Dot Com Pho – Living In Hell Edition

After hosting Dot Com Pho in Seattle last week, I’m back in Vancouver for this week’s episode. The shocking thing I discovered when I came home was finding out that Hell is in Vancouver. Not only that but it has three locations to serve you better! Watch the video for the closest Hell location near you.

In addition to finding Hell, this week’s Dot Com Pho featured Ed Lau saying he doesn’t care about the environment or being green and all environmentalists can go to Hell, which happens to be in Ed’s backyard (one of the three locations). We also talked about the Spartacus TV series and why people enjoy watching shows where we know the ending. Enjoy!

38 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Living In Hell Edition”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    Hahaha, I love that’s what my comments on supercar results in.

    1. John Chow says:

      If someone were to start an anti-green peace, you would be the president of it!

        1. d3so says:

          I’d be anti-green too if I had a supercar

          1. or… just to suggest an alternative, you could buy a slightly less expensive, fairly fast, and really green Tesla. Save the planet Ed!

          2. Ed Lau says:

            What’s the point of an entirely silent supercar? Useless. A supercar needs to sound like Zeus brushing his teeth with lightning-infused rusty chainsaws.

          3. PPC Ian says:

            I have to agree with Ed here! There is no point to a silent supercar and I don’t like the Tesla.

          4. S Martin says:

            i like the idea of having a supercar with superb sound. I guess you can always request additional accessories in your Environment Friendly Supercar to make the exhaust sounds superb(as long as you don’t purchase a total Green supercar)

          5. Haha that is a fantastic analogy!!! So you don’t want to be able to sneak up behind people with your car?

  2. Kris says:

    Wow, some of the guys you hang with look really tough. Have you become so popular that you need bodyguards? LOL

    1. John Chow says:

      I take it you are referring to Leo? Ya, you don’t want to mess with him! He’ll kick your ass and then some!

      1. d3so says:

        Yeah he does look tough being all tatted up.

        1. Seeing him in person and hearing him speak he is actually a very mild guy.

          Still, It’s wise not to try to make him mad.

          1. d3so says:

            lol I bet. He might go Hulk.

          2. Michael Kwan says:

            Speaking with him in person, he’s Bruce Banner. We have yet to see the green guy show up though. 😉

  3. What is the Hell in Vancouver?

    I only saw the sign. I’ve been in real Hel but with only one l at the end.

    1. d3so says:

      Is it a new housing complex?

      1. Yes, that would make sense from what was shown on the video. But I don’t know who would want to live in as place named Hell.

        1. d3so says:

          Maybe the gothic/satanic population is booming in Vancouver.

          1. You might have noticed a letter rubbed out before the H? If I had to guess, I would say it was an S?

          2. You are very perceptive, I didn’t notice the sign was tempered with when I watched the video.

            I wonder if John noticed that. The mystery is solved, the sign likely refers to Shell gas station locations.

  4. Hell is also in Norway, it’s the name of a city (close to Trondheim) 🙂

    1. Perhaps somebody from that town owns the company that named the project Hell.

      The Hel I’ve been to is in Poland.

      1. d3so says:

        Well I guess people are trying to make hell on earth.

        1. I think that they aren’t trying and it is happening anyway.

          I still hope that it has to do with a name only.

        2. True but if we all made an effort to respect each other there would be no hell on earth.

      2. krillz says:

        WWII also started in Hell, Poland. When the german battleship on a friendly visit to Gdansk opened fire on the fortifications there.

        A lot of towns/places called Hell around the world.

  5. I am not looking for hell, I am looking for the other place! SY

    1. Both places can be found right here on earth sometimes.

      1. Krystle says:

        Yeah, but most often it is the other place that’s found here. And the other place is equated with happiness, too! 😀

        “Spartacus is a real dude, right?” – LOL

  6. earningstep says:

    lol….. like title of a movie

  7. mens khakis says:

    I certainly don’t equate living the dot com lifestyle with living in hell! 🙂

    1. PPC Ian says:

      The dot com lifestyle is definitely the opposite of hell!

      1. Yes … woke up when do you want and sleep when do you want to …

        Eat fresh made home meal … and enjoy time with family.

  8. So now a days Ed is coming on the time … great.

  9. Dan Lew says:

    Haha, nice one, Where is the 4th location? 🙂

  10. I must say that this one is really attractive title.

    John you are master in this.

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