Dot Com Pho – Pho 99 For 1 Edition

I may not be in rainy Vancouver anymore, but that doesn’t mean the weekly Dot Com Pho meetup ends. It generally just gets a bit smaller attendance wise. However, this week’s Vancouver Dot Com Pho has set a new record for attendance – a record low. Vance Sova arranged Dot Com Pho at Pho 99 and ended up doing Pho 99 for 1. Yes, he was the only person there. At least he made the best of it.

Pho 99 is in the suburb of Richmond, home of Ed Lau and the worst drivers in Canada. According to Vance, the Pho 99 menu describes just about everything as special or chef recommended. I’m not sure if Vance’s Pho was a special or a recommendation from the chef.

Hopefully, the Vancouver pho will get more people next week. In the meantime, I’m looking at setting up Dot Com Pho OC. If you live in the Orange County area and want to meet up over a hot bowl of Pho, give me a shout or follow me on Twitter to find the time and place.

33 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Pho 99 For 1 Edition”

  1. That looks good but was it? If I had been a little closer I would have attended.

    1. The vietnamese noodle appear delicious yummy.

      Regarding the Dot Com Pho , it will be super if you can host it online like webinar , that can help aspiring web owners to learn from the King of Blog , John Chow.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      That looks delicious. I’d really like to join, but like always, distance is the problem.

  2. Dot Com Pho seems some kind of meetup or a party where some of the bloggers can gather and have some discussion about blogging and money money making.

    1. Yep, I have the same impression. great initiative, Just wish I was closer so that I could attend 🙂

      1. fazal mayar says:

        yep its called the ballers weekly dinner 🙂

      2. PPC Ian says:

        Me too! I can’t wait till John comes here to the SF Bay Area. I will be sure to attend.

    2. Erwin Miradi says:

      From the looks of it, yes it is!

    3. Thanks for elaborating the dot com pho for us … Lolzz

    4. iskandarX says:

      I’m looking forward for it as long as it to making money online with blog dude.

  3. 25/main works better. Tweet it, Vance.

  4. Hey John,

    I’ve never seen this kind of turn out in my days at the Pho and it looks like you haven’t either. I think even when you had it in Seattle at least a few people attended.

    It helps when people know you’ll be there. When you aren’t and Michael Kwan isn’t there either and a few people are sick and there’s hockey going on and it’s not the regular meeting place there is a chance that fewer people will show up.

    This was an extreme case.

    It helped to have good things to read and review to keep me company.
    The food is very good at Pho 99. The only thing I didn’t like was that the radio was turned up a bit too much.

    The next time when people do show up I’ll have to ask them to turn it off or at least lower the volume.

    I look forward to watching your new Pho from sunny California.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      That’s true dedication, Vance! Way to keep the tradition going, even if you are the only one to be there. 🙂

      1. Vance … 2 THUMBS UP for you …

        Show must go on … my friend.

  5. Michael Kwan says:

    This sets a record, but I remember more than a couple of Seattle DCPs where it was just John + 1 (usually Harlan, from what I recall).

  6. That’s Great record so fer.

  7. PPC Ian says:

    Dot Com Pho in the OC sounds awesome. Looking forward to watching the first episode of Dot Com Pho, OC style.

    1. Yes me is also waiting for the new location dot com pho John … Lets see where you are going to organise it.

  8. Pam Britton says:

    Good luck on creating your OC Pho Group, John–great idea!

    Pam 🙂

  9. John have many types of ideas for promoting his blog
    in one of them
    Dot Com Pho – Pho 99 For 1 Edition

  10. Divya says:

    Good luck john for your dot com pho…..

  11. I hope the food tastes good at least.

  12. john has following different type of strategies to promote his blog

    1. According to you which one is the best so far ?

    2. panax says:

      john You know fine palate

  13. fas says:

    This is ridicolous, that is not a dot com pho, that is a private pho.

  14. Dot Com Pho OC sounds really good. I may know few good spots. Not all Pho places are created equal.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      It certainly sounds really good. I’m thinking of making the trip from SF Bay Area for it when this happens. 🙂

  15. sudha says:

    Dot Com Pho seems some kind of meetup or a party where some of the bloggers can gather and have some discussion about blogging and money money making.

  16. John we were expecting Dot com pho from you … 🙁

  17. allan stuart says:

    only one person? at least it still there… 🙂 maybe you guys can sort of outline what are the meeting details you have shared to all of us… maybe we can find some golden nugget there .

  18. panax says:

    owwwww mammamiaaaaa 🙂

  19. panax says:

    How this dish recipe?

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