Dot Com Pho – The Great Easter Egg Scramble Edition

With temperatures in the mid 80’s and not a cloud in the sky, it made total sense to host Dot Com Pho Orange County at the Pho Ba Co patio. There are very few things better than outdoor Dot Com Pho (something the Vancouver crew has yet to discover) and that may help explain attendance that was higher than last week’s free Pho in Vancouver. We had over twenty people spread out over five tables.

For this edition of Dot Com Pho OC, we have a lot of cars, no coffee, a wheelie machine ride of death, a very loud Corvette, a pen for the Apple iPad, how to unmelt a Kitkat, rich iPhone owners, poor Android wannabes, and the great Easter egg scramble! From beginning to end, this Dot Com Pho took up nine hours. Anyone is welcome to join us. Follow me on Twitter to find out when and where the next Dot Com Pho is.

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – Tab Plus Edition

Without the CBC picking up the Pho tab this week, Dot Com Pho Vancouver went from twenty people down to only three! The lonely trio previewed an upcoming Rosewill cooking video from MEGATechNews, enjoy combo #3, and showcase the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Android Honeycomb tablet. Follow @DotComPho to find out when the Vancouver crew gets together.

6 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – The Great Easter Egg Scramble Edition”

  1. fas says:

    Most of your dot com phos have cars nowadays, hmm

    1. John Chow says:

      @fas Well, I am in California. 🙂

  2. tech_advices says:

    Looks like a lot of fun yesterday. I will try to make it on next one hopefully if i got no errand to do. 

  3. HealthWrong says:

    These are very authentic cars and you guys are really enjoying yourself.

  4. How I wish I can be there with you guys.

  5. hot hot cars .. Sally chow must be very happy there 🙂

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