Dot Com Pho – The iPhone 4 Edition

The Apple iPhone 4 has invaded Dot Com Pho! After lining up for over 12 hours, Gary Ng of iPhone in Canada managed to secure himself the holy grail of cellphones. We had a great time playing around with Apple’s newest magic device and even used it to make an iMovie in real time! It’s very possible that future episodes of Dot Com Pho will be filmed, produced and uploaded from an iPhone!

In addition to the iPhone 4, this edition of Dot Com Pho featured an $8 million open house, how they sing the ABC’s in Asia and Stephen Fung trying, and failing, to apply the iPhone death grip. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho (we had a full house of ten people today). Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

67 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – The iPhone 4 Edition”

  1. Sam says:

    You shouldn’t have changed out of the shirt.

    1. What exactly are you trying to say and how does it pertain to this post?

      1. John Chow says:

        Gary wore a T-Shirt that read, “You’re Holding It Wrong” when he was lining up for the iPhone.

        1. man, you guys should sell that shirt idea to

          1. d3so says:

            haha. it’s funny how a few percentage of customers actually complained about the death grip.

    2. Gary says:

      That shirt is currently being framed to go up in the iPhone Hall of Fame.

      Just don’t wear it that way!

  2. Nigel Chua says:

    Ah, how’s the use of the iPhone 4? I’m waiting for the second batch of iPhone 4 (my standard practice of all phones purchases – don’t really trust the first edition prototypes). But no matter, I’ve the iPhone 3GS, and it’s still functional too! =)

    1. John Chow says:

      I skipped the 3GS. Still have a 3G. So will go to iPhone 4.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Same here. Have the 3G but skipped 3GS. I’m looking forward to getting my iPhone 4!

        1. So, what is the point of getting the latest model if the previous one works just fine? SY

          1. The latest model is working so much better. And it is sleeker too.

            It may not be necessary to have the latest model but if one has the choice why not?

          2. Because it is a waste of money and resources? A lot of the current recession was caused by people overspending on the newest and latest, SY

          3. John Chow says:

            A recession is cause by people NOT spending, not by people overspending. The iPhone 4 offers enough new features to make the upgrade from the 3G worthwhile. However it’ll be harder to justify upgrading from a 3GS to iPhone 4.

          4. Note: this reply belongs under the third reply of John going up from here. Sometimes the comment threads are not working as they should, or, it could be on purpose like this.

            Oh, I see John, now it makes a complete sense.

            He must have been there with him or he told him about it.

          5. Bidet says:

            There will always be new versions of things, and people will always buy them. They are usually much better than the previous renditions of the product.

          6. The new versions are usually better which is true in this case but for example Windows Vista was not better than Windows XP.

            There are other examples that could be found.

            SY is partially right.

            Not about the cause of the recession but about waste of money when the product you have is doing everything you need it to be doing and you really don’t need the features the new product has.

            In such case getting a new product just because a neighbor or a friend has it is a waste of money.

            But if it’s a hobby to keep getting the newest phones for example I wouldn’t consider it a waste. A person like that can actually be of service to others.

  3. SnowBall says:

    I want one so bad! You can record movies on it? That is the coolest feature ever. I wonder what itunes will crank out next. They are really killin’ it in the world of technology.

    1. John Chow says:

      Not only can you record the movie, you can edit it with iMovie for iPhone and then upload it directly to YouTube! Like I said, future episodes of Dot Com Pho could be filmed, edited and uploaded directly from iPhone 4.

      1. d3so says:

        Did you get an iPhone yourself John?

        1. John Chow says:

          No, I haven’t got mine yet. I’m in no hurry. I might pick one up on Tuesday when the Apple store restocks.

          1. We hope now you have …

            So would like to see photos and video from it.

            So John post one.

          2. Hey John …

            Did you get one now ??

  4. SnowBall says:

    I meant Apple not itunes!

    1. We understand, iPhone iTunes, iPad, it all has an i and can be confused without catching it in time.

      Recently I came across a company that was using “i”in their name and it just was too much. Trying to catch a ride on the popularity of Apple.

      That company is in the cleaning business and has no business using that kind of a name.

      1. There is a company named iBall selling computer accessories …

        Here is their website –

  5. d3so says:

    Was the iPhone 4 video uploaded to YouTube?

