Dot Com Pho – NC-17 OhMiBod Edition

Normally, Dot Com Pho is a very family friendly video show. However, things got a little out of hand this week as we entered into NC-17 territory and beyond. It all started when OhMiBod send their latest wireless personal pleasuring device (Buzz Bishop’s own words) to be featured as the gadget of the week. Things just deteriorated from that point on.

We had a full house for this week’s Dot Com Pho, with 11 people attending. If you want to join us for a future edition of Dot Com Pho, just hit me up on Twitter for the time and place of the next one. For this edition for Dot Com Pho, we have Buzz Bishop becomes a flamers, Dot Com Pho drinks, tiny bites, Affiliate Summit West passes, the gadget of the week, trying to score a fleshlight and a whole lot more NC-17 stuff. Enjoy!

37 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – NC-17 OhMiBod Edition”

  1. PennyGo says:

    You guys look like you’re having too much fun!

    1. Dot Com Pho is always fun when these guys try to pull each other legs and at last John put cherry by his final comments.

      You would love to see these videos.

      This one is mine favourite thing at John Chow, although some time its bit nasty as well but guys love such fun … isn’t ?

    2. Grafenburg says:

      lol that’s exactly what I was thinking.

      But in all seriousness, OhMiBod is actually a good product, just ask my wife 🙂

  2. Ray Ebersole says:

    Well, I’m sleeping on the couch for watch x-rated stuff on the computer. My wife heard the video and had to come over to see what I was watching. I guess I’m going to have to slide over to vimeo and show my wife what it’s like on a normal week at DCP.

    1. I am sure now this show is also banned at your home .. .lollzz

  3. Looks like I missed a pretty hilarious Dot Com Pho (was my mom’s birthday today).

    Next week leave the sex toys at home though, John.

    1. Enoch Fung says:

      If he gets his wish, he won’t be able to bring in the entire coffin-sized box. So, nothing to worry about.

  4. Morgan says:

    Haha – looks like fun. I’ll try to attend next time I’m in Vancouver although hopefully I’ll be there for a PG-rated session 🙂

  5. wow like that I join now

  6. Rahil says:

    Thats what you call diversification 🙂

  7. Aaron Koo says:

    John, if you need someone to review the fleshlights, if and when you get them, I’m your guy.

  8. Benjamin Cip says:

    Was it olong-tea that you had in a cup?

    1. John Chow says:

      No, it was just hot water to keep the coffee warm.

  9. OMG! A sex toy you can plug your iPod into…..good lord, imagine the musical sexlection…..LOL! Very funny, dunno how cringeworthy it was for the ladies present though!

    1. Thats showing how iPod is now famous … Mr. Steve you did a terrific job by creating iPod …

      1. Who could have evert hought that one day you’ll be plugging your iPod into a sex toy! This unpredictability of the possible applicvations for a given technology always gets me!

  10. Manga says:

    Asian website meet? 🙂
    I didn’t understand what’s the point of the gadget.

    1. Christmas is coming and if your girl friend (S) are alone than you can give a gift to them which will remind your presence at there … lollzzz

    2. Oh dear, what next, ohmibods, fleshlights… You will get a whole new type of readers when you continue to post about things like this 😉 SY

  11. Dean Saliiba says:

    An ipod sex toy? Christ I’ve seen it all now!

  12. Tyler says:

    haha if you guys get a fleshlight, just dont test it out for all of us to see..

    You could use the OhMiBod with the Fleshlight through?

    Reminds me.. didnt AC review the first OhMiBod for TTZ?

  13. fas says:

    U know what, you should use youtube, Vimeo takes lots of time to load.

    1. John Chow says:

      The video is on YouTube as well. I use Vimeo because it’s higher quality.

      1. and you can see this kind of products more clearly … 😉

        If this takes time than turn off the HD.

  14. Hehe and so it’s happening 😛 John Chow will now try to go into the xxx industry 😛

    1. EarningStep says:

      and you will be the first royal visitor…. i will be the second off course…lol

  15. Kevin Pasco says:

    I’m actually considering flying out to Vancouver for Dot Com Pho sometime soon. I’m in Calgary so it’s not too too bad of a flight.

    1. John Chow says:

      Well, Buzz Bishop is moving to Calgary for his new job. You can come to Vancouver and replace him!

  16. Kyle says:

    What video camera did you use? It was very clear! And what video editing software was used??

    1. John Chow says:

      Canon HFS-100 and iMovie 09.

      1. Kyle says:

        That’s awesome! I have been eyeing up the Canon HF S100 for a while! It looks sooo pretty.

        And iMovie is so easy to use! You can’t beat it, but I don’t have a Mac… so I’ve been looking at those new iMac’s as well… Guess I’ll have to save up, lol.

        I don’t know if you get this stuff for free or if you just pay full price, but maybe you know of a place in Canada to get the Canon camera for cheap?

        Thanks John!

  17. videostar says:

    The quality is excellent!I like the way they did it.

  18. I’m getting one for gramma this Christmas. Thanks for the gift idea, John Chow!

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