Dot Com Pho – Who The Hell Are The Canucks Edition

After taking a short break, Dot Com Pho is back! At least, it’s back in Seattle. I’m not sure if the Vancouver crew came back from their Asia trip yet. At any rate, we all met up again at Pho Thanh Vi to talk about what is not on the minds of the average American – The Vancouver Canucks. In this case, it’s more like, who the hell are the Canucks? You can tell that hockey isn’t a big thing in Seattle.

In addition to not knowing a thing about the Canucks, this edition of Dot Com Pho features the love of ice skating, Sally making a birthday card and tapping a frog, a green papaya salad, a sub made of tofu, an overpriced gadget of the week and Microsoft trying to send me a message. Anyone is welcome to join us for Dot Com Pho. Follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one.

Pho Thanh Vi

Pho Thanh Vi

Pho Thanh Vi

52 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – Who The Hell Are The Canucks Edition”

    1. And Sally is always after ipad …. I think she have its own ?

      1. fas says:

        Ya all of them have their personal ipads

        1. PPC Ian says:

          That is important for kids these days! They can learn a lot by using the iPad!

          1. Yes Ian quite agree with you. ipad and touch screen technology made learning so easy.

          2. Hey Ian,

            It doesn*t have to be an iPad for kids to learn. There are other tablets too, like the BlackBerry tablet which is even more refined for some tasks and easier to use.

            It has a smaller screen but that can be an advantage in many cases.

    2. Hey John,

      You didn*t illuminate your readers too much about the Vancouver Canucks but I was actually surprised that your friend in Seattle knew quite a bit, at least of their existence.

      Papaya salad without papaya is strange. Perhaps they refer to the shape or color of it? Did you taste any papaya flavor in it?

      The frog game looks like a fun game for Sally.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        I think the papaya is some of those white-yellow looking strips. Like they took the papaya over a cheese grater perhaps.

      2. Yeah i agree Email Papaya salad is strange without papaya…..

    3. The slaw looks pretty tasty.

    4. The card was written in Japanese and Chinese, two different languages?

      1. Yes John mentioned so in his video …

  1. Matt says:

    Hi John, the green papaya salad looks incredible.

    1. Kevin Kimes says:

      Yes it does. Did you ever find the papaya in it John?

    2. Seems to me that John is on Veg mood today.

      1. John is quite aware of the health value of different foods. I think that he tries to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

        1. PPC Ian says:

          That is great it is very important to eat healthy. I try my best to do so!

          1. Hey Ian, so you prefer veg or non veg.

          2. Kevin Kimes says:

            ZK: Veg is definitely healthier. Vegetarians live 10+ years longer than non-vegetarians. And the top-tier athletes who are vegetarians prove that it doesn’t negatively effect muscle mass or performance.

          3. That*s good Ian. There is something to the saying that you are what you eat.

  2. Kevin Kimes says:

    I thought the Canucks were everybody north of the border? 😉

    Japanese, Chinese and English? Very Lingual family you have 🙂

    I completely agree regarding the headphones. An audio product with a celebrity’s name on it is bound to have high fidelity pricing with mediocre sound quality.

    I disagree about monster though. Their products are good, but not by price. Most of monster’s product line is cabling obviously, and most of their cables provide zero detectable or measurable difference in any system.

    Their speaker cables actually are better than average, but are still overpriced. Plus, they only actually make a difference when the rest of the system costs more than the total value of all the cars in the average household. For mere mortals, ordinary speaker wire is more than adequate.

    That is a -HUGE- YMCA. The one I grew up with didn’t even have a pool 🙁

    1. Hey Kevin,

      I appreciate the fact that you comment on the topic and also know something about the word Canucks. It is only right that one of the NHL teams that moved from Winnipeg to the US is coming back. There are parts of the US that care about hockey but those that don*t shouldn*t have ice hockey pushed on them at the expense of areas that love ice hockey.

      1. What is ice hockey, a bunch of guys beating the snot out of eatch other?

        1. No worse than the football and it*s definitely more fun to play and to watch too. For you guys who don*t know the game it will take some getting used to it but then it*s tons of fun.

          If you view all sports as kind of a nonsensical activity then of course there*s no point in discussing it further.

      2. Kevin Kimes says:

        Hey thanks for the compliment.

        Can’t say I really care about hockey, though.

        Is it ironic that I’m a UFC fan, but don’t appreciate the fighting in hockey? 🙂

  3. Looking great, i like it.

  4. Why so less people John ?

    1. John Chow says:

      We had five people. Would have had 7 but one person slept in and one no show.

  5. Attractive, Really great. Looks amazing.

  6. Nice videos thanks for sharing it

    1. As far as I can tell there is only one video in this post. It is a good video except that it doesn*t say as much about the Canucks as I expected from the title of the post.

      1. He is using current trends in the title … Many more readers came to this post after reading this title.

  7. Syed says:

    I didn’t really get it there is only one video. Who are the canucks?

    1. Vancouver Canucks is the hockey (ice hockey) NHL team that is currently playing the finals. They have a good chance to be the league*s chapmpions this year.

  8. No offense, but why hockey when there is football, we are here in Spain we have Barcelona and Real Madrid, two of the world’s best football teams.

    1. John Chow says:

      Welcome to America, where football is and no one cares about soccer.

      1. Kevin Kimes says:

        Yeah, also the place where football has almost nothing to do with feet touching the ball. 🙂

        1. Kevin you got the sense of humour my friend … Lolzzz

      2. Hey John,

        In Europe they always call soccer football. North American football is virtually unknown game to them. Worldwide, soccer is known as football.

  9. PPC Ian says:

    Awesome stuff, John! I was just in Seattle for SMX last week. Glad to see Dot Com Pho back.

  10. Kevin Kimes says:

    Did the youtube video preview image get changed somehow?

    Today it’s three images of some female Asian-looking model, but yesterday I think it was something normal.

    John must be trying to increase clicks or something. 🙂

      1. Football is performed by artists such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Cesc Fabregas, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney ect. Ice Hockey performed by a bunch of fighters, and only a few artists.

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  12. fazal mayar says:

    ice hockey is the best sport ever, go canucks.

    good stuff btw.

  13. Haha will they win Game 7???

  14. I have watched ice hockey match its very interesting

    1. Indeed. I don’t place hockey but it is such a great bonding to watch hockey games with my family and friends.

  15. Your above mentioned the dish..i am not used to these dishes before this.
    I want to eat this heartedly well girls also pretty…///////////

  16. I madly love to burgers….
    baby is so active by look and by talking and frog game also impressive ..
    Really worth reading and also watching post…

  17. tofu sandwich, bleh cannot handle the texture of tofu AT ALL. Meat all the way for me… although I did have a burger once that used tofu as part of it, was spectacular.

  18. Forex News says:

    I didn’t really get it there is only one video. Who are the canucks?

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