Dot Com Surfing At ThinkTank 2010

Today is the last day of ThinkTank and I must say it was a most excellent event. DK and his staff went all out to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome. I met some amazing people, ate some amazing food and learn of a lot of industry secrets. If you were not part of it, I highly recommend you put attending ThinkTank 2011 as one of your goals

When not talking high powered Internet business deals, ThinkTank offers up a variety of activities to help stimulate the mind the body. Since the event is in sunny SoCal, one of the activities is surfing. Take a bunch of affiliate bloggers who have never surfed before and you got the making of a funny video. With that in mind, I present to you Dot Com Surfing at ThinkTank.

41 thoughts on “Dot Com Surfing At ThinkTank 2010”

  1. Hey John,

    Nice video with newbie surfers. It was fun to watch how awkward they were. I could fit right in.

    You missed those that managed to get up. I would have loved to watch them too, even more so.

    1. Nice to get new videos …

      Boy we are waiting to get more and more.

      1. Nice video John. Mind to introduce the 3 people in video who going for surfing?

        1. PPC Ian says:

          I saw Jonathan Volk, Ian Fernando, and Zac Johnson in the video, among others… Definitely a celebrity cast of affiliate marketers.

          1. And may be they do not want to show how much they make and all.

    2. d3so says:

      Yeah, funny stuff.
      Did you get DK surfing? Because I don’t think I saw him.

      1. Boy John used work sucker for that young lady …

        And at the end of video … John love your sense of humour.

      2. I think DK loves to surf doesn’t he?

        1. Yes that’s why almost in every video he was ready to jump in sea.

  2. Alex Dumitru says:

    I’ve never tried surfing, but would like to 🙂

    1. you’ll have to try it once…i did, and it was hard, but fun once you finally stand up….

  3. AN says:

    what’s the website for thinktank?

      1. I think here you will get the photos of last thinktank as well and lots of hot chick.

        I saw last event photos at (If I am not wrong)

        1. DO you mean he will be getting photos from the event which included “hot chick(s)”

  4. Kind of shows that internet marketing and sportive activities not always go together. What about taking some time away from the computer guys and training up a bit? 😉 SY

    1. d3so says:

      It’s essential for those who have a less physically demanding occupation to take time and get exercise even during vacation.

      1. Paid vacation in this case, I am sure JC can put the costs against taxes 😉 SY

        1. Yes quite agree with you ….

          We bloggers should work out in any kind. I am also gaining weight these days.

  5. Will says:

    Too bad the event wasn’t held outside the states. I just hope that it will become an international affair going across europe and asia.

    1. d3so says:

      I agree, it would be interesting to have the event held outside the US. Perhaps at a beach in Spain 😉

      1. Spain sounds great to me, superb food and good wine and not to far away, count me in for that one! SY

  6. Dan Lew says:

    She never surfed before? I hope she didn’t leave her glasses on 🙂

  7. Adi says:

    i,ve never tried surfing,because it looks dangerous.maybe we can DIE

  8. Fun video you got there john. But I’m wondering why you didn’t go surfing?

    1. d3so says:

      I know, i was hoping John would give it a go.
      But I think he’s allergic to water or something in it 😉

      1. That’s pretty bad. Well at least he enjoy the other fun activities there..

      2. lol…he’s def not allergic to making money…especially online 😉

  9. I’ve never surfed before myself. Glad you have enjoyed yourself at ThinkTank.

    1. John chow also did not surf … although DK told him that he is next.

      1. I would have loved to to have seen him hanging 10…

  10. fas says:

    ahhh, the dot com life.

  11. PPC Ian says:

    This looks like a blast. I grew up in LA body boarding. I have never been surfing, but hope to try one day. Looks like a fantastic event with all the big dogs from affiliate marketing.

    1. making the transition to surfing from body boarding isn’t too bad…you still have that hand eye coordination needed to balance and judge the best time to go for it…

  12. Very funny. My whole family thinks I’m a total clutz now. Just watch the “collision” part @ 4:17 where Curtis Fullmer tries to kill me.

    1. nice! You guys were rippin it up 🙂

  13. hahahaha….affiliate’s surfing…thought I had seen it all 🙂

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