Dot Com Pho – ThinkTank 2010 Edition

This edition of Dot Com Pho comes to you from sunny California. We’re here on the beach in Del Mar for ThinkTank 2010. The weather is amazing and the Pho is in name only. Instead of a nice hot bowl of Vietnamese beef noodle soup, we’re chopping down on In-N-Out burgers and quenching our thirst with Corona beer, which has become the official beer of all the bloggers at ThinkTank.

In addition to great tasting burgers and Mexican beer, this episode of Dot Com Pho features the sights and sounds and ThinkTank 2010, dying to reveal ThinkTank secrets, violating the ThinkTank NDA, raiding the ThinkTank prize box, our next trip after ThinkTank and a super affiliate ping pong death match between Zac Johnson and Jonathan Volk. Enjoy and we’ll see you next week for an another exciting episode!

68 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – ThinkTank 2010 Edition”

  1. Really a fun trip. ThinkTank 2011 would also be more attractive. moreover, with the facilities and privileges provided, of course everyone would want to go there

    1. Yes they are providing too many funs and I am sure you will charged up once you come from there.

      1. Alex Dumitru says:

        That’s right 🙂

      2. Nah…it’s included in the $3K pricetag…IN-n-Out and Coronas…breakfast of champions 🙂

    2. d3so says:

      Yeah, I wonder what the next think tank will be like.

      1. Sure this will be same old format … I think 2009 was also similar fashion.

        For that check Shoemoney blog.

        1. Dan Lew says:

          I will go to next years think tank for sure!

          1. Great! You gotta write that for your 2011 goal @ Dan

        2. Did Shoe host the last think tank?

      2. I’m sure it’ll probably be much of the same fun depending on the time of year…

  2. Harshad says:

    You guys gonna put some some weight for sure.

    1. Harshad says:

      errr……put on some weight

      1. They won’t put on weight if they play a lot of ping pong.

        1. Nope they are not going to … because this is open beach and I am sure everyone wants to walk there with their bare legs …

          That will be simply amazing.

          1. And the weather quite nice to burn the fats too.. XD

          2. Sorry to disappoint me, but just laying in the sun doesn’t burn any fat, you have to workout also – or at least to start to save some calories! SY

          3. Yeah…fats will definitely be one thing everyone will be coming home with…lol

        2. Alex Dumitru says:

          and also do surfing 🙂 Anyway I would need some weight

          1. then that’s the perfect place for you…

          2. Or start eating Junk Food.

    2. d3so says:

      If they just sit around and eat & drink all day they’ll put on weight, but if they do something active they won’t.

      1. The table tennis game on the video was too short for a good work out. Also the net was kind of too loose.

        But it didn’t seem to be windy so good games could be played. I’d love to play table tennis if real tennis is not available.

        It doesn’t seem like much but a full length game is a great work out.

      2. Actually…if the calories consumed is greater than the calories burned, they will gain weight. My hunch is, regardless of the few activities they did that actually burned calories, the amount of calories eaten far exceeds the amount exerted.

  3. OMG! So that’s what bloggers do when they get together. LOL! Eat, drink and chill-out at the beach. Awesome, guys.

    1. Guess so…don’t you want to be a blogger now 🙂

      1. Its not necessary that to have such life you must be blogger.

        Just billionaire or may be millionaire will be good enough.

  4. d3so says:

    omg you got me wanting an in n out burger now 😛

    1. Can you get it where you are? I haven’t heard that name before watching the video. But I’m not too keen on burgers so it could have escaped me.

      1. John Chow says:

        I don’t think there are any In-N-Out Burger in Canada.

        1. OMG…you guys have been missing out…it’s all about the Double Double Animal Style from In-N-Out!

          1. PPC Ian says:

            In-N-Out is awesome. Many of them here in the Bay Area. Just opened a brand new location in Redwood City!

        2. If John is saying than I am sure they are not … but however you can try here to make sure whether they are in Canada or not.

    2. d3so says:

      Yeah, I can get one cause I’m in California which is where they first started. I don’t think they branch off too far across the nation or internationally because they are family owned.

      1. Yes they are only in states.

        Not even in Canada.

        May be they are happy with that.

  5. First time eating In and Out, John? We always hit it once everytime we’re in San Diego and Vegas. It’s ok, better than McDonalds.

    1. Better than McDonalds …

      There are many burger providers in Vancouver which are much much better than any big names.

      1. Dan Lew says:

        I was expecting to see big fat french fries 🙂

      2. Alex Dumitru says:

        McDonalds sucks anyway.

      3. very few burger joints are better than In-n-out…

        1. d3so says:

          Tommy’s is also excellent if you love chili but is only the unhealthy side.

  6. Dan Lew says:

    Wow, that looked like an expensive bottle of whiskey you got away with there John! 🙂

    1. John simply love free things.

      So keep this in your mind when you meet with him.

      1. Who doesn’t love free things?

        It’s not unique and when you meet John there’s nothing to worry about.

  7. Looks like fun – burgers, beers and a bit of thinking – sign me up!

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      Is there any thinking involved? 🙂

    2. I think i have an acai link to give you after wards 😉

  8. fas says:

    The TT match was played wrongly, the rules were not adhered to.

    1. That was for simply fun …

      In affiliate world there is no rule … if you are making more and more money that you will be ruler.

      1. I think there are rules in affiliaste world as in any other worlds and you have the choice of adhering to them or not.

        The mentioned game was not a real game, obviously, just fooling around.

  9. marita says:

    Haha John, In-N-Out burgers and Coronas on the beach – you’re so SoCal!

    1. Alex Dumitru says:

      I’m having a Corona right now in my apartment and I feel really good actually 🙂

      1. PPC Ian says:

        Corona is really great beer. It was awesome to see super affiliate ping pong! Looks like ThinkTank 2010 was a really super event.

  10. No Secrets Today.. but there is burger ^^.. Was hoping if you can reveal something john ^^

    1. Ed around there John? Sounds like his voice, when you are checking on the prize box.

      1. John Chow says:

        That was Jonathan Volk’s voice you heard.

        1. Owh ok. I not sure if I heard it wrong. But Jonathan’s voice is a little bit like Ed’s. Well nvm about that.

  11. We are waiting for the next video John … when you are going to post … 🙂

        1. Thanks John …

          Saw your twieet … you back to Seattle.

  12. Seems you have a lot of fun: Beer and Hamburgers, sounds pretty American to me 😉 SY

  13. hace dinero says:

    Are you thinking or are you just drinking?….lol

    1. John Chow says:

      It was for sure more drinking than thinking. 🙂

      1. d3so says:

        Did you really steal that bottle of champagne?

        1. PPC Ian says:

          That was really funny! It looked like there were a ton of prizes in those boxes.

  14. Boy we were expecting more blast on this dot com pho.

  15. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome stuff! In-N-Out Burger is good!

  16. Nothing like booze and ping pong together. Gotta be careful though, cause those two together can only mean one thing… sporting injuries. Seriously, you’ll shoot your eye out kid.

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