Dot Com Pho – World Cup Fever Edition

World Cup fever has hit Dot Com Pho! Well, it hit us for about 20 seconds anyway. The rest of the Dot Com Pho video was spent talking about much more important stuff, like finding a sponsor for Stephen’s baby’s name. If your company is willing to put up a minimum of $5,000, Stephen will name his about to be born baby after you. Any company can place bids except for BP and Fine Chit.

This episode of Dot Com Pho also features stuff from Computex Taipei, the BC gender assessment fee, how to hire a makeup artist, the gadget of the week, the iPad app of the week and a whole lot more. I would love to show everything that happened at Dot Com Pho but it’s pretty hard to compress a 3.5 hour lunch down to 7 minutes. If you want to experience what a real Pho meetup is like, then follow me on Twitter to find the time and location of the next one. All are welcome to join us.

46 thoughts on “Dot Com Pho – World Cup Fever Edition”

  1. 3.5 hour lunch again John. What’s the calorie intake like for that time? haha

    1. d3so says:

      Surely they don’t eat the whole time. Mostly chit-chat I suppose. Maybe they should do a live stream.

      1. Yes, live stream would be good. I would be interested.

        1. So you have the time to watch for 3.5 Hrs.


          1. Yeah, I don’t think I would watch a live stream, the video clips John posts are good enough!

          2. d3so says:

            Maybe we can have an interactive live steam to make it more interesting instead of just watching.

      2. Lol, I think if you have time to watch a 3.5 hour stream of Dot Com Pho, you should probably be spending that time working on your OWN business :p. right?

  2. PPC Ian says:

    Another awesome episode of Dot Com Pho! I’m thinking about taking a trip to Vancouver to attend one of these days…

    1. d3so says:

      I would like to go as well, with all these events going on in Vancouver including dot com pho it would be a worthwhile trip.

      1. And reward will be meeting with John.

        Really exciting one.

        1. John should give-away plane tickets to attend one sometime!

          *cough* contest idea *cough*

          1. d3so says:

            Not only tickets but an all expense paid trip 😉

          2. John believe in getting things free of cost … not giving.

            Yes he can give you great ideas free of cost.

  3. d3so says:

    I think you forgot to mention the winners of your little contest 😛

    1. d3so says:

      I suppose that everyone besides me forgot about the entrepreneur cards contest?!

  4. A bit confused here.

    If your company is willing to put up a minimum of $5,000, Stephen will name his about to be born baby after you.

    ..Does it mean that the baby will be named after the company’s owner or the company itself? If it’s the owner then you are not promoting the company and if its the company I doubt Stephen will be willing to name the baby “NY Call Girls”. Help Me Out!

    1. John Chow says:

      Stephen would name it after the company but if the owner want to name the baby something else and is willing to pay for it, then I don’t Stephen has any problems with that.

      1. So will this be the first time in history that this would happen?

        I mean I have never heard of this kind of thing before..

      2. Addy Kho says:

        I can’t believe one would allow his baby to e named after someone’s company 🙂 How about ?

        1. Anybody asked the mother? Good grief, would somebody really condemn its child to live with a nonsense name just for the chance of earn quick bucks. Imagine the humiliation if the other children call it “Cesar Publishing” on the playground. As the world goes, this child could even sue its own parents later on for inflicting psychological damage on it! SY

          1. Boy … that will be interesting. But Stephen thinks about your baby as well.

            After growing, his/her friends will pull the legs of her.

          2. d3so says:

            I’m thinking that they’re going to give the baby a middle/second name as a scapegoat.
            Ex. Verizon Ashley Fung
            “Call me Ashley” 😉

          3. No, see, usually the mother is all hopped up on something right after giving birth so they ask the father what the baby’s name is, then they record it on the birth certificate and it’s set in stone. So he doesn’t really need to ask the mother 😀

  5. Dean Saliba says:

    Is his girlfriend/wife cool with having her baby named after a company?

    1. Yeah, same question here….

      I mean first I thought it was a joke, but its real!

      1. Nice to see Stephen here again ,, Now every pot will be clean and there will be no left behind.

        To be honest nice to see you back again.Stephen.

  6. Peter Jay says:

    Hehehe.. except BP and Fine Chit. I almost miss-heard the Fine Chit pharse as Fine Shit. So anyone interested? Let Stephen know..

  7. Stefan says:

    Seriously this has to be a joke. Who on earth would name a baby after a company. The kid could be called BP Inc or something. I wouldn’t be cool with that.

    And what about the dude’s wife

  8. Dino Vedo says:

    You guys see that England goal keeper let that one goal in? How embarrassing! ahaha

    1. Yeah, I was watching Sportscenter and they showed that clip probably 5 times… Ouch

    2. Addy Kho says:

      That is sad..and has become the culture of England :).. lol

    3. Haha yes! I was watching that and actually turned away after he kicked it…no chance it was going it. I was so excited!

  9. Hahaha BP not allowed! That’s great 🙂

  10. So excited about world cup fever, enjoy John!!!

    1. No talk about iPad and iPad application …

  11. John certainly you got magic finger which can enlarge any thing. 😉

    1. Wow – too much info

        1. d3so says:

          HAHA yea, it’s his fingers that do the work to earn him $$$.

  12. Warren says:

    After publishing this on your website, and taking into consideration the number of readers (many with the $5,000 means) I can’t help but wonder what the name of this little girl is going to be! I guess, she can hope for something cool like Tiffanys or Birks LOL

    1. Stephen says:

      Minimum bid folks. Minimum bid. The higher the bid, the better the education Fung Jr. gets 🙂

  13. Credit Girl says:

    I’m glad Stephen has the standards to not allow BP to bid.
    Also, these lunches look like a lot of fun. How’d John meet all those guys? Just cause they’re all website affiliated?

  14. That’s one heck of a lot of topics for one lunch hour! Keeps you on your toes….

    1. that’s why it’s not a lunch “hour” it’s a lunch “3 and a half hours” 🙂

  15. So its now over and Spain is the winner.

    Keep enjoy this win till next world cup.

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