Dot Com Pho – Post Olympic Blues Edition

Now that the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games are over, we’re all suffering from post Olympic blues. The blues have especially hit hard for Ed Lau, who has been cruising downtown everyday hoping to find a street party that is no longer there. Seeing the sad state everyone was in, it made sense to hold this edition of Dot Com Pho at Happy Pho because if anyone can cheer us up, it would be Happy Brian.

Joining us for this Pho get together were the regulars like Aaron Koo, Michael “FATal1ty” Yurechko, Wolfgang Christl, Bonnie and Marilyn. Ed finally realized there wasn’t going to be a block party at Robson Square and showed up last. We were also joined by George Moen, the President of Blenz Coffee. I want to thank George for giving everyone who showed up at Dot Com Pho, Blenz coffee for life. I plan to make maximum use of that!

16 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Post Olympic Blues Edition”

  1. Diabetis says:

    Blends coffee for life. That is great!

  2. I’m kind of happy that things are back to normal around this city again.

  3. Aaron Koo says:

    Brian is without doubt, the happiest, most flamboyant man I’ve ever met. His personality sells the place. I hope he’s successful for a long time.

  4. Cash Genie says:

    This is the case after such great game shows get over.
    It is always best to have a get together after that as it cheers everybody.

  5. Garen says:

    its only two years to next one though!

  6. Alex says:

    There’s definitely no more random “high fives” downtown. Road closures suck but the liveliness downtown was awesome during the Olympics!

  7. Coffee for life! Would that be for your life, or the life of the company? Whichever comes first, I suppose 😉

  8. Blenz coffer for life seems interesting.

  9. Mathew Day says:

    Blenz Coffee sounds good right about now. Nice video, thanks for sharing.

  10. fas says:

    Where was the free coffee for life mention?

  11. Niki says:

    Hi John,
    Can you please tell me who designed your landing page for the free e-book on facebook? Thanks

    1. John Chow says:

      Unique Blog Designs.

      1. S Ahsan says:

        I am sure you are willing to spend some K’s 🙂 UBD is good

  12. Perhaps the free coffee for life will start to improve Ed’s post Olympics depression…..

  13. Glenn Magas says:

    Yes, my wife and I are suffering from Post Olympic Blues as well. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but spending time with my wife watching the great stories of athletes overcome incredible obstacles every night was time in front of the tube well spent!

    I love the WINTER olympic games. Summer, not so much. Too much drug controversy all over the place. Not enough danger – you don’t go tumbling down a mountain during a 100 meter sprint.

    The mindset of winter atheletes are so different than summer – the risks these winter athletes take is incredible.

    That being said, we had Pho yesterday. “Lemon Grass” in Eagle Rock rocks! 🙂

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