have any clue then who am I to break the news ……here

        1. d3so says:

          He’s moving to Seattle. That’s all there is to it!

      2. Harshad says:

        John is moving to Seattle which is like 2 hours drive from Vancouver. I don’t know the exact reason but my guess is lot of IM stuff happening in the US? Or maybe he just likes the place.

        1. @Shanker

          He never disclosed anything on his post. So this was surprise for me as well.

    2. It’s so strange…I associate John automatically with Canada.

  2. Dino Vedo says:

    So where is John moving to? I guess I’ve been out of the loop but this is news to me!

    1. James says:

      Yeah, I missed this too.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        I’m very curious too! I try to read every post on JC but haven’t heard yet where he’s moving. Could it be Seattle I know I’ve hard John mention Seattle once or twice?

        1. bwilson says:

          Moving to here in Seattle?

          1. Any reference or links which showing that he is moving to there ?

          2. Word of mouth references, he said it himself at Dot Com Pho.

          3. d3so says:

            I bet dot com pho won’t be the same. I have a feeling you guys there won’t have the initiative to record n upload 😉

          4. Ed Lau says:

            It’s more of a matter of getting all the usual folks to come out. Stephen, Michael and I made episodes ourselves when John was off killing pandas in China for that year but now that Stephen has a baby and such, it’ll be difficult to gather all of us up. You’ll notice that Michael and I are pretty much the only original regulars that show up on a regular basis.

          5. I am sure we will miss Ed at there’s Dot Com Pho.

        2. He was house hunting showing videos of all the houses and open houses he was going to…remember those big mansions???

    2. Peter J says:

      i missed this also xD

  3. Samuel says:

    LOL! they will miss you like crazy !!! keep the good work up.

    1. He’ll be missed, that’s for sure. Our loss will be Seattle’s gain.

      1. d3so says:

        I wonder if John will start a dot com pho in Seattle.

        1. It’s almost for certain that he’ll either do that or organize something similar to that.

          After all he had buddies there already from UBD.

          1. New city, same making money following…you can believe there will be a crew to meet him if he just says when and where…

            You can always come to San Francisco John!!!

        2. Bidet says:

          Im sure he will, but it will a while till he settles in probably

  4. olivia says:

    All the best and we miss you all, see you and see you on your site always.

    Ricky & Olivia

  5. If he is moving to somewhere … than where ? and what is the reason …

    John will you please tell us …

    1. d3so says:

      He’s moving to Seattle.
      He should play Hello Seattle by Owl City on the way there 😉

      Does this mean he’s gonna get a dual citizenship?

      1. Bidet says:

        Yea that would be a good song to ride into the city with.

    2. You seem boarder line stalker ZK…lol

  6. Moving from Vancouver to Seattle? From Canada to United States? Sounds crazy to me, SY

    1. Seattle is a nice city too but hopefully this will just be a temporary excursion and John will be back here in Vancouver within a year or two.

      Houses are much cheaper in Seattle than here though.

      1. I don’t think that house prices play a big rule for Johns decision. I really wonder why he choose US over Canada. Do they have better tax laws for internet entrepreneurs? SY

        1. Yes in earlier posts John was appraising Canada for the different culture and all.

        2. He did say in a post something about Seattle being a hub for internet marketers…

  7. Rayutube says:

    I had heard from a dotcompho regular that you were moving to Seattle but I couldn’t believe it. Now seemingly it’s being confirmed.

    1. Vancouver is so beautiful city …

      But business comes first …

  8. Les Paul says:

    Is John really coming to Seattle? So there must be more DOT COM PHO in Seattle then.

    1. If you are in Seattle also, I would bet money on it…i wonder if Seattle has any good pho places? We can probably expect pictures of dinners soon

  9. Hi John,

    Wish you move to Malaysia. Beautiful country and sunny all year round. I will take you Genting Highland if you want to.

    Anywhere, good luck to you,John.

    1. If you are an internet marketer than believe me USA or Canada is the place to live in.

      Malaysia or Singapore or Tokyo is not the place where you can grow your internet business at full steam.

  10. Brian McVay says:

    I hope you continue Dot Com Pho in Seattle, I enjoy watching the weekly videos.

    1. Dot com pho of last Saturday (I think 31st August) was held on Seatle.

      But we will miss Ed there …

  11. I hope you will be back and also all the best for your coming life.

  12. Great videos hope to see you back soon!

  13. Bidet says:

    Hope you continue your dot com pho in Seattle, good luck with the moving process.

  14. WWDiary says:

    Are you really moving to here in Seattle?

  15. fas says:

    Where is john moving, no updates from him yet?

    1. If you read the comments, you will see that he moves to Seattle, SY

      1. Yes one post of officially announcement would be great …

        John we are waiting to see your new home.

  16. I hope that one day you will return to Vancouver for another Dot Com Pho. You never know, it could happen!

  17. Michael Kwan says:

    Dot Com Pho will continue in both Seattle and Vancouver. John’ll do his thing in Seattle, probably with the UBD crew, but the DCP originals here — like me, Ed, Stephen, etc. — will probably still get together for lunches on Saturdays. Stay tuned to our respective Twitter accounts. 🙂

    1. That sounds good Michael, it will be interesting to see how things go the next few times.

      Even when John is not there it’s still valuable to meet and network with everybody who attends.

      We could even have a friendly competition with John, reporting on our respective meetings.

      1. This will be great for the visitors … now two dot com pho …

  18. SEO Cat says:

    Good Luck John, I’m sure you’ll be ok in Seattle!

  19. I think Seattle, and Wash. in general, offers many tax benefits, as well. Could have something to do with it?

  20. Chris S. says:

    Good luck in Seattle John. Hopefully we can connect up sometime when I’m down there!

  21. So long, fare well…….

    I’ll miss reading your dot com pho posts!

  22. Sweet! My home town! I’ll be one of the first to attend Dot Com Pho in Seattle! Now gotta sign up for his Tweets.

    1. Wow … so we will be able to see many new faces in coming dot com pho.

      This is going to be very interesting.

      1. And I am sure John would love to get your company because you are linked with camera business.

        1. Yeah, since I’ve been reading John’s blog, I’ve been trying to find time to head up to Vancouver for pho but now it’ll just be a short drive. I’ll definitely bring my camera. Plenty of good noodle restaurants in Seattle!

      2. Yes it will…should be an interesting crowd.

  23. Cheap Disney says:

    Cool Dual cam footage lol

  24. Jeff Caceres says:

    Vancouver will miss you John, and every state should experience the same too.

    World tours would be good as well, if possible. LOL

  25. And I remember when you posted pictures of your new black honda…that was in 2007 i think…maybe even late 06 when you were just building your blog…

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