Dot Com Pho – Hula Hula Hula Edition

It was another hot and sunny day in Southern California, and that meant putting on a T-shirt and heading over to Pho Ba Co for the weekly Dot Com Pho meetup. That is, unless you’re the Bow Tie Man. Then you put on a dress shirt, bow tie and sweater vest, and pretend not to notice the heat. Dressing up is optional for Dot Com Pho. We welcome you no matter what you’re wearing. If you wish to join us, follow me on Twitter to find the time and date of the next one.

This edition of Dot Com Pho features the iPro Lens system for the Apple iPhone 4/4S, chicken soup pretending to be Pho, how to increase site traffic by 85%, first class iPhone users, second class Android users, and a whole lot of hula loops!

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – PaJo’s Retina Edition

The Vancouver Dot Com Pho crew make their way to Garry Point Park in Steveston to have some great fish and chips at PaJo’s Fish and Chips. They talk about how Apple lost its EPA green rating and Ed Lau shows off his new Retina Display MacBook Pro.

15 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Hula Hula Hula Edition”

  1. Whitney says:

    You guys always have so much fun at these things…it looks like a blast ^_^ Also that iphone handle is awesome, would make filming so much easier!

    1. Their videos are always so much fun and laughter.

  2. That iPro Lens kit looks pretty awesome, but how would you say it compares to the Owle Bubo? I remember a while back you did a review on that. For some reason I like it more and its a few bucks cheaper.

    1. John Chow says:

      The iPro has higher quality lenses than the Owle. The Owle comes only with a wide angle and no fisheye. The Owle is also bigger and heavier. I find myself using the iPro a lor more than the Owle. The iPro is just easier to carry around.

  3. Alex Shaikh says:

    Sally is very quick learner. wow!! by the way, the difference between ios and android is that, android has more phones to offer. hehehe

    1. John Chow says:

      Ya, I was amazed at how fast she was able to learn to hula. Android having more phones is not a good thing. LOL

      1. faisal says:


      2. Geekport says:

        Yeah, just wait till Amazon starts selling their phones hehe, coming soon.


        1. John Chow says:

          Hopefully, they do a better job with their phone than their Kindle!

  4. Perros Boxer says:

    I tried to subscribe but it sent me back home.

  5. Shalu Sharma says:

    Very interesting videos, blogging tips and food goes pretty well. The device for the iPhone is pretty cool. What does the lens do, does it enhance filming. I am not sure if 200 USD is cheap of not, but it sure is a good tool.

    1. John Chow says:

      The lens gives the iPhone a much wider field of view so you can capture more of the image. Go to for more information.

  6. I also have the new apple retina display. It’s awesome.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m going to wait until the Mac Air gets a retina display before upgrading. The 15″ Macbook is just too big for me. I love my 13″ Mac Air.

  7. JamesW says:

    Very nice blog post and interesting video, hula hula is very hard to do 🙂
    thanks for sharing

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