Dot Com Pho – The Big Head Edition

I came back from Hawaii just in time to host another Seattle Dot Com Pho. Once again, we met up at Pho Thanh Vi in the International District. However, when we got there, we noticed a sign that said Thanh Vi was under new management. Our minds raced with possible reasons – from a hostile takeover by the Pho Mafia to a leveraged employee buyout. We cornered the new owner to get the real answer.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho, we have me getting a big head, Harlan shows off his new Photoshop project, Travis eating pho, meeting the new Thanh Vi owner, missing handicap signs, the parking lot from hell and a whole lot more. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Magic Wand Edition

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  1. Finally back from Hawaii, huh? How long were you there, 3 weeks?

    1. John Chow says:

      No. It was only 10 days. I might head back there for spring break.

      1. It seemed like longer than 10 days.

        1. I thought he was there more than a week but definitely not for 3 weeks.


          Going there for the spring break is a good idea. The weather will be warmer and you will still have fresh memories of this visit.

          I bet that you’ll return to dine at the two favorite places you discovered.

        2. Allen Walker says:

          Probably because of all the great and detailed stuff that John posted about the trip. 🙂

      2. d3so says:

        Looks like you had a ton of fun in Hawaii. Take me with you next time!

  2. John Chow says:

    The reason it’s call a magic wand is because it’s nothing more than a magic trick. I can put your off balance whether you are holding the wand or not. It’s all in how you tug on the arm. To make you go off balance, tug down and away from the body. To make it look like the wand has given you magic power, tug down and into the body. Because if you tug down and away, he’ll loose balance like when he wasn’t holding the wand. 😛

    1. Stephen says:

      Wang huh? I’m not into tugging my wang in public. LOL!

      1. John Chow says:

        Maybe you’re not but I heard Michael Kwan is into that stuff!

      2. Hey Stephen,

        Do you actually play the guitar or is it one of those pictures where you just act as if?

        1. Stephen says:

          I’m playing Rock Band. The guitar is plastic.

    2. inspirator says:

      Actually, kinesiology is not just some magic trick, it’s science. Unfortunately, it is easy to fool people with tricks like we see in the video and a lot of people take advantage of this to sell products.

    3. Hey John,

      The magic trick you describe it makes sense and that’s exactly what I was suspecting when it was done on Aaron and then on me. But watching it very closely if it is a trick it was done extremely skillfully.

      You can watch and listen to my comments as the experiment was taking place on my video from the Vancouver Pho. Towards the end of the video there’s a fun part as we speculate what the Apple people might do watching the Magic Wand and the related products.

      As for your T-shirt I must agree with Sally. The head is way too big there compared to your body and the face is only remotely resembling your face.

      1. John Chow says:

        The tip test is a simple matter of statics (physics of stationary objects) and can be explained mathematically.

        To see when the person tips we need to calculate the moments around the foot, point “a” (Pa). The resisting torque from your body mass in the ccw direction, is equal to your weight multiplied by the distance from the center of your body to your foot Tbm = (W x Lf). My feet together measured about 9″ (Lf = 4.5″). So assuming my body is rigid, one would need to apply a torque greater than 720 (160 x 4.5) in-lbs to tip me to one side.

        Case A: Assuming the distributor applies the load straight down it will generate a clockwise (cw) torque around Pa of TDist. = F x Lb . For me Lb is about 5″. The equation for equilibrium around point “a” is

        W x Lf = F x Lb

        A force of (720/5) or 144 lbs would be needed to tip me assuming I kept my body rigid. F = W x Lf/Lb

        Case B: In the case A, we assumed the force was applied straight down. Let’s see how sensitive the equations are when applying the forces from various directions. Applying the force from an angle introduces a new torque component, which has a lever of length Lhf (hand to foot measurement). For me this is about 24 inches. Depending upon the angle of the applied load this could create a torque component that either helps tip you (case B), or helps support you (case C). This new component is F x Lhf x sinØ.

        For equilibrium the new formula for balance is

        W x Lf = F x Lb cosØ + F x Lhf x sinØ

        The force required to tip is then F = W x Lf /(Lb cosØ + Lhf x sinØ)

        Assume the angle (Ø) is 45 degrees.

        160 x 4.5 /(5 x .707 + 24 x .707) = 35 lbs

        If the angle (Ø) were 12 degrees, away from the test person, then one only needs about 75 pounds force to tip the person.

        You can see that the direction of the applied load has a huge influence due to the longer lever (Lhf foot to the hand). The force to tip has been reduced by about 75% for an angle of 45 degrees, since the load is applied with a much longer lever.

        Case C: In this case, the horizontal component of the applied load creates a ccw torque and will help prevent tipping.

        W x Lf + F x Lhf x sinØ = F x Lb cosØ

        At what angle do the two counter acting torques from the distributor balance each other?

        Lhf sinØ = Lb cosØ

        Lhf/Lb = cosØ/sinØ

        5/24 = tanØ

        Ø = 12 Degrees

        Once the angle is greater than 12 degrees from vertical into the test person, you will not be able to tip them. In fact you can add more and more force and it will not make any difference. Watch the videos of the Moneca almost jumping on the Aaron. You can clearly see she is directing the force into him. Aason of course has the impression that the load is very high, but that high load at an angle also keeps him from tipping. The Magic Wand did not help Aaron become stronger, Moneca just shifted the angle of the load and the long lever from the foot to the hand saves the day.

        1. Hey John,

          This is the most mathematical reply I’ve ever seen on any blog. If you can use the formulas from the top of your head then my hat is off to you.

          I’ll have to investigate further into the methods the distributors are using. This is not in fact Amway but a different company called, I thing, Amega Global.

          It pays to be very skeptical and investigate very deeply. Network marketing companies, previously known as MLM companies are using innocent people who want to improve their financial situation to sometimes do things that may not be entirely correct and true.

          There may be a lot of good companies but clearly some have been accused of deception and even shut down.

          Let’s hope that this particular one can stand up to scrutiny. At the Pho our goal was more than anything to have fun and to learn from one another as always.

          It certainly was a lot of fun.

          Thanks for uploading my video.

          1. John Chow says:

            If you can’t work the formula off the top of your head, then just watch this video. 🙂

        2. I see the engineer in John is coming out here. I thought you were an accountant in another life.

          1. John Chow says:

            Engineers and accountants both work with numbers. 🙂

        3. That makes sense! lol

          Enjoyed the video, just like all Dot Com Pho editions.. 😀

          Keep’em comming John!

      2. d3so says:

        I wonder what Sally had to say about the “I’m John Chow B****” shirt.

    4. d3so says:

      That’s what they do to sell you those arm bands that give you balance, supposedly. Then the company came out an admitted it was a scam, lol.

  3. fas says:

    LOL that shirt was hilarious, big ahead in a Porsche.

  4. PPC Ian says:

    Haha! John, that shirt is great! Very cool.

  5. anitha says:

    Thanks for sharing your entertainment in video with us

  6. Next time just park at Uwajimaya and have a nice walk to the Pho place. 🙂

  7. I was reading through your mathematical reply and confess I got completely boggled – where did you get that information from, lol, it is really impressive!


  8. timmytim says:

    omg people like her is the reason why we still have so many people who believe that autism is caused by vaccination and AIDS was developed by the government to oppress african americans

    i thought scam products were under serious scrutiny by FTC?
    oh right….she’s canadian…smh

  9. Design Flyer says:

    very impressive mathematical reply at the start.. wonderful..

  10. christina says:

    nice post with video explanation so its easy can be understand by all

  11. jasmine says:

    yeah it seems very big.

  12. Interesting post john thanks for sharing it

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