Dot Com Pho – New York Pizza Edition

This edition of Dot Com Pho takes us all the way to the Big Apple in New York City. It was during Affiliate Summit East that we held our first Dot Com Pho – New York Pizza Edition. This was the biggest Dot Com Pho event to date, with over 60 people showing up to Ray’s Famous Pizza on Broadway to enjoy a night of networking, beer and pizza.

The event was sponsored by my friends at Market Leverage, who did a great job choosing the location and ordering the pizzas. The only problem was they ordered too many. I think there was still a half dozen pizza left over and who knows how many side items. Oh well, better to overbook than under book, I say.

It was great to finally meet with some of my New York readers and put a face to the name. Everyone had a great time. The pizzas at Ray’s really were fabulous. I highly recommend the place if you’re looking for some authentic New York style pizza. I think we’ll have to do this again for Affiliate Summit West or Blog World in Las Vegas.

28 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – New York Pizza Edition”

  1. Excellent summary, John! It was such a fun and tasty event. For me it was really hard to leave while there was still a lot of Pizza left (my mother raised me to finish everything ;)) The link in my name mentions my perspective of the pizza party (one paragraph, but still).

  2. EarningStep says:

    you are everywhere john. LOL. i girl with white hat … look nice..LOL again

    1. I guess she is Erica Messore, John can you tell us who she is? The girl in White Hat.

      1. She is Dina from Market Leverage.

        Impressive and sharp marketer, she is the girl who send pizza immediately to Gyutae Park when he expressed his willing to eat pizza …

        She is really impressive and familiar name among top Affiliate GURU and internet entrepreneur like Jerermy, John, Neil and many more.

        1. MLDina says:

          Aww you guys are too kind, I’m blushing!

          We will definitely be doing more events like this. I’m not sure if I can find pizza quite that good in Vegas or Orlando, but I will sure try!

        2. Gyutae did not expressed his willingness to eat pizza, actually dina was talking to him and in conversation she asked Gyutae where he is right now and what he love to eat etc. and then it was a big surprise to Gyutae when he saw someone at his door with his choice of pizza. Dina cleverly get it delivered to him. This is called modern marketing.

  3. Wess Stewart says:

    Hey, that pizza looks awesome. Can you email me one?

  4. Thanks. Now I am hungry for pizza……….Great post.

  5. You were busy eating those tasty pizzas then who was filming this event in the beginning.
    I wish i could be there when that girl says ” Now who wants a pizza?”

  6. That looked delicious… hopefully somebody took the extra pizzas back to the hotel for a late night snack or something. 🙂

    1. MLDina says:

      We gave most of it to the homeless, but I did bring some back to my hotel. Unfortunately, everyone opted for late night street cart food so the hallway smelled like garlic by my room!

  7. hospitalera says:

    Looks yummy! Seems the whole thing was a lot of fun! SY

  8. But that was not happening and every one were scattered. This will be more interesting if you guys should make it like round table conference so that everyone can interact with each other perfectly …

    Or may be video should be of more lengthy …

  9. says:

    great lloking bizzas hawe you here, hope that i reach to Affiliate Summit West and jope that i will get som pizza 😀 lol

  10. Mmmm… garlic bread…

  11. Looks good, if you ever end up with too much pizza again, let me know. I could probably help you out 🙂

  12. Ryan Burns says:

    Ever since moving to the PNW I haven’t been able to find a good slice of NY Style pizza. You’re video is killin me!

  13. Well, that’s what I call pizza! : )

  14. Michael says:

    Wow, i think this is a lot of fun.

  15. fas says:

    The ambiance seems average for the place and the cheese is too much.

  16. Jack says:

    John! You need to go defend your reputation ASAP –

    1. John Chow says:

      No need. If I try to defend myself against every hater out there, I’ll never get anything done and wouldn’t have a spare moment for myself. But thanks for letting me know!

  17. Yup, Lots of pizza there. Nice.

  18. Why everything is so silent at John Chow. No new post, no new comments … what is happening ?

    John kindly update your loyal readers.

    1. John Chow says:

      I’ve been having server issue for the past few days. Many people were not able to access the blog. Everything should be fine now.

  19. You are everywhere John. and a girl with white hat … look really nice..LOL again!

  20. Dang…this video made me drool a bit 🙁


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