Dot Com Pho – The Fender Bender Edition

Even though I’m partying it up in China, the Dot Com crew back home has been busy with the weekly Pho meet up – just because I left doesn’t mean it comes to a squeaking halt. For yesterday’s event, Stephen Fung and the crew went to Fender’s at the Richmond Auto Mall. Why? I’m not sure.

This week we have a smaller turnout, but more of the good stuff you enjoy. Of course we have yours truly scarfing down some enormous meal, and we also get to talk to Leo Chiang, our resident SciFi star, about his thoughts on the last episode of the show that made him infamous, Battlestar Galactica, and his new role on Stargate Universe. Apparently he “doesn’t make it” which is code for “I die”. Ed stumbles in late, but not as late as he normally does since our location this week is much closer to home. Enjoy!

Dot Com Pho – The Fender Bender Edition was filmed in full HD but Stephen is too cheap to pay for a Vimeo Professional account so there is no HD embedding. However, you can go to Vimeo itself and see the Dot Com Crew in full HD glory.

18 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – The Fender Bender Edition”

  1. Melody says:

    Those meals make me salivate….lol

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    1. I missed seeing the Dot Com Pho crew each week. Good to have them back! lol

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      1. Ryan McLean says:

        John man, how do you write so many posts
        It is overwhelming how many you write
        Don’t your hands ever get sore?

        Ryan McLean’s last blog post: Thousand Dollar Site Flip – Choosing A Niche

  2. Stephen says:

    It’s only in HD resolution, but the video itself was done with the regular FLIP Mino. The Flip Mino HD is slow, buggy and the lens angle isn’t wide enough, especially when Ed is right in your face.

    We went to Fenders because we heard the Diner Food was good. I think we’ll have to go to Burger Heaven next.

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  3. diabetes says:

    thanks for great offering john

  4. John Chow says:

    I am really missing Pho. I think that’ll be the first thing I’ll have when I get home.

    1. haha…your in Asia and you want to go back to Van-city for Pho!? that sounds so odd lol

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  5. fas says:

    I see that this times pho has quite alot of effects, looks like video editor in the house 🙂

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  6. a&r reps says:

    I think the restaurant is good with all facilities.

  7. In the video, those pancakes really did look like biscuits…and was this a breakfast joint? I saw Soy Sauces on the table…

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    1. Stephen says:

      It’s a diner run by Chinese people so naturally, there are noodles and sweet and sour pork on the menu.

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      1. ahh..that solves that mystery.

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  8. Silvia says:

    I like the restaurant and the food,I think they have too much to eat.I understand tastes differ and so do measures!

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  9. Missing John Chow’s horrible laughing on these kind of show. Although Ed tried to make up it … lolzz

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  10. Recession HAH!

    These fellows know how to enjoy life, and now that the snow is melting how about an outdoor Dot Com Pho?

    Stephen is the food king!

    I just won a Flip Mino HD from John Chow and Market Leverage. Hoping the ‘bugs’ have been resolved with this model…

    It was fun hearing the scoop on Leo Chiang’s career.

    Actors are always getting killed off. I worked in Hollywood as a consulting and systems design engineer – post-production for ten years and met many famous and nearly-famous actors and actresses.

    That is one tough business, as out of 7,000+ members of the Screen Actors Guild, only about 150 are making a living wage.

    The rest are parking cars, waiting tables or cooking in a restaurant somewhere, waiting for that next big break.

    Thanks for the post, the video quality was excellent although Leo’s voice was at a low volume, maybe an external microphone with a narrow pickup pattern might help this?


    Nicholas Chase

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  11. teamray says:

    i like it very nice

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