Dot Com Pho – Insult Ed Edition

For the past two weeks (while I was in Nebraska for the Top Affiliate Challenge), Dot Com Pho moved out of Richmond and into new locations in an attempt to attract more attendees. The move didn’t work. Attendance did go up a bit but so far nobody new showed up.

This week’s Dot Com Pho took place at Pho Thai in Vancouver and it was a disaster for all intent and purpose. The place was too small and the tables could not be rearranged. Dot Com Pho will return to Pho Lan next week, despite what Stephen Fung says. Also, Stephen is way too slow in getting the Dot Com Pho video up to YouTube. I gave him a chance to do the video all by himself. I see I need to resume that as well.

46 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Insult Ed Edition”

  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    It wasn’t that bad. I mean we all did eventually got seated even though your family unfortunately didn’t sit with us. I found the pho to be good, though this Saturday I’m not sure if i can make it out.

    1. Stephen says:

      I only counted John for one. I didn’t know he had an entourage. We actually had enough seats for the people that tweeted me and told me they were coming. We had a couple extra that I didn’t expect, but that table did work out in the end.

  2. Enkay Blog says:

    I see you’re going to do another Market Leverage contest! Thats great. I’ll be having one on my blog so hopefully that should be running by tomorrow or so! 🙂

  3. Michael Kwan says:

    I don’t think we were expecting you to bring your whole family with you, because for the last couple of weeks before you went to Nebraska, you came to pho alone. After getting that sorted out, the numbers actually worked out just fine for the table. It was a little cramped, but no more cramped that Pho Lan.

    I prefer the roundtable format, because it’s more conducive to everyone being involved in the conversation with everyone. I also like that it only takes me 5 minutes to get there compared to the half hour it takes to get to Pho Lan. 🙂

    It’s the battle of the dot com moguls. Will John Chow or Stephen Fung succeed in determining the location of next week’s pho? Could we be seeing TWO “official” locations?

    Comment also posted on Stephen’s post.

    1. Stephen says:

      It’s no battle. I mean, who the heck wants to go to Richmond anyway? It’s like WANTING to go to Nebraska 😆

      See you all in Vancouver! 😉

      1. John Chow says:

        You can go where ever you want. Next week’s Dot Com Pho will return to Pho Lan.

  4. Stephen says:

    That’s not true. Jeff showed up and he NEVER shows up because it’s in the middle of Richmond.

    With the price of gas going up and NO ONE living in Richmond anymore, the accessibility of a Vancouver location is an uphill battle for you. We’ll see you in Vancouver John 😛

    1. John Chow says:

      Jeff has came out before. If you recall, he didn’t pay for his pho.

      1. Stephen says:

        The only thing that would make people WILLINGLY come out knowing that they could go to a closer location would be if you gave EVERYONE a $25 VISA Gift Card for their troubles 😈

        Jeff has never appeared in a Dot Com Pho Episode. He smartened up after experiencing Richmond traffic.

        1. John Chow says:

          I don’t care if they go willingly or unwillingly. And everyone should pay me for being there! You peons! 😈

        2. Leo says:

          There was just enough room, we just didn’t expect you to bring out the entire Chow clan. Not to mention that the food was waaay better than Lan’s. I’m all for the Vancouver Dot Com gathering, forget Richmond 😉

          1. I have a solution. There’s a Pho in Marpole, next to the Sushi King. Roughly Granville between 64th & 67th in Vancouver, close to Richmond.
            It has garish lighting, never seems to be full and has a perennial ‘hiring’ sign.

          2. Just googled. Pho Gold Train Express.

          3. Michael Kwan says:

            Is Gold Train Express any good? If the place is “never full”, it could also mean that it’s “never good.” 😆

          4. Actually, food’s not bad. Appears to be a family-run restaurant; relatively modern looking. I’ve never been there at lunchtime on a Saturday. I mainly go there on lazy Sundays when I wake up late and need to grab a late lunch, so I’ve never seen crowd scenes like at Pho Lan or Thai.

          5. Stephen says:

            Some really bad reviews of that place…


            Scored even worse than Pho Lan!


            Too bad Pho Bich Nga isn’t around anymore.

          6. Jeff Kee says:

            I’ve been to dot com pho twice before this to Richmond, and once at that seafood place. So that makes 3 times since I’ve known John Chow for over 15 months!

  5. Benjamin says:


    Honestly how do you do what you do? I am not envious I just wonder how someone who makes thousands of dollars a month off their blog and claims to be a mogul cannot hire a proof reader of some sort.

