Dot Com Segway

Today, we went to the headquarters of Segway of British Columbia to ride the two wheel wonder machine known as the Segway. The Segway was suppose to change the way we get around. It didn’t do that but it is one hell of a fun gadget. With gas prices the way it is, Segway sales have been on the upswing. The battery powered Segway uses no gas, has extremely low CO2 emission and can go 40KM on a single charge.

In BC, and most of Canada and the United State, Segways are illegal to operate on the street. However, the chance of being pulled over by the cops is pretty slim, unless you’re doing something really stupid with it. The cops themselves ride Segways on some of their routes so giving you a ticket for riding one would be pretty self defeating.

Joining Sarah and me for this Dot Com Segway trip was Stephen Fung and Michael Kwan. Everyone else was at work. We really need more people to join the Dot Com Lifestyle. A big thanks goes out to Larry Runnalls of Segway of BC for arranging this event for us.

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  1. Having one of these would be the “cat’s ass”! 😆

    1. Segways are making a comeback it looks like.

  2. Reed says:

    I see these more and more, and yet I still don’t understand why people buy them. They must be more fun to ride then I imagine them being…

  3. Seems like fun, but nothing more than that. If someone were serious about going places with them, something within WALKING distance, I’d laugh. It makes you look lazy!

  4. Nice gadget and very useful for transportation, especially in this day where fuel is so expensive

  5. I’m surprised that you didn’t ask for a free Segway as a contest prize. It will be cool to win one from you.

  6. Tyler Ingram says:

    Haha Kwayne fell! Ah well at least you got to try a Segway out eh?

    Why was Stephen the only one wearing a helmet?

    1. John Chow says:

      Because Stephen is a sissy!

      1. Stephen says:

        I’m a role model. John…well…. 😈

        1. John Chow says:

          Hurry up and post Kwan’s crash video! I want to see it. 😈

    2. Looks like Michael has something in common with Dubya. I remember people making fun of Bush when he fell off the Segway he was trying out.

  7. Tyler Cruz says:

    The main problem I see with having one is that everyone stares and points at you and you probably get a lot of “Can I try it?” requests…

    1. John Chow says:

      I think a lot of people buy Segways because everyone stares and points at it. As for the “Can I try it?” just say “NO!” 😈

  8. Shaun Carter says:

    sweet video! I haven’t had the chance to try a segway, but I vividly remember all the marketing hype when they were being introduced and it was supposed to lead to making walking obsolete. And contributing to the obesity epidemic no doubt.

  9. James Wilcox says:

    I’d love to plunk down the $5k USD or so it takes to buy one of these bad boys. I’ve seen them around Santa Cruz a few times. They can’t be ridden on the sidewalks, but are not banned by use within the city.

  10. browie says:

    Those things look awesome. I am in the process of researching a scooter to drive to work. I’d look cool on a scooter 😎

    1. Stephen says:

      You’re not the ONLY one 😉

  11. dcr says:

    Boy, the recession must be hitting John Chow pretty hard. Now he’s paying Michael Kwan in used t-shirts. JC wore that same t-shirt at Computex 2008. 😉

    1. John Chow says:

      What are you talking about? I was wearing a golf shirt from the Top Affiliate Challenge. However, I think Kwan may have been wearing a T Shirt from CES 2008.

      1. dcr says:

        No, the shirt that MK is wearing in the video is the same shirt that you wore at Computex 2008. I’ve seen it enough times now that I instantly recognized it.

    2. Ed Lau says:

      No, this is simply because John has no known sense of style. May I point to the whole “Hawaiian Shirt” debacle…

      1. dcr says:

        One of my favorite shirts is an Hawaiian shirt…

        1. Ed Lau says:

          There is no reason for any man to wear a Hawaiian shirt. No, not even in Hawaii.

          1. John Chow says:

            Hawaiian shirts rule. You just have not taste or sense of style.

          2. Ed Lau says:

            This is why Hawaiian shirts dominate the runways of Paris and Milan. I hear Dior Homme and Band of Outsiders are making an entire collection of them and khaki shorts.

          3. John Chow says:

            Right, and Dior Dior Homme and Band of Outsiders dress the world. Why don’t you walk into a Walmart sometimes and see what the world is wearing instead of a dozen few snobs.

          4. Stephen says:

            Now now… Ed takes great “Pride” in choosing his clothing. However, he is right. Hawaiian shirts have no place in the modern world. It followed Tie Dyed out to the shop rags in the garage.

          5. dcr says:

            An Hawaiian shirt is a piece of art. You can’t use them for rags. That is just… wrong.

      2. yanjiaren says:

        Don’t worry..My Fiance has terrible dress sense that’s why he loves me so much because I helpt to pick his clothes and once we get married it’s han fu for us Brovs. 😀

  12. wisdom says:

    looks pretty awesome, nice photos, I have never been on one.

  13. Iver Olsen says:

    What’s the price on these? and when do they come to Norway? 😀

  14. I tried the Segway at one of the last Comdex in Vegas. 2002?

  15. Transport Canada has a Segway and they showed it off at the Vancouver International Auto show during April 08 –

  16. Transport Canada has a Segway and they showed it off at the Vancouver International Auto show during April 08 –

  17. Man, Kwanye foreshadowed his own fate in the beginning of the video…he jinxed himself! :mrgreen:

  18. Rich Hill says:

    Looks like fun.

    If it was me I would crop the guy on crutches out of the Segway commercial, but that’s just me. 😉

  19. fas says:

    Thats a two wheeler and in no terms as safe as a 4 wheeler. I would still prefer a Yamaha R1 to these unaerodynamic two wheels 😆

  20. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen those around. It looks like fun. I’d ride it all over town.

    I could see some of the teens here racing with them.

  21. PaulB says:

    Living the dot com lifestyle gives me plenty of time to do other things….like the house work all that sort of stuff. NOT playing around on a Segway.

    Maybe I need to move to Canada, the dot com lifestyle looks much more fun over there. I’d be able to come out and play when everyonoe else is working.

  22. Geiger says:

    Had no idea there was an off road version!

  23. I have never seen a Segway with MONSTER wheels before. Yikes! :mrgreen:

  24. yanjiaren says:

    I think Segways and Chinese men on them are a wicked combination. Maybe I can marry my handsome Chinese Prince on a segway.
    When I do I will post a pic of us in Han Fu on Segways..You have given me an idea now.
    I am hopefully going to marry him and Move to Canada. They had better give me a visa lol. I am sure there is rioom in Canada for one more mad xilaren. 😀

  25. Kunal says:

    Hey John… Geez. It is true – it always looks like its about to rain in Vancouver.

  26. SEO Michigan says:

    I have a Segway and don’t use it much in Detroit. But they are a ton of fun in the city!

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