    1. Not at that time. But it can be done. You are asking about the video made with the iPhone aren’t you?

        1. It wass not uploaded toYouTube at the time we were at the Pho.

  6. Now this iPhone version is really cool. Didn’t want one but now I do.

    No waiting in line for 12 or 24 hours for me though. I’ll get it when it’s available without that kind of wait.

    1. d3so says:

      I’m waiting for the white version but the date keeps getting pushed back.

      1. I like the regular version better and would get that one. If white was available I wouldn’t mind getting it though.

        1. d3so says:

          I hear they’re fixing the antenna issue on the white one. that’s why the date keeps getting pushed back.

          1. We tested the antenna and at least in Vancouver the signal is so strong that there was no issue with the antenna no matter how the phone was held.

            If the signal is only indicating one or two bars in your area then holding the iPhone by wrapping all your fingers and wrist around it may cause issue with reception.

            But we couldn’t figure out why anybody would hold it that way.

          2. d3so says:

            lol. probably it would drop while using the web.

            I’m using tmobile so i bet it’ll probably be worse.

          3. Steve pointed out this option very proudly and now unfortunately this one is bringing bad charm to them.

  7. Paul avery says:

    I have an 3s. I was thinking of upgrading, but I don’t know what I’ll do with my current one. Any ideas?

    1. d3so says:

      You can give it to me 🙂

  8. Melvin says:

    I hope to have that in the near future.. Still not available in my country but once it is I’d grab it right away

    1. d3so says:

      I think it’s hilarious that people there have top-class phones and live in poverty.

      1. well the apps help the pain of hunger go away with virtual food.

        1. d3so says:

          They’re probably too occupied with their phones they forget about everything else.

  9. Chris says:

    I saw one the other day, they look great. I may have to wait a while till I upgrade my 3GS though

    1. d3so says:

      why’s that?

      1. isn’t the iPhone 4 the upgrade to the 3gs?

  10. Sally Grant says:

    Hey John

    How Come you dont have an iphone 4 yet?

    I thought your were the #1 Apple fan boy in vancouver

    1. John Chow says:

      I’m not an Apple fan boy. Never was. Used to be a die hard PC guy. I am an Apple shareholder, however. 🙂

  11. Still haven’t picked up my own iPhone 4, sometime soon.

  12. I’ve vowed to not switch phones until I construct a passive income source on the internet that pays for them.

  13. John Chow says:

    I can’t believe no one commented about my great singing of the Chinese ABCs!

    1. Yeah, John,

      I was going to do just that and then got distracted by reading the other comments and responding to them.

      I was actually quite surprised at how well you sang it.

      And I’ve never heard it sung that way either.

      Have you ever sung in a choir? Do you play a musical instrument?

      If not then I think you could have done well.

    2. Truly inspiring! 🙂 But really, I didn’t know they did that in China. Very interesting!

    3. d3so says:

      lol, who cares about the ABC’s lol. it’s all about the iphone 😉

  14. fas says:

    The iphone 4 looks really hot and the imovie editing was awesome.

    1. d3so says:

      Yeah, that’s a reason why I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

      1. So when you are going to have iPhone 4 or you are waiting for any contest at JohnChow.Com 🙂

  15. ibnujusup says:

    still trying to save money to buy i phone4… 🙁

  16. I can’t believe he waited that long for a phone. But the iPhone is so ridiculously rigged out with technology that its more of a computer at this point than a phone. I’d rather just stick to something that can text and make calls.

  17. Thu Nguyen says:

    That iPhone 4 looks sexy. Got to get myself to a retailer and play with one. Noticeable difference comes from the thickness. Much more sturdy than the earlier versions. Overall, great singing on the ABC’s John. That cracked me up!

  18. Bidet says:

    The Iphone looks great, have they fixed the antenna problem yet?

    1. John Chow says:

      I guess you didn’t watch the video.

  19. sundials says:

    Exciting looking phone. I continue to be amazed at the features that Apple is able to pack into those little devices.

  20. Abhik says:

    But IMO iPhone isn’t gonna compete even with Nokia’s former N Series phones as long as they don’t allow multitasking.
    I am completely in love with my N97 Mini. I can take pictures, resize them and post in my blog with typed content in ease. iPhone 3GS do not allow me to do so.

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