Dot Com Pho – Profitable Lunch Edition

During today’s Dot Com Pho, there was a message written in the skies. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make it out since it appeared to be written backwards. Maybe you can watch the video and tell us what it said.

After giving up on translating the sky message, Sally showded off her fan, the Bow Tie Man goes nacho, we discuss the best science fiction to watch, Oscar explains what to look for when finding a social media speaker, the gadget of the week, and I show how much money I can make during lunch.

Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Aircrafts and MacBooks Edition

Over in Vancouver, Stephen Fung and Ed Lau continue their discussion on throwaway MacBooks and repairable laptops in this episode of Dot Com Pho. They also compare me to a particular Republican candidate and Michael Kwan highlights the Samsung HMX-W300 waterproof HD camcorder as the gadget of the week.

4 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Profitable Lunch Edition”

  1. Alex Shaikh says:

    I believe it says in the sky “GEICO SAVE MONEY……”. By the way, like the gadget of the week and i believe oscar trying to say something about me for most famous user on twitter lol

  2. That is an impressively impressive number of sales while having lunch!

    And the rear display seems like such a basic thing that I forgot the GoPro didn’t have one. $80 though? Seems pricey but definitely handy.

    Thanks a bunch,

  3. faisal says:

    Macbooks all over, well Apple is certainly doing well with all products!

  4. mohi says:

    Apple products always have demand in the market

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