Dot Com Pho – Touchy Feely Edition

It started off as Dot Com Pho for one but ended up with a dot com four. I thought nobody was going to show up after sitting down at Thanh Vi all by myself for 15 minutes. I was setting up the tripod to record an “I’m so lonely” message when Jay from Customer Experience Labs walked in. We were later joined by Brandon Ma and Sidra Ing to create one of the most touchy feely Dot Com Pho ever.

In addition to Brandon and Jay getting all touchy feely with each other, I break into the Thanh Vi wireless network and gave a public service announcement. Enjoy the photos and video! Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

Pho Thanh Vi

Pho Thanh Vi

Dot Com Pho Vancouver – PlayBook Edition

Tablets are pretty popular these days, so this edition of Dot Com Pho has two tablets for the price of one. Unfortunately, one is far superior than the other.

41 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Touchy Feely Edition”

  1. Gabriel says:

    Haha that was an awesome video!

    I guess that’s better than pass123 though 😉 and that
    dish looks really appetizing right about now!

    Thanks for the post,
    -Gabriel Johansson

      1. Food was looking simply awesome.

        So in Seattle we are now getting regular visitors. Nice to see that.

    1. d3so says:

      Wow, even though it’s hot right now, I would love some pho.

  2. John,which Camera do you use?

      1. Lakhyajyoti says:

        John,May I know the price of your Panasonic GF2

        1. Mathew Day says:

          Just click the link…… duhh. 😛

  3. See, now I’ve heard good things about the Panasonic but I’m still enamored with the video my LG Optimus takes. I got this phone a month ago and haven’t touched my Sony cam since. Great video though – and the food looks amazing.

    Thanks for sharing,


    1. For more photos from Panasonic you should see these shots –

      Simply awesome.

      1. guru says:

        Man that camera is awesome! Panasonic cameras are really on top of the game at this point.

  4. James says:

    you guys were in richmond,right? Looks I’ve been there once,I mean the same restaurant.Anyway,Nice video and pics! Thx

    1. John Chow says:

      No, the touchy feely was filmed in Seattle and the Playbook was filmed in Vancouver. Dot Com Pho is rarely held in Richmond anymore.

      1. Hey John,

        It’s good to know that you had some company after all. We’d love to have you visit the Vancouver Pho again.

        For those who want to see more about the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet from Dot Com Pho in Vancouver here’s another video depicting Mostly Michael Kwan and Stephen Fung and also Aaron Koo’s musing about the use of the nameless tablet as as paper weight:

        1. Yeah we would love to see both dot com pho.

          Though in Vancouver I am sure you guys are missing John.

    2. They are always going to great restaurants, I envy their lives.

  5. Each time I visit your blog I but on 20 pounds because I feel like reading the fridge.
    Brilliant video John.

    1. Yea, and did you see that big hunk of fat in that salad.

  6. Mathew Day says:

    Food looked really good this week and liked the review of the Blackberry Playbook, gotta get my hands on one. I think I’ll stay far away from the generic one. 😀

  7. fas says:

    How come so less attendees, because of easter?

    1. John Chow says:

      Yes, everyone else had easter stuff to attend to.

  8. This is an awesome video John. I am now following you on twitter. 🙂

  9. Patrick says:

    Great group you have there! Wish I lived in B.C. so I could hang out once in a while.

  10. good stuff as always. That food looks nice….I prefer some meat plates.

    1. PPC Ian says:

      I agree! The food on Dit Com Pho always looks so incredibly delicious!

  11. The duck salad looks real.Now I want to go to that Vietnamese restaurant.

    Thanks For Sharing The Delicious Food An That BlackBerry Tablet,
    Bradley Nordstrom

    1. Is the Duck Salad Not Available in your Area? For The Duck Salad, you want to go to vietnamese restaurant? Lol 🙂

  12. Greg says:

    Tasty videos makes me want to travel again
    Maybe you will have reasion to visit Finland and taste some real forrest food like salmon,moose,reindeer and bear not to mention the crayfish

    May be one day John
    Gret video hough

  13. PPC Ian says:

    Touchy feely edition – that’s a hilarious name! 🙂

  14. Lakhyajyoti says:

    Nice videos John.I thinks you records your videos in a HD camera.

  15. Hey John,

    Thanks again for another great Dot Com Pho…and yes, Jay and I ALWAYS get touchy feely…or I do and Jay starts running away. Anyhoo, just a reminder, but my last name is actually “Na” and not “Ma.” I’m Korean, remember? 😉

    We’ll talk soon, but the duck salad was awesome and I had a great time with you, Jay and Sidra.

    Have a safe trip back and forth.

    CU soon,


  16. Work online says:

    I like that,Food was looking simply awesome.

  17. Work online says:

    Thanks for this sharing john,you are really unique person,i like you/

  18. Work online says:

    Hummm Looks amazing,i want to eat it…

  19. Paul Danson says:

    Seems like you folks had a great time

  20. Kavya Hari says:

    Generally, it has an good clarity picture with most attractive one. Great photos 🙂 excellent videos 🙂

  21. videos are really good mate, great resolution of that picture.

  22. nice video about food its looks like soup

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