Dot Com Pho – The Real Housewives of Vancouver Edition

After skipping last week, we had a full house of 11 people showing up for this week’s Dot Com Pho. I must admit, I missed the taste of Pho and it’s good to see such a nice turn out. Anyone welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

For this week’s Dot Com Pho, we have the real housewives of Vancouver (Yes! That show is coming!), live demo of a QR code, what Pho really tastes like, and Ed Lau being late, as usual. Enjoy and we’ll see you next week for another episode!

31 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – The Real Housewives of Vancouver Edition”

  1. Ed Lau says:

    I’ll correct myself…I don’t want to watch stupid people on reality television. Jersey Shore is why parts of the world hate you, America.

    1. billg says:

      The movie “Idiocracy” shows the future of America.

      1. Whitney says:

        “Funny” I must say. Idiocracy was indeed a bit over exaggerated, wouldn’t you agree? Entertaining movie though nonetheless.

      2. Michael Kwan says:

        Now with more electrolytes!

    2. PPC Ian says:

      I say let the haters hate! Go USA!

  2. Well It will be a great show i think.

    1. Whitney says:

      I think so too, people love stuff like this!

      1. It’s true that most people love to watch these shows. They like to watch themselves reflected in them.

    2. PPC Ian says:

      Should be interesting, did not realize they were going to do a real housewives of Vancouver.

    3. fazal mayar says:

      yes it looks it will be great, well we need entertainement sometimes and shows can provide us just that

  3. GamesDunia says:

    Ah yes, it will be a great indeed.

  4. Ryan D Ayres says:

    Great first time meeting the group looking forward to next Happy Pho luncheon. with the John Chow dot com group

    1. Michael Kwan says:

      It was good meeting with you too, Ryan. Keep in touch.

  5. Ah yes, it will be a great indeed.

  6. Gmers Dunia says:

    Yes it will be a great show i think. As i’m a new comer in this blog i hope i’ll enjoy all post of this Author. I already read some post of this Blog Author and it is really great what i have read here.

    Thank you John,
    Thank you for all your valuable post.

  7. Then the food tasted twice as good this time. you seemed to enjoy the food as usual.

  8. fas says:

    ED Lau is so funny, LOL

  9. Hey John,
    Your Dot Com Pho videos are always entertaining. I always get hungry after watching them.

  10. Is that show really coming to Vancouver? Wow! My wife will be so happy!

    1. John Chow says:

      It has been approved and will start production soon. In addition to Real Housewives of Vancouver, there will also be a Real Housewives of Toronto.

      1. PPC Ian says:

        That’s awesome, The Real Housewives is quite the franchise these days.

  11. Pam Britton says:

    What a great definition of Pho–“happiness in a bowl”–I love it! And I had no idea that the main spices in the broth are star anise and cinnamon….thanks for sharing, John.

  12. Kavya Hari says:

    It will be great to know that on here. When i see this videos my mouth is watering now. So, great videos on here 🙂

  13. Chad Nicely says:

    I’ll definitely have to find out when the next Dot Com Pho. Maybe I ‘ll see you there… Awesome video!

    1. fazal mayar says:

      its each saturday, the question is where not when 😀

  14. John Ed is never late, he is coming on his time as usual.

    1. You guys should maintain the time according to his arrival.

  15. video clearly explains the housewives messages

  16. Enzo Testa says:

    One day I’ll have to come for a luncheon..

  17. Its nice to see that other person is also shooting and now we can see which camera and gadgets John using to shoot the video.

    John always do close up recording where as email cover from distance and I like it.

  18. Nice videos john the one which you are updating all are in good quality

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