    Well I posted a nice article about you on my blog and it covers your lack of proper spelling and ability to mislead people.

    I’m sure this comment will be deleted because criticism can’t be good for business now can it John?

    1. John Chow says:

      This is a blog, not the NY Times. I don’t delete comments. I love comments like yours. The fact that you haven’t figure out how I do what I will explain the difference in our incomes. 😈

      1. Benjamin says:


        Well it is unfortunate you think there is some large gap in our incomes. I manage two sites with more active users than yours and all income accrued from my blog is directly donated to the American Red Cross.

        Furthermore, I do not mislead any of my readers and would never monetize my blog in the same fashion you have. 🙄

        1. Some blogs have a pervading sense of ‘fun’ to them while other blogs take themselves too seriously, inducing collective yawns from readers.

        2. RacerX says:


          1. Insert Stick
          2. Stir Shit until frothy
          3. Repeat

          Might not mean it but it comes off as trolling for visitors

        3. If you donate your Blog income to the Red Cross, don’t they deserve to have you monetize is as much as possible?

      2. Benjamin says:

        Also please let me know when you donate some of your revenue towards charity.

        1. Stephen says:

          In John’s defense (WTF am I doing? 😆 ), he makes sizable contributions to his favourite charities, like the Union Gospel Mission including his own church. He also directs proceeds from charity events like the Tiger Direct Charity PC race to places like the Women’s Hospital in Vancouver. This is one thing that John does well, and this is only the stuff he has told people about.

        2. What you re doing is great Benjamin, I truly mean that. I think it is dangerous to assume people don’t donate to charity just because they don’t advertise it though.

        3. Thorsten says:

          Since when has it become mandatory for successful people to outdonate each other for charity?

          I’m just wondering, that’s all. 😐

          1. Stephen says:

            I think this is a pissing match that is of poor taste. The best giving is done in secret. Just sayin’

          2. I totally agree. If you’re raising awareness or driving donations for a charity then it’s fine to promote that you support it, but besides that there’s no need to flaunt the fact that you donate to charity. Unless you’re just donating to stroke your Ego.

            Just donating my two cents… 🙂

        4. You would know John donates to charity if you read his blog instead of tooting your own horn.

        5. It is rather annoying when some people keep preaching about charity. Donating to charity is great, no doubt, but just because someone makes a lot of money, it doesn’t mean they should donate ALL of it.

          Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt make an insane amount of money & donate to charity all the time, but they don’t give up ALL of their money & there’s nothing wrong with that.

          People need to get over it.

      3. Michael Kwan says:

        I like the irony. Benjamin calls John out on his poor grammar… and then John replies with a comment that contains, well, poor grammar. :p

        1. I kind of like the poor grammar, it makes the reading a little more colorful and John’s english is still better than Shoemoney’s. What’s that sayin?

        2. Yeah, I know. Pot calling the kettle black.

    2. Ed Lau says:

      He doesn’t really need a proofreader because both Michael and I (who have significant experience taking university level English and technical writing classes) read this blog and shout at him over MSN and make fun of him for not being able to spell anything correctly.

      1. Michael Kwan says:

        Yeah, John knows that he can’t spell. He just doesn’t care. 😛

  6. John,

    Well it is unfortunate you think there is some large gap in our incomes. I manage two sites with more active users than yours and all income accrued from my blog is directly donated to the American Red Cross.

    Furthermore, I do not mislead any of my readers and would never monetize my blog in the same fashion you have.

    Yes give money to the nazis, who run the Knights of Jerusalem/ Red cross/ Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Did you not know that the red cross was used to transport the nazi criminal through the Vatican to America.

    Why do you need to hate?

    1. Maybe he wishes he was making more than John if he doesn’t already. Bitterness gets you nowhere.

  7. You leave for two weeks and they can’t survive without you! 😛

  8. Wassup beeyatches! Sounds like there’s a new location for DOT COM PHO! haha! I have another wedding to attend next week so won’t be able to make it. 😳

    But when it’s all over, it’s gonna be a dream to not have to drive into Ditchmond…like Stephen said, gas is bloody expensive nowadays! :mrgreen:

  9. RC Williams says:

    Seriously, why the hate? JC is a smart enough cat to get people to follow and buy, so more power to him…hell, I could use some of that traffic :twisted:.

    Keep grindin’ John! Get your money!

  10. I always like these dot com pho posts. They are very good 😆

  11. Thorsten says:

    This post was seriously funny John!

    1. I like the tshirt part. I want to buy FHG t-shirts for all my friends now! 🙂

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